Robert Pattinson shirtless on set of New Moon

May 27th, 2009 // 74 Comments

By popular demand, here’s a shirtless Robert Pattinson on the set of New Moon in Italy. Because sometimes this site isn’t about breasts, bikinis, more breasts, bikinis wrapped around breasts, penis jokes, America, quantum physics, heterosexual male fantasies, robots, bikinis built by robots, giant asses and some French chick’s nipples. It’s about a man who will later have CGI diamonds added to his chest. — But mostly that other stuff.

Scope Out (21) Pics of Robert on Celebuzz

Photos: Splash News

  1. Que

    Que pale.

  2. don’t care

  3. Deva

    The funny thing is that if he wern’t in that pittiful movie, the throngs of 14 year olds wouldn’t be fingering themselves to him daily. What makes this guy attractive? Is it because he’s the flavor of the moment? If he were a normal, non-celebrity, this guy wouldn’t get a single phone number.
    Live it up while you can. The ride will soon be over for you.

  4. Shee shee

    Why are there dots all over him?

  5. s

    #4 : pretty sure the dots are used to track motion for layering in cgi effects (the diamond skin)

  6. Shallow Val

    From the neck down, it’s all good. From the neck up… bears too strong a resemblance to Benecio Del Toro, and that’s not okay. That said, I’d still be all over that, but only in reverse cowgirl because Del Toro gives me the creeps.

  7. Sexy Techy

    Thanks for the pic. Never heard of him or the movie and I hope he never gets fat.

  8. Jess

    as a straight woman, i’d rather see some breasts than that spangly twat

  9. hmm

    ……alright then.

  10. thatlizkid

    @3 i think he’s fit DESPITE the fact that he’s in twilight

  11. e-rock

    strange, he looks better shirtless…. hmmm…. X-D
    Otherwise, all of the pics I have seen of him previously, didn’t do it for me. I didn’t get the whole craze about this guy, but without the shirt on… now thats a little tasty morsel indeed. Except he’s probably not circumsized. eewwww!! I once dated a guy from Dublin, hung like a horse, but with a turtle neck. eeek! listen men, we like it better cut!! just sayin. please continue ogling.

  12. Um…I’m ready. Thank you god for this one. I’ll take it.

  13. Snooch

    Guy looks like a fag yo.

  14. Sherry

    Omg. Yum.

  15. Sarah

    Personally, I would notice him even if he weren’t in Twilight. I think he’s gorgeous and again personally, I don’t quite understand why commenters would waste their own time if they are just going to diss him. Just seems silly to me.

    Regardless, I find him gorgeous. His body is buff without being gross, I actually like pale skin on certain guys and his eyes are dead sexy. Plus, in interviews with him, he seems like someone I would actually find approachable and fun to talk to, unlike many celebs.

  16. Tate

    “Um…I’m ready. Thank you god for this one. I’ll take it.”

    Wow. You’re thinking God over shirtless pictures? If there is a God, I don’t think God cares about you touching yourself. It amazes me that people actually pray to God and thank God for something so trivial. Thanking God for these pictures is like thanking God for taking a dump.

  17. he makes my cornhole throb

  18. Jackback

    Remember Daniel Radcliffe? Of course you don’t. This guy will be forgotten with in a year. Also…. lol at the person who said he is buff. He is probably 5’10 140lbs. He is not buff, 95% of college guys who go bar hopping would break that twig in half.

  19. le fag

    @16, my grandmother — may she RIP — used to thank God for her morning visits to the bathroom. why not thank God for all the little blessings in life? if it makes you happy, why not thank the almighty for giving us the things that give us joy… or in my grandma’s case, relief.

  20. Valerie

    Funny today! : D Nice pelvis, Pattinson.

  21. Tom Cruise

    #18, I wouldn’t mind trying to break his twig in my half…

  22. Sweet Cheeks (HIV +)

    I get down on my belly for him in an instant.

  23. Tricia

    @e-rock: Intact penises (penii?) are the way to go, and over 80% of the men in the world are intact by the way, with no complaints from us international women. I’d much rather enjoy a whole penis than a keratinized, de-sensitized ‘compact’ model that has fewer functions. ;-)

  24. RedFantaGirl

    I think he’s delicious. And I’m so fucking tired of people saying he’s pale. He is supposed to be that pale because of the character. All the actors of the Twilight movies have to avoid the sun and on top of that have to wear heavy makeup to give them milky white skin.

  25. Tucker Jay

    Nice looking. Nothing special.

  26. Erica

    Thank you, Superficial Writer! Thank you. Why, yes, I am a girl…How did you know? ::puzzlement::

  27. MaryJane

    @19 LMAO that cracked me up, it reminds me of my grandma “Gloria Dios!” LOL!

    -and don’t hate on me but I only find him attractive as the Vamp, seeing him in normal pics is like ..meh…

    —Oh gawd I’m such a loser! >.<

  28. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    How the heck can girls and women get so excited over a guy that doesn’t take baths? Gee.

  29. Alli Watermelon

    This guy is not hot. I don’t get it. Good movie though (Twilight)!

  30. Funeral Guy

    Quit posting pictures of dudes. That is all.

  31. lizzy

    this guy is gross. i think everyone needs to get over it and move on. he’s overrated.

  32. oh noez


    Right. Like that poster is seriously praying to god. WTF is wrong with you? I mean, besides your mental retardation?


    Hm. How can people be just as infatuated with cartoonish tits etc? Golly.

  33. April

    #27 I agree, only as Edward is he attractive. I think Pattinson is too hairy.

  34. ChunkyMonkey

    Well this certainly does nothing to quash the stereotype about pale Brits.

    Or maybe he’s just a racist son of a bitch and wants to be as white as possible.

  35. emjay

    he is yummy…and I’m not 12

  36. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    you fucking weird Americans are the ones who are circumcised you, Muslims and Jews yes Pattinson won’t have had his foreskin snipped off, won”t have the lack od sensitivity that having it removed brings, WOW poor Pattinson doesn’t please some ugly American bitch – WOE is HIM I am sure – NOT!!

  37. Puh lease! back by popular demand? Ill let you into a little secret, chics are into what guys are into…ill bet this post wont reach 90post in 24 hours…

  38. mikeock

    fucking pan face

  39. Lori

    Thanks Superficial Guy-now I know your up on whats goin on in the world today—and to all you haters???????? WHAT THE FUCK????? If anyone has read the books or seen the movie Rob is hot because he OOOOZZEESS Sexuality! This guy is so NOT arrogant or cocky-he is completely embarrassed of all this attention and it makes him even MORE appealing! And he’s supposed to be white cuz he’s a blood sucking vampire-and Ever hear of Jim Morrison? thats who Rob should play next…..

    If you hate him then don’t fucking click on his picture you major league douche bags! Go back and stare at your hot “Cameron Diaz’s or Justin Timberlakes” and leave the Rob lovers alone!

  40. thebigkahuna

    i want him on top of me.

  41. Rinoa

    I’m not a young teenage girl and yet I think he’s super hot. Thanks for the pics. ;)

  42. angie

    Oh the naughty things i wanna do to him.. Thank you for posting these delicious pictures.

  43. Guido

    I like how they air brushed his ab muscles onto him..The guy is a twig and can’t act.

  44. Angry

    He is so hot. I would suck him all nite.

  45. forl


  46. Kathleen

    He`s sexy!!

  47. Lauren

    I’d fuck the shit out of him.

  48. AAhhh...


  49. Ananana


    :’D that was fun.. ok, go back to your little corner, listening to tokyo hotel and hoping for edward to appear at your window, off you go!!

    Jesus Christ on a stick, those shoes are UGLY!

  50. lala

    Thank you! I love this post! I want more Rob Pattinson pictures/Twilight pictures!

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