Roman Polanksi is a ‘Free Man’

July 12th, 2010 // 58 Comments

Because all good stories deserve a happy ending, Roman Polanski will not be extradited to the U.S by the Swiss government and instead will continue to live a life of luxury in Europe as a reward for drugging and raping a young girl in the 70s. Did I say happy back there? Because I meant soul-crushingly sad. The AP reports:

The stunning decision could end the United States’ three-decade pursuit of Polanski, unless he travels to another country that would be willing to apprehend him and weigh sending him to Los Angeles. France, where he has spent much of his time, does not extradite its own citizens, and the public scrutiny over Switzerland’s deliberations may dissuade other nations from making such a spectacular arrest.
The Swiss government said it had sought confidential testimony given on Jan. 26 by Roger Gunson, the Los Angeles attorney in charge of the original prosecution against Polanski. Washington rejected the request.
“Mr. Polanski can now move freely. Since 12:30 today he’s a free man,” Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf declared.

Granted, the judge and the LA district attorney botched this case 30 years ago with the plea bargaining shenanigans, we need to stay focused on the heart of the matter here: How many French Mel Gibson will kill when he reads this and inevitably flees the country. I’m guessing no less than 100 unless they really are the most fellatious country on the planet and he only has to burn down a McDonald’s.

UPDATE: Check out this ad that coincidentally popped up to the right of this post and tell me that guy doesn’t look exactly like Polanski. “Stop Stressing. Start Living. It’s Only Rape!”


  1. Tiffany

    yat love that hottie and very talented! i wish i had been that little girl

    • FattyFatty2x4

      that’s sick, but I’m still laffing. I feel like a little girl too.
      oops, i just didn’t type that.
      Fish, edit that pleez.

      • Cock Dr

        Too late. Your SW submission is now in the public domain.

      • FattyFatty2x4

        Sexy Writing?
        Shouldn’t you be handling some meat right about now?

      • FattyFatty2x4

        Hey Doc, make your name pink so I can just click on your name and read all your comments. That way I don’t have to go searching to see/read all your juicy nuggets.
        See what I did there? Juicy Nuggets? Huh? Huh?
        Clever me.

      • Cock Dr

        One registered user in the household is more than enough.

  2. Tiffany


  3. Caucasoid

    Cuz he’s part of the chosen and the media kings. That’s why. The “law” is to control the peasantry, not the noblemen.
    Good for them.
    Go Roman.
    Go Lebron James and Tiger!

    • Alex


      Couldn’t have said it better, myself. He’s one of the founders of the super elite fun club. Not only did they all get a good laugh out of a mention of extradition, but he was given the reins to control the direction of the outcome to his liking. Just watch. A movie will be released starring Johnny Depp as Roman Polanski.

  4. Mdiz

    Way to go Swiss, you fence sitting, Vatican protecting, Pedophile loving nation. Christ, you’re almost as bad as the Dutch! :)

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel


  6. Dawn

    The Rich can always get away with murder!

  7. Dawn

    I’ve added Switzerland along with Aruba, and a few others, as places I never want to go to, unless I’m allowed to carry a gun.

  8. If you are a lover of the liberal left, the world will adore and protect you. The US is the last bastion of the rule of law.

  9. Rev. Lovejoy

    What do you expext? Catholic priests can act like this anywhere in the world…

  10. joho777


    Not because he molested a child, but because the L.A. District Attorney sat on this case 30 years and did nothing until it suddenly became a popular gossip story again last year.

    And second, because at the time of his arrest and trial, there was testimoney that the mother of the girl had been shopping her around to different directors trying to make a deal in exchange for promised help in the future for the girl’s career as an aspiring actress.

    And third, because the US refused to supply the Swiss with the testimony they requested so they could decide if this was just a political football in the US or a serious case.

    And lastly, because the “victim” repeatedly asked that the case be dropped and forgotten.

    • bi chick

      Hey, Jackass, just because a disgusting stage Mom is shopping 9whoring) her daughter around, doesn’t mean it’s OK to drug, rape and sodomize her. WTF?!

      • bi chick

        Oh and BTW the victim says she doesn’t want to re-live it now that she’s moved on, not that she’s OK with what he did to her. Dumbass. He should serve time for the crime he confessed to (which was much lesser than the original charges, BTW) and also be held responsible for fleeing the country, and any and all costs involved in searching for and obtaining him.

      • LA HO

        um, before you correct someone’s “facts,” perhaps considering correcting them with actual facts, not your opinions. Now that we’ve gotten a life lesson out of the way, Victim never claimed to not want to “re-live” the events. Since you are so smart and clever, you know that victims don’t have to continue with trial proceedings, therefore she never has to “re-live” anything.
        Unless, she is incapable of turning off her T.V. I donno what kind of crazy disease that is.
        She says she does NOT condone his behavior during the incident, however she also does NOT want to see him in jail. Big difference from what your crazy gossiping ass said.
        Also, if you knew fact of this case, you would be aware that he plead guilty because the judge and both teams of lawyers met, privately, and agreed on a lesser punishment. (aka The sketchy shit that made this case highly controversial) Before the sentencing hearing, the judge was rumored to go back on the deal. Which is the cause for Mr. Polanksi’s fleeing.

        All facts stated in my post are proved by documents shown in the documentary “Roman Polanksi”

    • Rich

      So, the crime of raping a 13 year old girl after giving her champagne and luudes is no longer a punishable crime after 30 years?

      Second, do you think the mother, by “shopping around” for directors, ever agreed to having her daugher being drugged and raped?

      Third, it has been established as a fact that a 13 year old girl was drugged and raped and even Polansky does not argue against this fact. Do you think raping a 13 year old girl is political football?

      Lastly, the reason why a DA, and not the victim, is the prosecutor is that a crime such as rape is a crime against not only the victim, but also the People. Just because the victim asks the case to be dropped does not make the crime disappear.

  11. me


    your p*ss smells, it reeks, close your fat fckin legs, hoe!

  12. I say “hooray” only because this might be the final SW post on this loser, & no more taxpayer $ will be spent on a stale legal farce.
    When does the day’s Gibson recording get released? Before lunch, to ruin my appetite? Or after, to make me nauseous?

  13. Boo

    THe US should send one of those special forces guy there and when he lounging on his villa deck one shot bang, problem over. But if they really want to make a statement send a whole force bring him home and let him dissappear in a room for a couple of weeks and let them torture him with a cattle prod now that would really be justice.

    • bi chick

      Obviously we cannot treat our prisoners like that in the US, no matter what they did. But tossing him into the general population would seemingly get a child rapist “a taste of his own medicine.”

  14. Sugar

    Does this man have any underage daughters? He should watch while someone drugs and assrapes them.

    • ClassyDirtyChick

      EXACTLY!!!!!!! – How would he like it if it was done to his Own daughter?

      Disgusting man. Why the hell should he get off now.

    • Kay

      His unborn child was murdered by the Manson family, along with his wife. Maybe that’s why he’s a child molester.

      • Ahole

        No Classy Dirty, don’t blame America. It’s the criminals that have subverted the constitution. You know – bankers mainly, industrialists, politicians who do their Master’s bidding. Hollywood is utter filth now. Look at Woody Allen. He should have been executed for what he did.

  15. ClassyDirtyChick

    No fucking justice. America fucked up with this one.

  16. taz

    Imagine getting force ass fucked… shudder. Death chair for him.

  17. Rough retrograde

    I heard “Bonjour Superficial” from Paris is reporting Mr Polanski’s first joyous words in months as.

    ” Garsson,Envoyer les deux écoles de filles en bas, dans ma cabine?”!!!!

  18. Rhialto

    That’s very sad and no justice at all,my friends,and a grand victory to the pedophile ring.Years ago i was sceptic about the existence of such a ring.But now i know they’ve their tentacles in many strategic positions …

  19. Gando

    There isn’t as much more drive than the drive of a pervert to maintain the pervertions.

  20. Randal(l)

    It’s official: Switzerland supports giving a 13 year old girl drugs and slamming your cock up her ass. I’m buying my airline ticket tonight


  21. ghost

    I just read an article in which a 22 year old male who participated in the gang rape of a 15 year old female received 3 years’ probation as his sentence. The world doesn’t seem to think much of the female gender. Sexual predators are lucky I don’t have any say in it. It would be a blood bath.

  22. Jim

    This is very disappointing to hear. Time does not make a crime disappear! And I don’t even care if the victim doesn’t want him prosecuted now. It’s not about her, it’s about the sovereignty of our justice system; it is disgusting that a celebrity can get of the hook for a crime like this, no matter how long ago it occurred. Justice should know no time limits!

  23. Wow
    Commented on this photo:

    First off it doesnt surprise me that you people actually believe he raped some girl..hell you all watch TV and base your fucking lives from it! I dont believe he raped this girl…this girl was a little fucking slutty bitch that wouldnt keep her legs closed and seduced him and had sex with him. Hell who would have sex with a young girl who was coming on to you?

  24. “The “law” is to control the peasantry, not the noblemen.”

    Truer words were never spoken. That aside, Rosemary´s Baby will always be amazing. =P

  25. Applesauce

    Polanski should be severely beaten and sent to live in a hole.

    And all those actors who continue to work with him should be ashamed of themselves. Fuckin’ luvvies. ‘Oh but he’s an artist’. Wankers.

  26. RaraAvis

    The Swiss are notorious for their lassez-faire attitude toward crime – especially pedophilia. I will trust karma to take care of this situation. Oh, and Polanski still can’t come to the States, which has to suck considering his chosen career. At least that’s something.

  27. Here’s for vigilante justice.

    May he be found headless and covered in acid.

  28. Lana
    Commented on this photo:

    ahahhah, the second picture is congenious!

  29. captain america

    ……………………….the bp oil dissaster was the main reason.


  30. Uhmerica

    Good for him!! Glad to see a happy outcome for this director. If the prosecutor and judge hadn’t botched up this case so badly and weren’t playing with the directors life/career to just get media attention then maybe this could have gone a difft. way.

    But alas the man is freed and allowed to continue making art for the world. Thumbs up Mr. Polanski, enjoy. :]

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