Ronan Farrow Is Probably Frank Sinatra’s Son

October 2nd, 2013 // 47 Comments

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow not-so-subtly admits her son Ronan‘s real father is Frank Sinatra and not Woody Allen who I like to imagine took the news well. “So, technically that would make him adopted, right? And he always had those blue eyes… Soon-Yi, pack your bags. You’re old news. *picks up phone* Hello, Ronan? It’s Woody. We should reconcile. Do you like Italian?”

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  1. The Most Interesting

    The foreskin was a tell.

  2. I can see Sinatra in that face completely, not unfunny pedophiliac freak.

  3. If you’re going to deny the rumor, not wearing that suit would be a good place to start.

  4. Looks like this has-been bitch wants some press; she was tweeting about politics the other day. As usual these Hollywood shitheads are well shitheads.

  5. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh absolutely, that could be Frankie’s boy.

  6. c57bl6

    TOTALLY looks like Franky Blue Eyes……

  7. How the hell could even doubt… look at him, bloody identical!

  8. EricLR

    I’m pretty sure anyone with functioning eyes could already tell that just by looking at him.

  9. Inner Retard

    I’m sure the kid took the news well: Let me see who do I want as my father. A freakish pedophile banging my step-sister or the man who even 15 years after his death still makes women wet…. *starts singing ‘I’ve got you under my skin’…*

  10. cc

    Probably? He looks like a fuckin’ genetic clone.

  11. Visible Ink

    What can I say. Frank Sinatra’s genetic kung fu is strong.

  12. Yep, straight up looks just like Sinatra. No denying it.

  13. Good job Frank. No way Dean , Sammy Jr , nor Peter. Woody? Bahahahahahahahahaha.

  14. Cock Dr

    Mia has certainly had a very broad range of tastes when it comes to lovers.
    That’s Franky’s kid…ain’t no doubt looking at that photo.

  15. Old blue eyes is alive and kicking. He has 98% of Frank’s looks except for his mouth which is Mia’s all the way.
    If that was Woody’s kid he’d be sickly looking. A listless bastard.
    Thank your mom she had a penchant for that Italian cock kid.
    As he grows older he’ll be nearly 100% the splitting image of Sinatra.

  16. Kind of a nice way to tell Woody that Sinatra was better in bed at 78 than he ever was.

  17. Nancy

    I see Frank Sinatra, but also Marlon Brando. MAURYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yep. That’s definitely Frank’s son.

  19. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    I have got you…under my lambskin.

  20. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    OMG…looks just like him. Only he’s much more handsome. His stance and smile is exactly the same! Where has he been??!!!

  21. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    so Mia Farrow is the crypt keeper now?

    • Griefer

      Yeah it’s scary when women get so much bad plastic surgery to the point that they start looking like Leatherface’s mother.

  22. This rumor can be confirmed by anyone with working eyes.

  23. leila

    The less Woody Allen super perv gene being passed on, the better. Sinatra was not a nice guy and got way way way more than his share of tail, but as far as I know, he wasn’t sleeping with his girlfriend’s barely legal daughter [who was coincidentally also the sister of his children--double wwwww]. Not that it helps this kid, if Allen was the only father he knew, he was still his dad in all the ways it counts to screw your kid up.

  24. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    Frank sinatra’s son or not, He is such a beautiful man!

  25. No one has mentioned that Frank Sinatra was married to Barbara Sinatra (1976 – his death) when Ronan was born. Mia Farrow wants to hurt Woody Allen so much that she doesn’t think that about the fact that she is hurting Barbara Sinatra (who is still alive) also.

  26. the sinatra is strong in this one.

  27. Nat

    He looks too much like Frankie when he was young to even bother with a paternity test. I’m surprise he’s 25 and people are just now talking about this. If he’s not Frankie’s son, then there was some we’re osmosis of facial genes going on.

  28. kery

    He looks like Fank Sinatra. He is so handsome !!!

  29. Look at a picture of this young man and then at a picture of Frank Sinatra, Jr. They look like…well…they look like brothers.

  30. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Is it wrong I can see in my mind his having fucked Mia up the ass before they appeared for this photo shoot, or can I take consolation in the thought that my imagination is just a product of this cultural age?

  31. Bane

    He wasn’t the baby in the crib at the end of Rosemary’s Baby was he?

    The kid looks just like Frank. No doubt about it.

  32. Apres Ski

    I’d love to hear him sing! Anyone know if there’s a mp3 or a video of him singing???

  33. Griefer

    He looks like his mother. Check out pictures of her when she was young. Not the current horror movie version.

  34. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
    Edvard Munch
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    He’s a dead ringer for Sinatra

  35. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    Frank Sinatra?
    He looks EXACTLY like Steve McQueen!!

  36. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    now woodie can molest his kids without feeling guilty.

  37. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
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    wow…that’s pretty crazy.

  38. Ronan Farrow looks like Frank Sinatra
    Commented on this photo:

    What did Mia Farrow do to her face?! She looks awful!

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