Robin Wright Penn files for divorce. C’mon!

August 18th, 2009 // 27 Comments

Less than two months after Sean Penn dismissed his petition for divorce (For the second time.), Robin Wright Penn has apparently filed for divorce and this time she’s not dicking around. Maybe. I think. Don’t quote me on that. People reports:

The papers, filed in Marin County, Calif., on Aug. 12, state that “both parties have already agreed to [shared] custody” over their minor son, Hopper Jack, 16, and that “the estranged couple have already agreed to division of all property.”
The reason for the split is listed as “irreconcilable differences.” Wright Penn, best known for roles in The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump, is not seeking spousal support.
In an interview released Monday, the actress told More magazine that she had no plans to reconcile with her husband. “I hit that crossroad a while ago,” she said. “I know what I don’t want.”?

For the love of- Can we just skip these back and forth divorce shenanigans and skip to the part where Sean Penn starts wearing an earring and banging Lindsay Lohan? Because that’s where this is headed. Provided he finds the spell to revert Samantha Ronson back to her stone form. Otherwise, it’s random college chicks who he’ll call “Natalie” during sex.

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  1. Gah!!

    Their son is named Hopper Jack?? Hopper???

    Stupid people.

  2. Megan

    Nice quote fail, there.

  3. Death2Speidi

    Sean Penn should have never went full-on retard. It’s such a turnoff.

  4. The Dread Pirate Roberts

    Princess Buttercup – Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

    I’ll be waiting for you at dusk under the oak tree..

  5. Don

    Jennay! Is that you, Jennay!!!

  6. Sean Penn is Gay

    He’s going to date a normal person because it’s the in thing to do.

  7. Aunt Jemima

    Sean Penn is a piece of shit.

  8. The B Wolf

    @ Death2Speidi Stupid is as stupid does.

  9. RobinLooksGreat

    Robin looks great in that picture. Sean not so much. Sean is the guy and has the oscars. Maybe Eric Dane can get Robin naked in a bathtub now that she’s single. I’ll bet then he’d want a blow job.

  10. Savalas

    Hopper Jack
    Hopper Jack
    Always high on smack

  11. Savalas

    Hopper Jack
    Hopper Jack
    Always high on smack

  12. grobpilot

    Now that disgusting shitbag will have more time to head on over to the Middle East and meet a few more dictators and ayatollahs. Perhaps they’ll do us a favor by slicing his fucking head off as he’s blowing one of them.

  13. Aunt Jemima

    Response to #13

    Is this what you had in mind?

    Kim Jong Il : Sean Penn I want you to brow me.
    Sean Penn : Brow you?
    Kim Jong Il : Brow me! You know. Put my penis in your mowrf.
    Sean Penn : Oh! Ok! Gladly!
    Kim Jong Il : Cut his fucking head off!
    Palace Guard : Um. But sir his a penis is a in you a mowrf.
    Kim Jong Il : Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up! Cut his head opff.
    Palace Guard : Oh. Ok…
    (swoosh)(off with Sean Penn’s head and Kim Jong’s penis)

  14. Che

    I think Sean ought to invest all his money down in Venezuela w/Porky Chavez- doosh :-0

  15. InsideTheActorsStudio

    Excerpts from the the Inside The Actor’s Studio show after Sean’s greatest movie “EATING KIM IN KOREA”:

    James Lipton: So Sean what was your motivation when you shoved Kim Jong II dick in your mouth?

    Sean Penn: No motivation other than I like asian dick. They are so little that I can fit the whole thing in my mouth. I love the way they wiggle.

    JL: Could you demonstrate that technique on me?

    SP: Your small James but not asian small.

    JL: Your an actor so act like it’s asian small.

    SP: Ok James I’d be glad too.

    (slurping sounds as we move to a commercial)

  16. Del

    Haven’t we been here before?

  17. gigi

    daaaaamn…. the make-up sex must be off the charts with these two!!

  18. ginger

    Sean Penn is a snake. If she takes him back again, she is the one playing full retard.

  19. I say “MADONNA” will be after him…on her knees, begging for another chance!!!

  20. datroof

    She will always be Princess Buttercup to me.

  21. Insatiable Peter

    Haven’t seen a guy not love his wife so much since my uncle. Atta boy, Sean. Thanks uncle.

  22. Darth

    I thought they were alreay divorced?

  23. Galtacticus

    The only difference is that she files for divorce this time.That actually means that both agree?

  24. Nice quote fail, there. Robin Wright Penn files for divorce. C’mon!

  25. Robin looks good in that picture. Sean’s not so much. Sean Guy’s and Oscar’s. Maybe Eric Dane naked in a bathtub to get Robin now that he can solo. I am sure he will want a blow job.

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