Rodney King Got Arrested Again, Oh Good

July 13th, 2011 // 85 Comments
Rodney King

I just assumed Rodney King has been freely robbing banks while the LAPD tipped their hats to him and said, “Afternoon, Mr. King,” so imagine my surprise to find out he was arrested last night for DUI. And for those of you listening to your Justin Bieber records and going, “Who?” how do I explain the Rodney King case in a way you would understand? Okay, imagine your moms beat your head into the dishwasher after you racked up a crazy phone bill Twitter-lating the Internets, so you burnt down the city of Los Angeles when your dad refused to admit that shit was kind of fucked up. Granted, that’s probably the worst example anyone could give, the important thing is I tried to reachthese kids and “rap” with them while you sat there looking at celebrity gossip. On that note, TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us King was driving a 1993 Mitsubishi in Moreno Valley, CA around 3:30 PM … when officers observed him committing “multiple infractions.”
King was detained and transported to a nearby Riverside Sheriff’s station — where he was eventually arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence.

This had to be the most delicate arrest in the history of law enforcement. They probably took him to a five-star hotel just to break the news to him.

COP: How’s that filet, Rodney? I told them how you like it.
RODNEY: It’s good, man, real good.
COP: Perfect, perfect. Listen, the reason we brought you here – champagne? – is we’re gonna have to arrest you for DUI, champ.
RODNEY: Oh, shit, for real?
COP: For real, dawg. I hate to do this, but we’ll wait until you’re done with your mousse. It’s absolutely exquisite here.
RODNEY: Can I work the siren and hold your gun?
COP: Eh, why not? Ya little scamp. *tussles hair* Haha, it’s bristly.


  1. who cares

    Hahahahahahhaha! That is awesome. I remember hearing about him back in the day. He is a moron!

  2. Twizlah

    And apparently driving the same car he got right after all the shit went down. Nice.

  3. Frank Burns

    Another “Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab” success story. Maybe “Dr. Drew Celebrity Bartender” would be a better show.

  4. alcoholism is a disease so it’s hard to punish someone for being sick. but you know how many dui’s he had BEFORE his beating. who even gave him a license again to drive. oh, that’s right.. it’s california…

    • Snooki's Taint

      alcoholism is NOT a disease. please check your facts instead of spewing quasi-religious 12-step crap.

      • Drew

        If you haven’t been around here long, you’ll realize that “dude” has proven himself to be no older than 15 based on his comments and lack of understanding of the world. Posting in response to him expecting him to understand a legitimate point is rather futile.

      • right cos it’s so worldly to take your scientific definitions from the govt. talk about having no clue

    • kimmykimkim

      Snooki’s Taint & Drew: you guys are motherfucking morons. Alcoholism is a disease (I can’t believe you actually posted a link to Wikipedia, that’s fucking pathetic.) Drew, if dude@dude were 15 that would mean he’s been married since the day his mother shat him into this world. The point is alcoholism, any addiction whether its excessive shopping, gambling away your life, whatever the fuck, IS a disease which is treatable. What states SHOULD DO is put these people in court ordered rehab instead of throwing them in a cell over and over and then releasing them so they can go back out there and do it again. These people at the least should have some therapy to find the underlying cause of why it is they feel they cannot be present in the world without their chosen drug. Not that it would solve everything because obviously people are going to do what they want but it would at least help. Yes, yes, Rodney King has been to rehab many many times, I know. I’m generally speaking.

      • addiction isn’t a disease by the very definition of the term…dictionaries are a bitch for political correctness.

        Addiction is addiction…not a disease. You can’t absolve people of personal responsibility by redefining words. I bet there are a lot of people out there with leukemia, cancer, MS, AIDS…actual diseases…who wish disease was something you could cure yourself of by just stopping the behavior that’s killing them.

        Look, I get that some people don’t want to blame addicts for being addicts…I’m just not one of them. Anyone who doesn’t want to be an addict can stop doing whatever it is they’re doing…it’s not going to be easy, but that doesn’t make it a disease. If that were all it took, then sleeping late is a fucking disease too.

      • Crotch Shadow

        McFeeley, you seem to think no disease is treatable.

      • Eh, I’m with Feely on this one. While I do think that addicts need treatment, I don’t think that addiction is a true disease (it can be a symptom of a disease, but it is not one in and of itself). But anyone who used addiction as a way of shirking responsibility for their actions; fuck you. Seriously, that fact that you have poor impluse control isn’t an excuse to be a dick-bag.

      • EDIT: “impulse,” not “impluse”…although I suffer from the disease of bad spelling, so it’s not my fault.

      • David

        So if a drunk driver killed a relative of yours would you feel rehab is appropriate to. Yes its a problem but call a cab take the bus walk it off don’t get in the car and drive.

    • kimmykimkim

      McFeely: I stand corrected. I believe “compulsion” would be a better term to use than disease. I do not believe that being an addict should absolve one of all responsibility at all. But I do think those people need help more than they need jail, depending on the crime – or shit, man, jail and help! There are consequences for your actions, but let’s see if we can help you not to do it in the future, so one day, hopefully, you can be a functioning member of society. That’s what I’m trying to say here.

      • TomFrank

        Anyone who says an addict can just stop doing whatever it is they’re doing doesn’t understand the nature of addiction. It is established that some people have a genetic predisposition to addiction, and just because some people can summon the self-control to quit smoking or drinking doesn’t mean everyone can.

      • MrsWrong

        1. +1,000,000 for McF S for the sleep thing
        2. Matrim: True x 3

      • BJ

        I agree with kimmy- why can’t both be true? Instead of using the word disease to describe addiction, I’d choose illness- anyone who’s suffered through alcoholism knows it sucks and is no easy feat to recover from. However, that doesn’t mean the alcoholic with a DUI shouldn’t take responsibility for his/her actions. I say, jail time, and then rehab. The fact our country doesn’t have the money for that is irrelevant to this argument.

  5. Cock Dr

    The Question: can’t we all just get along?
    The Answer: NO

  6. Jay

    Lol, @ fish for trying to explain R.K. to the “youth” of today. We must be getting old…….

    • all you need to know is he’s a ridic violent thug that district attorneys are afraid to convict, cos one time a few people had to defend their stores with uzis when cops were acquitted for doing their job trying to restrain him..

    • watson

      @ dude Hmmm, where did you see the continuous “lunging”? Re- watch the incident here and please tell me where the continuous lunging is. he lunges once I think and then hits the ground. and appears to try to back away as they beat him. I am not saying that he should not have been arrested for obviously being intoxicated but nowadays dont they just pin you to the ground whether you are drunk or not?
      Everyone in that case was just wrong: King for well being King and boozing and the cops for using excessive force after a certain point.

      • watson that video is not the whole incident. find one from the cruiser or chopper that includes the beginning. but even here it’s clear king refused to lay down and be cuffed.

  7. RoboZombie

    Beat some sense into that idiot! Oh…wait, they tried that.

    • i think the state just hope he’ll drive drunk off some cliff on pch and save the taxpayers all that money trying to prosecute him. i mean it was ok for him to take apart a conv store with a tire iron but the cops can’t use a baton on him when he won’t submit to arrest

      • alex

        “Can’t use a baton on him”? Really?

        On March 3, 1991, Rodney was struck a total of 56 times with batons, kicked 6 times, and shot twice with a taser.

      • context is very important here. when a drunk is driving 130mph (sound familiar last month? except this is in the2nd most crowded city in north america) and won’t put his hands behind his back no matter how many times he’s told to, beaten, etc, then you deserve what you get. don’t forget he was a known violent criminal with plenty of priors, incl dui..

      • whatsis

        Okay then — carry on with the beatings, officers. Don’t worry about the possibility that it might upset minority communities; we’ll just send in the National Guard if they get too restless. This is clearly the best way to move forward in America.

      • Kip Bronson


        might upset minority communities? REALLY? thats a concern to you? do we worry about what “might upset majority communities” when it happens to whites? uh, no..we dont.

        So we shouldnt worry about it for blacks/ hispanics /asians/ hebrew/ scientologist/ peter puffers /ass pirates/ scissor sisters/ snake handlers/ white guys chelsea handlers banged etc. EITHER.

        who are you, the section 8 super hero?

        STFU, grow a pair and instead of being an enabler allowing excuses for “minority” communities to act a fool, take a stand on the side that states violence isnt the answer, if thats how you really feel.

        Personally, I like watching them torch their own neighborhoods like the dumb asses they are.

      • BE

        Hmm- what, technically, is a minority now? We have a black president, people of color officially outnumber whites combined and often agregate. So the balance of power has moved. Gee, when my grandparents immigrated to this country, they thought it might be a good idea to learn English, instead of expecting everyone else to figure out theirs. But, hey, they’re minorities.

        To be clear, I am for equality, but I am against the lingering mindset that that nothing has changed and that anyone that throws down a race card is automatically a put-upon minority.

        Twenty years later, I’m sure hoping we can forgo the riots that happened in my neck of the woods from this idiot. Better yet, let’s put King right back behind the wheel of a car and wait for him to devastate a family by drunkenly slamming into someone else and kill some people. Yeah, that’d teach him…

  8. Deacon Jones

    For all you Bieber heads and shit-swallowing consumers of god awful music that’s pumped out on an assembly line these days, here’s a sample of some actual music, compliments of Sublime -

    April 26th, 1992,
    there was a riot on the streets,
    tell me where were you?
    You were sittin’ home watchin’ your TV,
    while I was paticipatin’ in some anarchy.

    First spot we hit it was my liqour store.
    I finally got all that alcohol I can’t afford.
    With red lights flashin’ time to retire,
    And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire.

    Next stop we hit it was the music shop,
    It only took one brick to make that window drop.
    Finally we got our own p.a.
    Where do you think I got this guitar that you’re hearing today?

    Never doin no time

    When we returned to the pad to unload everything,
    It dawned on me that I need new home furnishings.
    So once again we filled the van until it was full,
    since that day my livin’ room’s been more comfortable.

    Cause everybody in the hood has had it up to here,
    It’s getting harder and harder and harder each and every year.

    Some kids went in a store with thier mother,
    I saw her when she came out she was gettin some pampers.

    They said it was for the black man,
    they said it was for the mexican,
    and not for the white man.

    But if you look at the streets it wasn’t about Rodney King,
    It’s bout this fucked up situation and these fucked up police.
    It’s about coming up and staying on top
    and screamin’ 187 on a mother fuckin’ cop.
    It’s not written on the paper it’s on the wall.
    National guard??!
    Smoke from all around,

    bo! bo! bo!

    • RoboZombie

      What IS that crap?

      • Deacon Jones

        Go to iTUNES and download “April 29, 1992″, or shit, the whole self titled album by Sublime.

        You can thank me later.

      • RoboZombie

        I don’t think so. I lived through that BS when I worked up in Oakland and what I took away from that was this: If you were White, you were f*cked. If you were Black, have a field day. Just another excuse to be racist and steal stuff, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

      • Deacon Jones

        I’m not supporting the rioters, I’m talking about Sublime here folks.

        If I was there, I’d be the first one there gunning them down, believe me.

      • kimmykimkim

        @robozombie: Jesus tap dancing Christ. Seriously??

      • kimmykimkim

        Oh RoboZombie, I’m not fat or a douche, but you can munch on my crunch, mmkay? Thanks Dick!

    • Cock Dr

      Yes, how heroic of those rioters to destroy other’s hard earned businesses & beat random people unfortunate enough to cross their path that day. What a social statement they made.

      • There’s no social statement that speaks as loudly as the masses rising up and overthrowing their oppressors.

        But then burning down your own neighborhoods speaks pretty loudly also.

      • BE

        Deacon – I wouldn’t go using Sublime as a reference point. They had limited success and weren’t exactly mainstream when their lead singer OD’d on heroin. Look on that as yet another group trying to capitalize on historical events.

        Quoting a bunch of junkies in defense of an alcoholic just doesn’t give me warm fuzzies. Especially when they glorified that particular event as catalyst for change. Yep, we changed. My entire neighborhood is now armed.

      • Dick Douche, Private Eye

        Oakland ain’t Los Angeles, buddy. Comparing Oakland to LA is like comparing Berkeley to Santa Monica. Son of a bitch. Fuck. OK, it’s like comparing San Francisco to West Holly… oooh you think you have me don’t you?

    • Jammies


    • kimmykimkim

      Oh my God, you guys its just a song telling the story of the situation with the LAPD in the early ’90′s. Nobody needs to get their briefs in a bundle about it. And you’re missing the most important parts of the song anyway n just making it what you want to make it…”’cause EVERYBODY in the hood has had it up to here/It’s getting harder n harder n harder each and every year….they said it was for black man, they said it was for the Mexican and not for the white man/but IF YOU LOOK AT THE STREETS IT WASN’T ABOUT RODNEY KING just this FUCKED UP SITUATION AND THE FUCKED UP POLICE…” And Deacon, don’t forget 40 ounces and Robbin the Hood! I personally think those are the best ones.

      • RoboZombie

        Oh grow up you douche. I read those lame ass lyrics and here’s the deal: You can revise history all you want and try to rationalize that shit behavior, but it was what it was: LOOTING. Stealing a goddamn TV isn’t going to change your lot in life and attacking Koreans for being Korean is Racism. Same thing with that truck driver that was nearly beaten to death for being White at the wrong place and time. Is that “participatin’ in some anarchy”? Fucking pussies.

        Were you there? Did you have to put a sign in the window of your store that said “Black Owned Business’ so they wouldn’t loot it? That’s right, they would leave THOSE stores alone. Shit, we put one in our store window where I worked and guess what, the owner was not Black. So F U you fat little douche and go back to your fantasies about stealing shit to get back at “the man”.

      • reginold denny

        Right on, Robo. Sign of the times, unfortunately. Just like the pussies who bust up McDs and Starbucks around the general area of a G-8 summit.

      • electricgrl

        I just can’t believe you didn’t know what that song was. Have you been living under a rock for the last 20 years? Or are you 14?

      • BJ

        Sublime sucks. We can get into a fucking argument over:
        A. Is Sublime’s song as posted by Deacon Jones a worthwhile medium to transport a message? (No, Sublime sucks)
        B. Is rioting a valid form of protest?
        C. Is violence ever okay for the sake of overall equality?
        D. How does the issue of race factor into Sublime’s image of LA in the 90′s?
        E. Seriously, why the fuck did we use Sublime, anyway? or,
        F. None of the above, so we DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING ARGUE ALL THE TIME.
        Why can’t we just all enjoy our titties (Courtesy of Fish) in peace?

  9. Jimbo

    I am not sure how they picked Rodney King out of the rest of the drunks in Mo Valley. That place is a pit!!!

  10. You think a maglite upside the head & up the ass would make you avoid the police & crime in general. Wearin the same outfit he got beaten in too.

  11. jlover

    did-a-chick dum-a-chum dad-a-cham ded-a-check

  12. kms

    What’s RK doing driving a 1993 Mitsubishi? Didn’t he get a 7 figure settlement from the LAPD? Looks like sound financial management on his part.

  13. Dude’s just hard up for money and he remembers the payday he got the last time he drove erratically.

  14. P Dizzle

    All those millions he got and hes rollin a 1993 Mitsubishi ??? WOW!

    • Cock Dr

      You can bet that money is so gone…..lawyers & hangers-on probably got the lion’s share.

    • Fudamentals of roughing

      Good for him. He doesn’t need to impress no one but pcp dealers. The man is at peace besides his reoccurring demons. How many of us can claim that?

    • Fundamentals of roughing

      Great! all this shallowness makes me eff up my own good name.

  15. Acrylique

    Ha Ha! Let’s all point and laugh at another’s misery because we have better lives than this guy, since he obviously can’t break the hold that alcohol has on him! I feel so much better about myself, as I’m sure you all do.

    • you can be an alcoholic without drinking and driving. But there’s really no end to the excuses and apologies some people will make for him, is there?

      • And with all the money he’s made over the years from his settlement to his T.V. appearances, he should be able to afford a fucking cab.

    • Acrylique

      I’m not in any way defending the drinking and driving, I just think that making fun of someone who’s had a pretty miserable existence is pretty low.

  16. Jammies

    Sad — he seemed so focused to get clean on Celebrity Rehab. I really thought he would make it.

  17. HRO

    +1 Dark Tower.

  18. HRO


  19. puddleduck

    sounds like he needs another ass whipping

  20. I see Jeff Conaway left Rodney his car in his will.

    3.8 million and this is the best he could do with his life.

    Lets keep this entitlement society going. It is clearly working.

  21. Cue Jesse Jackson in 3…2…1…

  22. Snow J. Frost

    Kudos superFISH on the dialogue and summary for the twitter kids.

    When is your book/movie/pr0n coming out?
    Are you after the jobs of Quentin Tarantino AND Kevin Smith?

  23. luis medina

    common i can’t believe it if you see so manies people went crazy that day when king was beat up by cop the people tock it to the streets burning everything that was in their way for what now that is the price that people pay when you put your self for somebody who don’t want to appreciate it.

  24. kirby

    $10,000 Question: will he get the typical black man justice or the Lindsey Lohan type justice???

  25. Jerry


  26. oh snap

    You stand for everything I’m against – and yet I love you, Fish. Why oh why???

  27. Alex

    1993 Mitsubishi, Morena Valley, intoxicated at 3:30pm = people who annoy you

  28. Inmate 12236969

    There were two other guys in the car with RK they were arrested without incident RK is a fucking dick if you live in a large U.S. city you know if you try to fight the cops you’re going to get your ass kicked; also don’t forget all of our Mexican brethren looting too. It was not a just a black and white thing,

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