Ronda Rousey Really Wants To Be Captain Marvel

After back-to-back posts about Kylie Jenner and Christine Ouzounian who’ve done just barely a step above jackshit to get where they are, here’s Ronda Rousey who actually busts her ass and is using that hard work to try and land the role of Captain Marvel instead of fucking Batman’s tits to get there. That said, if it turns out Kylie Jenner is as good at sex as Ronda Rousey is at fighting, then I’ll gladly let someone pay me to put that on the DVD cover. I’m a man of principles.

NOTE: These are fan-art that Ronda got flooded with after her Reddit AMA, and yet she still took the time to look through and credit each artist instead of just Fat Jew-ing them in the face. And, no, I’m not giving her props because she could break me with one finger. Although, it would be like karate kicking a fly if kicking a fly makes them explode into nerd powder.

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Photos: Getty / Instagram