Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Are Separating, I Can’t Imagine Why

February 25th, 2014 // 13 Comments

Yesterday, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announced they’re separating which seems odd for a couple in a totally “chill” open marriage because it’s not like that’s a concept entirely based on at least one person being tired of fucking the other. It has all the elements for success. People reports:

“We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time,” the couple tell PEOPLE on Monday in an exclusive statement.
The pair, who first met when Thicke was 14, have been married since 2005 and welcomed son Julian Fuego in April 2010.

Of course, some people might say that suggesting your husband star in a sexy video with Emily Ratajkowski probably isn’t the smartest thing to do for your marriage, and those people are correct as shit. Have you seen this thing? There are Catholic priests watching it who haven’t touched their child dungeons for days. Days.

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  1. Can’t speak as to Robin and Paula’s relationship, but open relationships aren’t always predicated on one person being tired of sleeping with the other. Shockingly, some people actually have sex with multiple partners for a variety of reasons: availability, different needs that a single partner can’t or won’t need, or being philosophically opposed to monogamy to name a few.

  2. JC

    I bet there won’t be any blurred lines on the divorce papers.

    • She has an acting career, and until the past year, he wasn’t exactly lighting up the world with his singing career. I’d have to bet that she might be paying him alimony!!

  3. Who the hell is this Robin Thicke? I never heard of him before the Miley Cyrus crap. Why is he famous?

    • JC

      Being Alan Thicke’s (of Growing Pains) son probably helped his fame situation. I think he had some hits before Emilty R’s glorious tits and Miley’s noonerhole catapulted him to (what will probably be brief) mega-stardom, but I can’t be bothered to look it up.

  4. How was this relationship open… :/
    They been together for 20 years. 20 year old pussy is old pussy.
    It was bound to happen. But his career is over. Woman can’t stand a cheat nor can they stand a man talking shit about a former flame. Remember when Brad Pitt mad that comment about Jennifer Aniston? Yeah, woman went ballistic.

    • crb

      Women can Absolutely stand a cheat.

      It’s exactly the type of guy they always go for.

      A bad boy who has lots of options, confidence and high relative-value.

      Feminism can blather all the BS it wants, but it’s not going to change several hundred-thousand years of neurology

  5. anonymous

    Chris Rock said it best. “A man is basically as faithful as his options.”

    When RT was a long haired hippie, chicks didn’t give a damn. Now he’s a one-hit wonder, he got more options.

  6. Neither one of them is anything to look at. Moving on…

  7. Shocking, an arrogant, smug scumbag is a scumbag.

  8. pix

    miley virus is a whores hole

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