Robin Williams’ wife files for divorce

March 26th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Robin William’s wife of 19 years, Marcia Garces Williams, filed for divorce last week citing “irreconcilable differences.” That’s lawyer talk for, if she heard one more white rapper impersonation, she was going to circumcise Robin with a toaster oven. Ok! Magazine reports:

The two met when Marcia worked as a nanny for the Oscar-winning actor and his first wife, Valerie Velardi, looking after their son Zachary, now 24. Shortly after his divorce from Valerie, Robin and Marcia tied the knot on April 30, 1989. They have two children, Zelda, 18, and Cody, 16.

Wow, with a story like that, I’m surprised these two crazy lovebirds didn’t make it. It makes you wonder if there’s any hope out there for the rest of us? I need to go to the strip club and do some deep, spiritual thinking. But first I have to tell my girlfriend I’m working late in Japan. That way she’s not suspicious when I come around noon tomorrow all hungover in crotchless samurai armor. I just love her so much, you know?

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  1. Yo

    Kids are cute.

  2. Skeps

    I don’t care what people say Robin Williams is god

  3. Kingsley Amis

    Hmm, I didn’t knwo Robin Williams was married to that Camryn Mannheim from Ally McBeal. Where did all the earrings go?

    You’d think with all his wealth, he could buy a ferret to gnaw that thing off her face.

  4. Argyle

    I can’t believe they actually named a child Zelda.

  5. Kingsley Amis

    Hmm, I didn’t know Robin Williams was married to that Camryn Mannheim from Ally McBeal. Where did all the earrings go?

    You’d think with all his wealth, he could buy a ferret to gnaw that thing off her face.

  6. Tits McGee

    Thank GAWD someone brought up the M&M stuck to her cheek!

  7. I didn’t even know he was married. And yeah, what is up with naming your kid Zelda?

    Wonder who he was cheating on her with? His kids are grown, so it must have been Jude Law’s nanny..

  8. booby


  9. rosa parx

    Should I go commando & wax myself down there for my date tonight with Rob? Or should I do that landing strip again. .

  10. deacon jones

    Why is my penis on her face?

  11. Nathan Sprinkle

    This is like Mrs. Doubtfire in real life!

  12. jrz

    Hey, you fuck the nanny, it never works out……

  13. Dennis Kucinich

    Those two look like garden gnomes, I should know.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Now this woman is completely opposite of Heather Mills. Whatever this woman gets in the settlement really will not be enough. Imagine having to put up with Robin Williams zaniness for 19 years. Good god, anyone else would have already put a pistol in her mouth.

  15. tight lipped smiler

    Banging the nanny, such a cliche.

  16. Holey moley mole mole…

  17. jesse

    His daughter has a nice rack. I’m not too sure about his son/daughter though. She kinda reminds me of Atreyu from Never Ending Story. Maybe that thing on his wife’s face isn’t really a mole, but rather that sneezing turtle from said movie.

  18. beavis

    Crotchless Samurai Armor…. that is so fucking funny, yet at the same time I want to buy some…. that is freaking gold!

  19. D. Richards (Slut.)

    All this time I thought Robin Williams was drinking and snorting because he was a ‘troubled’ artist — then I notice that his wife has a second nose growing out of her cheekbone.

    Now Robin’s sporting Burt Reynold’s toupe. Sad.

    Oh, Frist, how has my beloved love-tunnel been doing these past few weeks? Moist? Oh, how I hope so. Squirt-Squirt.

  20. The Laughing God

    I wonder his daughters make funny voices too…

  21. Ted Mosby

    Nanoo Nanooo this mudderfawker.

  22. 78 degree mess

    i bet that gold digger is probably going to try to milk it by claiming that growth on her cheek is actually their third child. she’ll be suing for full custody and support for it as well.

  23. Grunion

    According to the pre-nup, she gets to keep the mole and all things mole related.

  24. Sarah

    I love Robin Williams. Not to bag on the wife, but honestly, he probably realized that he could get better.

    Sad but true.

  25. BunnyButt

    19, I don’t think that’s a toupe, I think it’s hair transplanted from Robin’s back…

  26. Tapeworm

    I didn’t know Robin Williams was married to Rosie O’Donnell.

  27. @25 or his ass..

  28. Randal

    Wishing Robin Williams all the best during this rocky time. May the two part as adults and go on about their seperate lives.


  29. Oh, #19, how I have missed you..

  30. m

    This is going to cost alot lot lot… to mr williams

  31. Kat

    Stop being a douche, Randal. This site is not for being nice and wishing people well.

    Jesus. If I had a huge wart like that on my face I’d have it REMOVED. I mean really. If my kid was born with a huge fucking mole I’d have that shit removed too, before anyone saw them.

  32. Trover

    His bank will get cut in half, but the party is about to start. Bet he is one wild partier in the next few years. Garp will get his.

  33. BunnyButt

    27, just think of the hairballs that poor woman must have …

  34. pointandlaugh

    you bastards are hilarious. for realz.

    Moley mole.


  35. My Penis


  36. woodhorse

    With those squinty eyes, Robin is a perfect match for Renee Zellweiger.

  37. Ass Mountain

    They look like brother and sister.

  38. Ted from LA

    I’ll get you my pretty, AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!!

  39. Alright!


    You’re as F-ed up as a football bat.


    I thought you said ROBBIE WILLIAMS.

  41. Penny

    Robin Williams has some hot-ass kids

  42. monkeyfightclub

    She’ll wind up like all the other women in Robin Williams’ life, trapped in his forest-like arm hair.

  43. PettyPape

    Don’t they have custody of Christopher/Dana Reeves’ kid? He sure has been through a lot in his life- dad dies, mom dies, new dad goes to rehab, new parents get divorced.

  44. Randal is a Comic Genius

    I personally love Randal. The people who think otherwise clearly don’t understand that he is getting the last laugh.

  45. RENEE

    I can’t moley believe Robin Williams moley is divorcing that moley Camyrn Manheim chick; too bad, so sad…;holy moley, get that fricken thing seared off already (the mole, not her).

  46. m333h

    Anyone who names their kid Zelda deserves a gold medal

  47. wes

    I know Robin Williams is a pretty ugly dude, but he is rich. Why did he choose to marry what looks to be the exact definition of ugly? Seriously her face looks like cancer.

  48. Mississippi

    Wow.. He’s starting to look old :-( I’ve seen him live and I have to say he’s got quite a freakin presence!! he’s awesome! the old lady is just copy catting Heather Mills.. Such a shame..

  49. noppo

    don’t say mole, who said mole, i said mole….


    btw, what’s the deal with robin’s shoes???

  50. Ellen Jamesian

    Robin and the nanny wife probably named Zelda after The Legend of Zelda game…can’t you just see Robin jumping for joy over her name…Zelda!…Zelda!…Zelda!…just like when he fucked the nanny…Marcia!…Marcia!…Marcia!…just like when he plucked the babysitter in the World According to Garp…but after that his mouth was sewn shut.

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