Robert Pattinson will save you, Haiti

January 19th, 2010 // 41 Comments

George Clooney just scored a major coup for his Hope for Haiti Telethon. E! News reports:

I just got word that the Twilight star has signed on for Friday’s Hope for Haiti telethon. As of right now, it looks like Rob will be the sole presenter in London with performances by Jay-Z and Bono.
No word yet on Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, but as I was the first to tell you Hollywood’s hottest vampire movie trio is a very wanted group for the telethon because of the impact they would have with young people.

All jokes aside, this is a huge help for relief efforts from a generally media-shy celebrity. Mostly because he just needs to brood into the camera and undersexed women worldwide will go on a crime spree for Haiti. Which is why I’ve always maintained Robert Pattinson will be both our savior and our destroyer.

*builds barricade of designer purses*

Let’s see your woman army get through that! Have at you!

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  2. First Fail


  3. Crabby Old Guy

    Why don’t these super rich Hollywood fucks just cut a few checks out of their own accounts? Oh, wait, that wouldn’t allow them to have their mansions, cars, boats, plastic surgery, nannies, etc.

    I do believe that the Red Cross will accept calls from Clooney, Pattinson, DeCaprio, Hilton, et al.

  4. DKNY

    @3 Why do you assume they haven’t cut checks in addition to donating their time to the telethon or other similar causes?

  5. Bob


    So you’re saying that there are celebrities that would quietly give money instead of using it as an opportunity to attention-whore?

  6. Just because these people have millions of dollars doesn’t mean they are OBLIGATED to just GIVE IT AWAY. Ya, I agree they can do some good with their own cash (hey if I can support causes every once in a while on my salary then I would hope they can too), but they are doing a good thing here.

  7. frothy

    @6 He’s not saying they’re obligated to give money, he’s saying that if they want to donate to just donate quietly without making a fucking ruckus about it. You know, like the rest of us.

  8. blah

    He doesn’t have millions of dollars. He signed on for the Twilight series before he was known and is being paid a very paltry sum. The studio is making the money, not him or the other stars. Hell, the studio doesn’t even want to get off its wallet long enough to pay for a proper movie production. No way are they just going to change the contracts they signed with these unknowns to give them their fair share of the loot the movies are pulling in.

  9. Epic!

    What’s the quickest and most efficient method to reduce poverty?

    A 7.0-magnitude earthquake!

  10. Greg

    It’s a good thing they’re trying to attract the teenage set, they’re probably the ones with all kinds of disposable income to donate. If Kristen Stewart’s there too my little cousin will probably just sign over his Taco Bell paycheck without a second’s thought

  11. Lloyd Johnson

    fly to the UK to help Hati? The earthquake must have destroyed the only tv studio they had.

  12. yoyoyo

    All of the 11 year old girls will be handing over their allowances

  13. Brit Boys Are Hot

    I just don’t get the appeal of this guy. He’s not attractive. Maybe I’m just showing my age.

  14. Peace

    @9 I hope the next 7.0 earthquake epicenter hits your center little ass.

  15. sarah

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  16. Fuck Haiti

    Am I the only one sick of hearing about this stupid fucking earthquake?

  17. Sydney


    What the hell is wrong with you?

  18. Craig


    Anonymous Internet Asshole Disorder. It can strike at any time. :(

  19. sarah

    @16…You are truly disgusting…there are 200,000 people feared dead!WTF is wrong with you!?I don’t care whether they get attention for it or not,look at the bigger picture,people are dying and they are helping the best way they know how.Events like this will garner more donations than celebrities simply donating themselves which I’m sure they’re doing, just like everyone else.Clooney and Pattinson and all the others invloved should be applauded in my opinion, niether of them could be considered attention seekers as they try profusely not to make public spectacles out of themselves, this isn’t about fame it’s about human kindness and compassion.@16 Christ I hope you or your family never need help as I can’t imagine such a rancid comment will make you deserving of any goodwill.

  20. hun81

    Rob Pattinson is helping out Haiti … omg ….. that is so hott!!!!!…… lol jk …. I love him but in these pictures he kind of reminds me of Justin Timberlake.

  21. kristen

    @ 18 ehehe you’re just silly

    and to; i love the way you end your articles

  22. I think it was a good move having Rob on, I would do anything he asked me too :D

  23. Oh Rob, your soooooooooo sexy, come find me and steal me !!!! I loVe U. I’m hot, I promise, lol.

  24. Uno

    I couldn’t help but laugh at #9.

    #16 I agree!
    I’m so sick of people around me FORCING everyone to donate when some of us already have problems…

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