Rooney Mara And Tiger Lily Actually Have A Lot In Common, You Guys

“See the one behind me? Practically my uncle.”

Because the discussion about racial diversity in Hollywood has now landed in the lap of a white actress whose family is basically NFL royalty, here’s Rooney Mara explaining how she felt supes bad when it upset people that she was cast as a Native American princess in Pan. But, you know, not too bad to turn down the role. Via People:

“It wasn’t great, I felt really bad about it,” Mara told PEOPLE at the NYC premiere of Pan on Sunday when asked how she coped with the criticism.
It was something that I thought about before I met with Joe,” Mara, 30, told PEOPLE at the film premiere. “When I met with Joe and heard what his plans for it were, it was something I really wanted to be a part of.

Right, it would probably be tough for me to turn down a plan of “Money. You’ll get fucktons of it to do this,” so I see where her dilemma was. If only there was an angle, some way to spin this into some kind of empowering bullshit…

Mara also told PEOPLE that she relates to her character because, “I think we’re both very independent women who can hold their own. We don’t need a man to save us.”

Fine, cool, I’m fully willing to accept the “all cats are gray in the dark” logic that she and my racist brother both use to compare vaginas, and as far as the racial controversy goes, considering Hollywood’s track record in regards to the treatment of Native Americans ranks only slightly behind the U.S. government’s (Looking at you, Disney), it’s not surprising that a bunch of powerful, rich white people decided to throw a bone to another powerful, rich white person. What really needs some investigation is just how exactly this Tiger Lily has remained child free on an island full of horny boys, because if a single dime of American tax dollars are funding abortions at the Neverland Planned Parenthood, we have the right to know! *walks into community college, paints target on chest* Shouldn’t be too long now.

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