Paula Patton Wanted Robin Thicke To Bang Lana Scolaro, Is ‘Chill’

Last week, the Internet saw an Instagram photo of Robin Thicke’s hand up Lana Scolaro’s ass which I just assumed would’ve already resulted in a Lana Scolaro sex tape by now, but apparently she’s going to take the slow, methodical route of selling stories to the tabloids first. Which makes sense because you can’t just jump into it without building an audience first. That’s how you get AIDS. Via Life & Style:

The two had met the week before at a friend’s party, and she says he immediately approached her at the 1Oak VMAs shindig with the pick-up line, “I just love the fact that you’re so young.”
“His hands were everywhere,” says Lana.
Lana says that initially she pushed him away because he’s a married man, but that Robin told her Paula was “chill” and even encouraged Lana to talk to her.
And his bad behavior only continued as Robin led Lana into his car to leave the nightclub and, oddly, his wife joined them.
They all headed to a bash at a suite in the Greenwich Hotel, where Robin and Lana got closer on the couch.
“I went to the bathroom, and when I came out he was standing there,” she tells Life & Style. “He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!’”

To add to this story, Todd at IDLYITW has a similar anecdote from a different woman who claims Paula Patton and Robin Thicke find chicks to bang together. Which might seem unnatural, at first, until you think about how easy it’d be for Paula to slip out of the room and watch a whole episode of Giuliana & Bill without interruptions then it becomes something out of a dream. (I just sold all your wives on open marriages. You’re welcome.)

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