Rod Stewart requires breastfeeding at 63

June 24th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Rod Stewart and his wife English model Penny Lancaster were sailing in the Mediterranean over the weekend and apparently it was time for Rod’s feeding. While I assumed that would require the blood of peasant children, it was way, way weirder than that. Turns out Rod Stewart is breastfed by his wife. I’ll pause for a moment while you fuck the what. I guess growing old does come with some advantages – provided you’re a world-famous millionaire singer with a yacht. Otherwise, this experience doesn’t really translate well for us regular folks. Right, Grandpa? Hey, where’d you get a grenade?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that you can click on at your own risk – unless you hate having erections. Then by all means…

Thanks to Karen for making me suspicious of nursing homes. Or should I say – dens of iniquity? I blame the bread pudding.


  1. Jason


  2. Sport

    Climb aboard the SS Pink Princess. WTF?

  3. Veenus Envy


  4. snarkymalarky

    disgusting…something so sexual and yet…. so geriatric. I wonder if he has his false teeth in. I wonder if he’s a biter. Yeech. And good god, the pink outfit.

  5. Dad

    She’s got some rockin tits.

  6. Snoochie Boochie

    Loving those fantastic tatas. I’d suck those pillow toppers for sure!

  7. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Give it up to … anytime, anywhere. Tit in the mouth on a boat. Tit in the mouth in the kitchen. Tit in the mouth in the car. Tit in the mouth in the elevator. Tit in the mouth in the dressing room. Tit in the mouth in the shower. Tit in the mouth …

    That’s hot.

  8. BTW, you guys better hope you’re getting that and more when you’re 63.

  9. First Time

    I will suck that…look nice and firm

  10. She’s not a gold digger, she don’t care about your bank roll — oh wait..

  11. NiceRack

    You’ve got to hand it to a girl that just whips them out where ever!

    My kinda gal, too bad she goes for really old dudes…

  12. x

    um gross

  13. sweet jesus

    Hahaha, this is hilarious..

  14. titty

    From TMZ: “Motorboat em you old Basta*d BWRB BWRB BWRB BWRB BWRB BWRB”


  15. britney's weave

    @11, old… and rich.

  16. Dorito Man

    He’s dressed in pink ffs.. Not really an outdoorsy rugged type is he.

  17. me not you

    All these young whores with these old farts today – ugh, just disgusting. I can’t even imagine pretending to get hot for some octogenarian just for money. Nauseating…..

  18. jjjj

    nicest pics i’ve ever seen
    call the museum
    archive them for 500 years

  19. ph7

    Niceest tits posted today. That’s a woman – and one who’s game…

  20. Trover

    All I know is that the dude had Rachel Hunter and kicked it to teh curb. HE must be pretty lame, or she is a crazy bitch that was tough to be around any longer. Otherwise, why get rid of that??

  21. sara

    @17 – nice use of the word ‘octogenarian’

  22. woodhorse

    Her having to suckle Gramps out in public is about as sexy as a warm glass of water with a hair in it.

  23. It’s a little known fact that the Manther gains access to the fountain of youth through sucking the teat of a supermodel, while riding on a boat at top speed.

  24. Thegrayway

    Wow, I really just don’t know what to say.

  25. Dan

    She’s a keeper!

  26. Can you blame grampa. It’s a big pink ice cream sundae with a nipple on top!

  27. Mike

    Anna Nicole Pt. II. She’s like a nurse who’s giving an old man a feel so that he’ll include her in the will.

    Unfortunately for her, Rod is not as close to his second infancy as he looks, and will divorce and remarry 16 more times before dying and leaving anyone any money. The loss of self-respect and permanent stench of old man spittle is all for naught.

  28. Minty

    My husband will suck mine when ever he gets the chance. Nothing wrong with this picture at all. Heck my clit is hard and I’m straight.

  29. tati

    bwaaaaaaaa wow its obviously been a pRETTy long time and he just neede to make sure he hasnt been sucking cock the whole time(which he has been)

  30. Do ya still think he's Sexy!

    I use to think that Rod the Bod was great, now, I just think he is a disgusting, old, perverted man that needs a wet nurse. I guess he won’t be singing – Do you think I Sexy, anymore…..

    Get with it People – Penny just had a baby and is still Lactating. He’s not sucking her boob, he’s nursing on it. I bet he makes her changes his diapers/depends too.

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  32. H


  33. Truth doctor

    Imma chargin mah lazah!

  34. my comment

    Remember, she’s sucks his 63 year old c*ck!

  35. Que

    Que lol!

  36. I Spel and Gramer Good

    hav any of you stupiid fukkers ever hadd a kidd? somtimmes the mothher getz engoreged and haz to have a littlle takken off the topp won of the graet expeirences of my liffe brest milkk yummmy in mee tummey that saidd, he’s one ugly fukker alwayys haz ben and alwayys will bee nice hair donn’t

  37. TundraFire

    Thank God they’re color coordinated, like little twins.

  38. Harry Ballzack

    Nothing says manly like the color “Pink”

    My question is … where the hell was that paparazzi ?
    That’s a freaking close-up

  39. Dank

    “let me get this straight, you pull it out, i suck” Is there any money in it for me?

  40. Rut Roh

    The matching outfits seem a bit too much, did Rod Stewart get old and become a South Korean fashionista?

    Hey, at the least the old feller gets some young tattas to suck on…while he proves either he “is not gay” or he “is actually gay and Korean at heart.” It’s a mommy’s boy thing, gay guys do it best.

  41. ibestevie

    So when they pump out Rod’s tummy up will come a mixture of mommy milk and man jizz.

  42. The paparrazi are so creepy….

  43. sebastian

    quite lovely

  44. sebastian

    quite lovely

  45. sebastian

    quite lovely

  46. Good God, she could poke someone’s eye out with that!

  47. Ishi-san

    Maybe it is some kind of sexual roleplay – two pink piggys sucking eachothers nipples (ieeewww)

  48. Kim Lardassian

    Disgusting and ugly old fuck – ugh how she can let him touch her let alone her breasts is beyond belief.

  49. veggi

    Looks like Frist and her dad.

  50. not first


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