Roman Polanski might have molested this

May 14th, 2010 // 108 Comments

Roman Polanski defenders have always maintained that his sexual assault over 30 years ago was a one-time deal which somehow excuses drugging a 13-year-old girl, sodomizing her and then fleeing the country because you didn’t like the sentence you received. Makes perfect sense. Anyway, British actress Charlotte Lewis came forward today and claims she was raped by Polanski at age 16. People reports:

“[Polanski] sexually abused me in the worst possible way when I was just 16,” said Lewis, who remained composed while reading a prepared statement. “He knew [how old I was] when he met me and forced himself upon me in his apartment in Paris. He took advantage of me and I have lived with the effects of his behavior ever since it occurred. I’ve traveled to the U.S. at my own expense to make sure that justice is finally done and that Mr. Polanski gets what he deserves. All I want is justice.”

While this is a huge blow to Roman Polanski’s efforts to fight extraditi- wait. Is that Gloria Allred? Innocent.

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  1. Tim

    “[Polanski] sexually abused me in the worst possible way”

    Donkey punch?

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  3. David Clarkson

    Why would you refer to a woman as “this?” It’s 2010. Men and women deserve better. We already know that Polanski is a cretin of the lowest form. We also know that a man that abuses someone sexually generally just doesn’t do it just once. Whatever you think about Gloria Allred, be humans about this. Maybe the same mentality that has us refer to women as “this” sets them up for all forms of abuse.

  4. Fester

    She appeared in Playboy in July 1993. What a difference 17 years makes.

  5. Meat > Everything

    STFU Karma BITCH!

  6. Taz

    those playboy pics are hot

  7. MG

    I hate it when these bitches always come like 30 years later and want justice. Why didn’t you do anything earlier? Why are you still angry? This happened 30 years ago, lady! Give it up. For the record, I am a female who has actually been raped by a stranger about 8 years ago, and I am over it. I’ve moved on and healed. Some women choose to play the victim their whole lives. I do not respect these types of people in the least.

  8. bribios

    I have been convinced. Women DO deserve better. I’m going to volunteer at a battered womens shelter, and take part in the next Race for the Cure. #3, I have been COMPLETELY changed by your statements. I have lived a horrible life up until now, objectifying and taking women for granted, but YOU sir, have changed all that. Bravo!

    Also, I will definitely stop eating meat. I don’t know how that has anything to do with this story, but number 2 makes some valid points. Our civilization will likely crumble some day, and it is because we are omnivorous creatures. This needs to change. Imagine all the technological and cultural advances we would experience if we stopped eating meat. #2, I think you and I need to start an anti meat coalition, and change the world together.

  9. biggie

    Super hot in the Golden Child, remember her backflip panty scene fondly.

  10. lori

    Molested “this”. Like she’s just some kind of inanimate object. That’s some great self-esteem you got there, buddy.

  11. David Clarkson

    Bitches? What about all of the men that are coming forward after decades with the church abuse scandals? It’s not about moving on and it’s not for *you* to decide. It’s about justice and it’s about stopping the odious forms of sexual abuse that children, women and men are all subjected to. Her silence would be the act of a victim—or how about if she did what you are purporting to do? Defending and excusing her attacker? Putting herself in front of the world—that’s the behavior of a hero. She’s my hero. She’s my daughter’s hero.

  12. YeahYeah

    I’m pretty sure I would have molested her at 16, too. You can tell she was a smoking hot piece of ass then.

    Oh, and she claims she was molested in the “worst possible way.” Very intriguing.

  13. eatme

    oh great, another fucking slut.

    Tiger Woods,Jessie James,David Boreanaz and now Roman Polanksi.

    What’s with these whores who just want attention?

  14. Keith

    Um, she claimed this happened in France when she was 16.

    The age of consent in France is 15.

    No crime here – move along.

  15. Matthew

    meidawhore gloria allred is at it again

  16. bribios


    Cool, so I can rape a chick as long as she’s not underage? Good to know.

  17. David Clarkson

    Women (and men) of all ages are molested and raped. Why do you assume there was consent?

  18. Cash

    The girl was 13 fish, not 14.

  19. Bone

    I’d ask how she intends to seek justice for a crime allegedly committed in France by coming to the U.S., but considering Polanski, a frog, successfully sued Vanity Fair (published in the U.S.) in a British court room, I’m not surprised by anything.

  20. Bone

    @14, she’s calling actual rape, not statutory rape like the other incident.

  21. David Clarkson

    Althought the first incident was statuatory, it was also violent. Go back and read the report.

  22. eatme

    oh great, another fucking slut.

    Tiger Woods,Jessie James,David Boreanaz and now Roman Polanksi.

    What’s with these whores who just want attention?

  23. MR. T

    Karma’s a bitch….tried peddling your bullshit somewhere else…
    You have to lie to try and convince people you are in the right?
    Meat doesn’t have a bad smell unless it has gone rotten you fucking moron!
    You think people are going to read your comments and all of a sudden stop eating meat? Thank you for proving that vegetarians are the most retarded group of people in this country.

  24. Sara

    @7 – While I’m not trying to devalue what happened to you — and speaking as a victim of sexual abuse myself — there’s something horrible to knowing your attacker. While I do agree she should have come forward sooner, I also have to say that it was probably incredulously hard for her to have to deal with seeing him, hearing about him, and working with him afterward (being that based on her age and the facts provided, he molested and raped her about two years before she did Pirates with him). One of the most difficult things for me was facing my abuser each day, but that doesn’t make either her or myself someone who wishes to play “victim” for the entirety of the time. All it means is that we were people who had to cope with the horrid things that happened while simultaneously having to play nice with the people who hurt us — and doing so creates an indescribable sort of succumbing hatred, both for yourself and your attacker.

    I don’t think she’s doing it because she’s angry or vindictive at this point… rather she should be commended for what she’s doing — she’s working to ensure a predator (and yes, his behavior is predatory) will be stopped. And you’re messed up in the fucking head, if you’re insensitive enough to see anything wrong with that…

  25. Jeff Dowter

    As others have said, all credit to the author for referring to the woman as “THIS”. Her hiring Gloria Allred does make me suspicious and doubtful as to her actual objectives in bringing this case up but nevertheless, she is a victim in this case. For you to refer to her as a THIS is a disgrace. I guess I finally understand thesuperficial’s attitude towards victims of sexual crimes: as long as they’re not good looking, their word is completely meaningless and don’t merit any attention. Classy.

  26. David Clarkson

    …except that she IS beautiful.

  27. Jeff Dowter

    For you to refer to her as a THIS is a disgrace. I guess I finally understand thesuperficial’s attitude towards victims of sexual crimes: as long as they’re not good looking, their word is completely meaningless and don’t merit any attention.

    Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have a SOAKED tampon to replace, stat!

  28. Urbanspaceman

    This is not to excuse Roman Polanski, but he did not flee from the US because he ” didn’t like the sentence [he] received”. He fled because he thought he had an agreement with the prosecutor and then learned that the judge intended to invoke “privilege” and impose his own “sentence”.

  29. Who

    Who really gives a shit?

  30. SO RIGHT

    Listen up…I don’t care if someone comes forward 1 day after the abuse happened or 20 years later! If an adult had sex with an innocent child (which likely destroyed them in a lot of ways), justice should be served! End of story. # 7, who ever said this woman lived her life as a victim??? Maybe she’s coming forward now because she doesn’t want this priviledged creep to get away hurting one more young girl, and she knows SHE holds the key to lock him up! Maybe she feels a certain responsibility to come forward for other young girls. Kudos to her! And kudos to all victims who get the courage to come forward! They’re finally getting a chance to take back their lives!

  31. Salad Face


  32. e

    polanski. fed ex. overnite. now.

  33. JJ Daddy-O

    There’s no “might have” about this. HE PLED GUILTY. He jumped bail when he realized he was not going to get off with probation or time served.
    Polanski’s just mad he was not allowed to call a do-over because of all the qualuudes and scotch he was consuming back then.

  34. KumaTenshi

    Not that any of you were likely to research this with all your stupid bitching about equal rights and blah blah blah.

    If it was while she was 16, that would put it roughly happening in 1983.

    Odd. Considering she was in a POLANSKI FILM in 1986!!! The so called assault, they claim, happened during production of this movie.

    However, production of this movie went on for quite a span of time, as originally, they wanted Jack Nicholson to play the lead character (which of course, never happened, cause good old Jack was a greedy bastard) and after this, production was delayed for a number of YEARS. During which time, the original incident that happened that caused him to leave the country occured.

    Now, since the accusation this time states that it happened in Paris, and production of this movie was resumed in Paris, they obviously did their homework. But they claim that the assault happened prior to them working together on this movie.

    If this had actually happened, you really think a 16 year old girl is actually going to work on a movie set with a man who did this to her???? LMAO.

    Considering the hundreds of thousands of testimonials of rape victims and everything, about how it shatters them and fucks everything up and blah blah blah, I find this VERY hard to believe.

    What I do believe, is this bitch hasn’t done fuck all in about 7 years and wants her spotlight back since she’s starting to look like an aged prune. That seems ~much~ more believable. Plus, Gloria Allred took her case…..that right there just shouts that this is full of BS.

  35. justifiable

    #28 Absolutely right – the DA made a plea bargain with him at the request of the 13 yo rape victim’s attorney to protect her anonymity since she didn’t want to testify in court. Polanski pled guilty and met the terms, and the publicity whore of a judge then decided he didn’t need to abide by the agreement and planned to give Polanski jail time. What Polanski did was reprehensible, but until judgmental asshats like MG (#7) and the Fish get their heads out of their rectums, plea bargains will still be made. Blame the DA and the judge, but certainly not any girl or woman who decided that being physically raped was quite enough for one lifetime, so she’ll give the emotional and mental rape of a trial a pass, thank you very much.

    #25 Hiring a good lawyer shouldn’t make you ” suspicious” of anything except that someone made a good choice regarding counsel. Allred was raped once at gunpoint, so you better believe she’ll advocate the shit out of this case.

    And agreed about “THIS”. Nice, Fish, real nice. Hey, put that with your “porn stars aren’t human” remark and you’ll just need one more to take the Dicksmack Triple Crown!

  36. David Clarkson

    Wow, KumaTenshi, so YOU know exactly how all victims behave? So, how do you explain all of the male children that still went to church after being molested by priests, who still went on church outings, who said nothing through YEARS of abuse? How about the boys and girls abused by their fathers and stepfathers who STILL feel love for them?

    You know exactly nothing.

  37. jim eh

    Ostie qu’est laide c’te salope la! Grosse chienne sale laide écoeurante.

  38. justifiable

    #34 “Considering the hundreds of thousands of testimonials of rape victims and everything, about how it shatters them and fucks everything up and blah blah blah”
    “If this had actually happened, you really think a 16 year old girl is actually going to work on a movie set with a man who did this to her???? LMAO.”

    So, let me get this straight…You “know” ALLL about: that – yet you can’t understand how a 16 year old girl could be so demoralized that she would not be able to tell anyone she’d been raped, nor that she might be afraid to make trouble, defy a famous director or even walk off the set of a movie?

    You really have NO fucking clue what a brutal assault can do to a person. A lot of adolescent young women this happens to also figure that somehow they’re to blame for it, that somehow it must have been their fault, because otherwise why else would someone so famous, that perhaps they previously looked up to, all of a sudden behave like an animal to them? Guess where THAT attitude lives and breeds? Got larvae? LYAO yet?

    And perhaps you’d also like to enlighten us as to why ADULTS who’ve been sexually harassed on the job don’t immediately draw attention to the abuser, and quit the very second it occurs. Why, anyone who does otherwise must be lying, right?

  39. David Clarkson

    Meme en francais, tu as tort. Noun ne sommes pas impressiones.
    Vas t’en avec ton espece de sexisme.

  40. tc

    There’s a difference between rape and statutory rape, and it varies from country to country, and time to time.

    Mohammed married a 9 year old, and his morality leads 1.5 billion Muslims today.

    There is also a difference between rape and letting an old guy do you up the ass because you think it is the way to get ahead in the film industry.

    Only after the event, can she contrast her experience with the experience of having loving, consensual sex.

    He *must* have known what he was doing was wrong, but she can’t pretend her morals today are the same as the ones she had as a teenager.

  41. souriez en français

    @39, bravo! je voulais dire la même chose.

  42. ROUGH never sleeps

    -Agreed Fish@innocent. Gloria is a wanna be William Kunstler….

    -Sixteen? Isn’t that what they call an old bag in France? Way to jump on the bang wagon lady.

    -So most likely Roman got to stick it in her poopie doo too, I guess?

  43. Jasmin

    FISH…. I really loved your blog… until today.

    It is so heart wrenchingly sad to see you refer to that lady as “THIS”.

    Others have already pointed it out but I wish you should a little more class than this!

    I don’t know if I am going to read your blog anymore! It’s just so so so so classless to trivialize someone’s pain (albeit at this point unproven) and traumatizing experience….

    Lastly… if you called her “THIS” – that insinuates you think she’s ugly… and also, by calling her “THIS” it also insinuates you don’t think her rape is too horrible of a thing to have happened…. because you only describe her as “THIS”.

    Bad form.

  44. Tek

    Great, so now the guy is a serial rapist. And you know what? The same souless pricks who tried (absurdly) to defend him when he raped the 13 year old will still somehow try to justify this too (just read some of the comments here. They were clearly in denail then, and they still will be.)

  45. Tek

    BTW, if you guys were offended by the “THIS” comment, you must not have been comming to this blog lately. Fish has made fun of celebs shortly after their death, and even of ones battling for their lives. So what do you expect? It’s basicly turned into Perez Hilton only less gay (for now at least.)

  46. justifiable

    #40 So HE was wrong but she’s really to blame because at 16 she let him fuck her up the ass so she could get ahead in films? Who moved the fucking rock and let you out?

    (Forcible) Rape and statutory rape are legally two different things – it’s like comparing apples to hand grenades, so don’t try justify one by using another.
    This is an issue of law and regardless of what rationale your cheesy excuse for a thought process has come up with, “morals” (which you spectacularly confuse with religious doctrine) have absolutely fuck all to do with anything. But thanks for playing anyway, and don’t miss your flight back to the arms of sharia law, k?

    For statutory rape, overt force or the threat of violence doesn’t need to be present for the act to be rape. Any minor, no matter how smart or sophisticated, legally can’t give consent to anything – to having sex, to getting a tattoo, to signing a legal document, to getting married. In some states the age of consent for sex or marriage may be a year or more below the regular age of majority – which means you can have sex or get married but you can’t drink or vote. Wild, eh?

    So no matter how hot for Polanski you, or he, or anyone else thinks she was at the time, if she was under the age of consent in that country ANY sex that ANYONE had with her was automatically statutory rape, at least by US law. If he used force on her, that could conceivably bump up any charges to a whole new level of assult, but it would be a hard thing to prove all these years later.

    The statutory distinction was created because youngsters below a certain age, no matter how mature they appear both emotionally and physically, are still open to manipulation, pressure and coercion by adults, as Polaski has demonstrated before. So if you sincerely think a child of 9 is capable of understanding what sex is to be able to give consent, any more than they can grasp the concept of taking out a loan or getting a permanent tattoo; then never have children – foster care and the banks sure don’t need any more headaches.

  47. Some Guy

    I’m completely blown away that so many people are up in arms about the Fish writer referring to Charlotte Lewis as “this” considering everything that’s ever been said about anyone else appearing on this site [either by the writer or random people commenting]. Are you for fucking real? Move on to the next post so you can call out whatever celebrity for being a disgusting whore/douchebag and get off your goddamned high horses, you hypocritical pussies.

    And to the broad who claims to have been raped and therefore now “doesn’t respect” people who take too long to do anything- stay classy, lady. It’s brilliant minds like yours that keep this world running.

  48. SO RIGHT

    36 & 38 — right on!

  49. mike nike

    If she didn’t have him charged 30 years ago then she has no right to bitch now. Move on.

  50. justifiable

    #49 mike, the Catholic Church called. You’re late getting back from your break – again.

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