Robert Pattinson shirtless on set of New Moon

May 27th, 2009 // 74 Comments

By popular demand, here’s a shirtless Robert Pattinson on the set of New Moon in Italy. Because sometimes this site isn’t about breasts, bikinis, more breasts, bikinis wrapped around breasts, penis jokes, America, quantum physics, heterosexual male fantasies, robots, bikinis built by robots, giant asses and some French chick’s nipples. It’s about a man who will later have CGI diamonds added to his chest. — But mostly that other stuff.

Scope Out (21) Pics of Robert on Celebuzz

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  1. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I wondered the same thing, #4.

    Plus, I bet he’s smelly.

  2. Yeah

    Uh, hello? He’s British. That’s why he’s pale.

  3. robpattinsonissuperugly

    looks like a neanderthal.

  4. Is this a sad attempt to get 14 year old girls to look at this site??? For shame Fish, for shame. By the way, Brooke Hogan is a sexier man than Rob P.

  5. Ay

    It’s not airbrushed you fucking moron. Those are his real abs. LOL not so smart are you :P

  6. no comment

    ooohh! this is great.. its a such a beautiful scene in the book too… really romantic… :)
    dont know why the story and atmosphere of the books are so envolving but they sure are, it was almost impossible to think of something else while i was reading it.. and i finished the whole series of books in less than two weeks! dangerous stuff… im glad im done so i can do smtg else with my days
    he is actually seriously attractive! a perfetc match to the character..

  7. Shezpop

    @44 & 47 you took the words right out of my mouth

  8. Gando

    His abs could do better.He’s holding his breath.

  9. Lana

    He’s pale cause he’s playing a vampire. hot!

  10. lol i didnt even see # 8′s when i wrote my previous comment….

  11. Amazing… a vampire who sucks cock…

  12. e-rock

    @ #36- Wow, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Ugly American? You don’t me. Can’t people make a silly post on here without bashing people just to make themselves feel more signficant? What an asshole. Btw, Im not ugly, and sure as hell don’t need some stuck up arrogant asshole like yourself to validate that for me. Now go find a sense of humor or a personality. Good luck with that.

  13. eurotrash

    not bad fish – its a step in the right direction i guess…
    but its still gonna take a lot more to please us ladies, and to make up for the ridiculous amount of bullshit bikini posts and plastic tits u guys have been putting up over the past few months!
    btw i coulda sworn that in the good ol days (a year ago) this site’s main thing was humorous posts about celebrity shenanigans – with a little bikini bullshit on the side, not the other way around!

  14. mmmmm hmmmmm....

    i would eat this guy alive.

  15. bUZZTOE

    @ 36…well I’d rather be a weird American that understands hygene and good dentistry, not to mention indoor plumbing. If that makes us weird, welcome to the real world bitch!!

    Sounds like you have smegma issues….then again isn’t that a British county? Ask Robert.

  16. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  17. uh huh

    #57, I wonder if words are the only thing taken out of your mouth…

    (sorry, but you left yourself open for that one)

    tee hee ; )

  18. Eleanor

    Oooooo, thanks fish! One my favourites!
    I read the site cause it’s funny, but some tasty guys to balance out all the bikini pics are always welcome.

  19. UK girl

    He’s soo hot. I would ride him like a pony :-o

  20. Mr Semprini

    OMG, I’m blind!! Help me get that touchscreen installed before I go to

  21. Lyla

    i would mash that up

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    I watched the movie,TWILIGHT,while I was on a Cruise.I’m all about Vampire
    Flicks,but this movie is so…nothing ! Am I missing something that happens in the movie ? I don’t understand why the film is such a hit and why the public is so taken by it. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal was so…empty. The Girl too. The story line lacked interest and bored me…I wanted to like it and as I said,I’m a huge fan of anything Vampire,but I just didn’t it. I’m glad I saw the movie for free on the Cruise !

  24. Nikki

    I thought he was much better as Cedric Diggory…

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