Ronda Rousey Lost

I’ll be honest with you. I know dick-all about UFC or even Ronda Rousey outside of her efforts to instantly break Justin Bieber with the slightest of taps to the face, which I obviously endorse. What I do know about is gleefully watching dudes froth themselves silly online about women they’re pants-pissingly afraid of like Amy Schumer or Ronda, so it’s been amusing to see the small dick brigade react to the latter’s loss to Holly Holm with shit like, “I thought she was going to fight all the mens” as if she still couldn’t and didn’t lose to, oh I dunno, another crazy fucking strong chick. The important thing is enough of you will fill up the comments with exactly what I’m talking about, and I will drink it up.

In the meantime, here’s Ronda Rousey predicting how she’d lose to Holly Holm, which is almost exactly how it went down. And for the record, I’m not even trying to dispute anyone who wants to argue that this was a long-time coming, or that it was getting boring watch her beat opponents in under a minute, because, again, I’m just here for the fedora butthurt. Your sports talk means nothing to me.


And here’s Lady Gaga trolling Ronda because, of course, Lady Gaga watches UFC and is more manly than I am. I should’ve saw that coming.


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