Robyn Gibson: ‘Mel Never Abused Me’

July 15th, 2010 // 36 Comments

And Mel Gibson just caught a break. Look at that face!

According to TMZ, his ex-wife Robyn has signed a sworn declaration stating “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage.” However, it should be noted Robyn was the Australian Blowjob Rodeo Queen five years running so, barring a fluke case of lockjaw, she was never in any real danger.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to file this post under “How to Protect the Shit out of Your Alimony.”


  1. Bob

    first ASSHOLES

  2. mememe

    I liked the internet better before it told me that Mel Gibson was a psychotic lunatic. Now I realize he wasn’t even acting in Mad Max, and I can’t like it as much.

  3. Bob

    on that note!! i told you guys this russian bitch is a gold digging pig in heat! how can you be married for 20+ years and never hit your wife?

    she probably provoked his ass and she got what she deserved! an ass whupping

    • Cardinal Fang

      That’s what I’m thinking too.

    • Rob

      excatly! how has no one else seen this before?! that bitch is russian…they are gold digging whores! Those tapes were edited to shit to show him in a crazy light. Im sure hes not 100% not at fault BUT im sure enough that girl provoked him to shit.

      • Amy

        Women don’t deserve to be hit. I don’t care if you say she provoked it, he should have left her. He should have been smart enough to get out or not leave his first wife for an unknown Russian girl. Take note men, this is what happens when you leave the woman who loved you from the beginning (and raised your 8 kids) to be with someone 20 years younger that you have known for a short time. It ends badly.

      • Unjustifiable

        justifiable, you certainly have wasted alot of time on these unfounded suppositions haven’t you? Opinionated leaking colostomy bag is what you are girlfriend. (You sound like a woman at least)

      • Aussie Mama

        robyn got her 450 million payout, divorced before oksanas baby was born. if she had any ill feeling towards mel, like people wrongly speculate, she wouldn’t be holidaying with mel, the 7 kids n grand kids every year, hang out with mel every sunday etc. she has the $$$ and the means to get as far away from him as possible, but she likes his company, as he does hers. just because they aren’t a couple, doesn’t mean they aren’t mates.
        she cannot stand oksana, because oksana was at one stage stalking robyn and her son milo. the restraining order that people wrongly say was for the non release of tapes, was actually for oksana to stay away from mel’s family.
        i think there will be a massive shock when people get the full details and realise oksana was the psycho all along.

    • I suppose it never occured to anyone that Robyn could be lying – their youngest child is a minor and she might not want to smear his father’s name in public and damage him further in her son’s eyes. You notice she says nothing about his being verbally or emotionally abusive to her or their kids – just that he never hit her.

      Secondly, if he’s been bipolar all this time, as he ages his meds might not be as effective as they’ve been earlier in their marriage. His flashpoint for frustration might be a lot lower now, too. I’m sure he was obeyed all the time when he was younger – now that he’s older he may be more demanding and insecure about being able to control people.

      Third, he may have a religious scruple about hitting his wife, but not about hitting his mistress. It’s a crazy mindset,and isn’t logical, but with him, who knows?

      • UnJ, what exactly does “sounding like a woman” sound like? No wonder you’re recycling my stuff and my name if that’s the best you can come up with on your own. Unoriginal and unimaginative inall areas – you get an F.

        It’s called speculation, not “unfounded supposition” since I’m not the one accusing him without any proof. Talk to the LA Sheriff’s office if you’re so upset, but speculation is what everone on this site is doing, so get over it – and yourself. Gibson all but admitted to hitting her when he stated she “deserved it,” and when Grigorieva mentioned his relationship with one of his kids was damaged due to his “violence” and that she tried to smooth things over, he doesn’t challenge the remark or call her on it.’s being bullshit He also claims he’s out of money and had to sell art and his Lakers box, so maybe he’s feeling a pinch and that’s pushing him over the edge, All I can say is that his wife is one helluva woman if she’s making this statement for no other reason than to tell the truth, because if a wife ever had an prime occasion for payback, this is it.

      • Mel Gibson

        “Payback” was a pretty good movie.
        .A lot of people were blown up.
        Just not the right ones.
        *nudge nudge wink wink*

      • Mel, you gotta make up your mind once and for all: blown or blown up?

  4. Cock Dr

    No “physical” abuse of the first wife. Got it.
    How about rants & raves for oral sex? Threats to use her as fertilizer for the flowerbeds? High decibel musings on the sexual habits of minorities?
    Put her on the stand for cross examination please.

  5. stinky mcpoop

    If someone close to Mel Gibson said he’s not what the evidence makes him out to be, then it must be true. Because they said so.

  6. Sugar

    Paid off divorce settlement much?

  7. dsf

    Anyone else notice a lower level of writing from Superficial? Not funny anymore, just throws in a few obscenties and t&a. It used to be a bit edgy/funny but now it reads like a reject wrote it. Trying way too hard, fish.

  8. sobrietyisacrutch

    Of course he never hit his ex-wife. They were married for 20 years but how much of that time was actually spent TOGETHER? How many pictures are there of them together? I never even knew what the woman looked like until a few years ago. IMO, she gave him open rein – hanging out in bars, flirting with women, kickin it with his buddies – as long as he took care of her and the kids and let her live OUT of the spotlight. Strict, extremist Catholics don’t believe in divorce unless it involves 1 or all of the 3 “A’s” – adultery, addiction, abuse. She probably finally got fed up with the over-abundance of maybe 2 of those.
    He blew it bigtime.

    • Amy

      I couldn’t agree with your post more.

    • What now sparkling wiggle?

      “Audio expert believes the taped phone conversations may have been altered.”

      • Notice that this “expert “says words have been removed – not that they’ve been added, and no one is disputing it isn’t Mel. This “forensic expert” who’s already claiming that they’ve been altered hasn’t listened to the original – he admits he’s only heard the clips that Radar Online released. I’d love to know what this guy’s standing among his peers is, but making up his mind before he’s even examined the source and broadcasting that preconception speaks to a lack of credibility right off the bat. It makes him look like he’s chumming for attention and a paid witness gig as well.

    • Good points (and great name!), but it’s more like 29 years now. However, she’s a practicing Episcopalian – she’s not part of the Catholic splinter sect he follows. She’s devout, but I’m pretty sure the C of E recognizes divorce for the 4th “A” – assholery.

    • Aussie Mama

      robyn never was and never will be catholic, she was and is protestant, but not overly into it at all.
      whats the harm in having a few drinks, being a good sport and having your photo taken with fans and having a great time?
      mels not extremeist catholic at all, never was. he is religious, but smokes, drinks, swears, gets blowies and doesn’t hurt anyone that doesn’t deserve it.

    • just me

      this comment is right on the money

  9. fester

    Robyn should be careful. His earning potential at this point is nil. She’ll probably be supporting his crazy ass in a month or two.

  10. Meazy


  11. qt

    mel gibson never abused me either

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  13. captain america

    pffffffffffffffffff: SHE NEEDS MONEY & ATTENTION AGAIN, folks?

  14. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Dear Aussie Mama—Yes that is exactly what I look like. How did you manage to descibe me so well – you must be so well informed. Kudos for that. you must at least have PHD right?

    A Special Note To Doc; god your a cretin of a woman. can you actually hold a conversation without calling anyone fat, ugly, bald, single?
    it’s bad enough that you are russian. when the truth comes out, you people will be the butt of all jokes as it is.
    if this is what women from there are like, no wonder men lose their temper and want to belt the shit out of you.
    make some sense and be constructive in some way. stupid girl.
    i can just picture you, black pube like wirey hair, with an overgrown hairy mole somewhere near your enormous nose, bloodied zits, from constant nervous picking, yellow crooked teeth, vomit like armpit pong, banana tits and purple labia lips that hang like mud flaps on a truck, that no one can bring themselves to go down on, no matter how much alcohol they consume, cos seriously a decent loooking person, who is happy with themselves, is not so dismal and abusive for no reason. i reckon you’ve never had an orgasm, so by now you’d be wild with frustration, mounting anything from a broom handle to a hairspray can.
    mels abusive cause a slut will not allow him to see his child, what’s your excuse?

    • Aussie Mama

      good 1 exchange without any abuse. i can do that too. now lets be civil, hold a conversation and be ok if we differ in opinion.

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