Robert Pattinson shirtless-ness continues

May 28th, 2009 // 121 Comments

Here’s some more pics from the set of New Moon in Italy because I know how you ladies like seeing Robert Pattinson unencumbered by a shirt. You may now begin fantasizing about him being so sensitive he’ll take you to Olive Garden without expectations of a handjob on the ride home. Ha! Science fiction is craaazy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. E!

    Mmm. He’s fantastic, but Bella is fug.

  2. Kate

    I cant get enough. He’s so yummy. xoxo

  3. Kate

    No….wait….delicious. xoxo

  4. Ali

    Anyone else notice the size of that boy’s shoes?

    Seriously… I bet Robert Pattinson is like the new Milton Berle, only BIGGER.

  5. All homosexuals and even some hetero-girls like this picture.
    but let’s be honest: IT ARE THA FAGGOTS WHO DO IT, folks!!

  6. celebs love me

    I don’t mean to be negative but all I can think about when I look at these shots is previous reports that he doesn’t like to shower and smells awful. I don’t care how hot a guy is, if he stinks, that’s a deal breaker (ladies). Also, has anyone noticed his moles….connect the dots anyone?

  7. Seriously, the chick has some curves… Guy? what guy?… lol

  8. Jordan

    Just to let you all know…the abs and chest are airbrushed on

    Move Rob aside…I want to see more of Kristen’s ass…sweet lord

    That ass isn’t airbrushed

  9. ella

    i never understood why men feel obligated to comment below pictures of women, today i do! that guy makes me want to stay in bed all day

  10. a

    he totally ruined the movie . the chick is plain but cute at least..
    hes just . sLFKJASLFKJAS%!

  11. Lyla


  12. Ananana

    @ all you guys who say he’s a fag:

    I would rough-fuck the homo right out of him. multiple times. and then some more just because he’s in fucking twilight…

  13. Suzie

    hmmm…I didn’t think I was into him, but I must admit I was quite turned on by these pix!! He’s looking really good, I wanna see the movies now ;)

  14. Nero

    Has he been standing here shirtless,teeth chattering,all night? I’ll guess the girl came to warm him up.

  15. Amazing how many of you ladies have yet to mature past 14…

  16. Darth

    Teeth chattering is a good way to keep the vampire teeth sharp.

  17. HoneyBee

    “its some hoes in this house” – joe budden

  18. HoneyBee

    For the record, I think Robert Pattinson was MUCH hotter playing the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. He was so hot and his hair was not this greasy.


    One stone cold nappy headed hoe! aka HoneyBee

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  20. female

    He is only hot to 12 year olds. and god knows why. Maybe they’re all blind?

    LOLING HARD @ Bree

  21. AteIsEnough

    His skin is white, translucient and moley. I’ve read he stinks ’cause he doesn’t shower, and his “brooding” look sorta’ resembles the cro-magnon look or the look of “DUH…dum-dee-dum”. That’s suppose to be “hot”??

  22. Patty

    Sweet KISS! just heard that the first dating between them was on some tall dating place ___T a l l m i n g l e . C O M___ ,really?

  23. Voracious

    What kind of SICK FUCK wants to see 14 year olds making out?

  24. Dude-man

    is it just me or does he have more moles/freckles over his body than should be humanly possible? I wouldn’t have a clue, but maybe it has something to do with the story? Maybe Mormopires (see what i did there?) have moles that power their mormopire-sparkly-in-the-sunlight power? I’m so confused.

  25. RandomNigel

    DO. NOT. WANT.
    Really? Why does everyone think he’s so gorgeous?
    He’s a three, at best.

  26. A non pasty, yet non orange brit. Figure that one out


    The British aren’t all blindingly white. Some are even orange.

  27. IO

    the post by auto-spammer carrie is one of the funniest things i’ve ever read. Somehow.. I just can’t help it ???? watch your behavior ???

    by the way Ananana, I can’t work out if you’re a deluded man, or a deluded woman

  28. e-rock

    Some of you people are little slow, so I will explain. The dots are to sensor his movements for CGI-diamonds they will put on his skin thru special effects. Those are NOT MOLES. Silly people.
    He is hot, hot, and HOT in these pics. But it seems like he is only hot without his shirt on. I see pics of him with his shirt on, not so much. 50/50 here. in other words, he should always be shirtless. just me? continue ogling.

  29. I never found him to be particularly hot but these photos are convincing me otherwise. Perhaps its the sensible shoes…

  30. yawn

    i would think since the guy has ice cold hands any time he touched her back she would jump a little bit.. like startled.. that’s how it works for me….. movies… so unrealistic….. hot or not who cares… that guy’s getting more ass than you could imagine.. good for him =)

  31. Jen

    I’ve given up trying to pretend he’s not sexy. He broke me.

    Now, what I’d like to know is – are they fucking off screen too?

  32. Alli Watermelon

    SHE’S pretty, but a little awkward. She always plays some awkard/uncomfortable role (EVEN IN LIFETIME MOVIES lol). He’s just…I don’t know…just not appealing to the eyes. Well, at least not MY eyes anyway. I just want to scream, HOLY MOLY when I see him.

  33. Alli Watermelon

    #79 Ohhh! Then I take back my HOLY MOLY comment! Hahaha! You’re so smart :)

  34. Oh no you didn't...

    Fucking clown shoes…

  35. julia

    both of them should die!!!!! i hate them those fucktards total ruined the twilight series. i love the book’s but i will never watch another movie about twilight

  36. J

    too #25
    Ha! i wish 90% of teenagers looked like that!

  37. Rei Imnc

    Watch Out!
    She’s about to knee you right in your nads!

  38. Rei Imnc

    Watch Out!
    She’s about to knee you right in your nads!

  39. Rei Imnc

    Watch Out! She’s about to knee you right in your nads!

  40. Rei Imnc

    okay i pushed the button to many times

  41. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i used to hate him but seeing them like that is soo cute

  42. helene

    #37 and #45-I’m so with you on this one. Especially re: sense of humor. He absolutely knows how screwed up this Twilight mess is, and rolls his eyes at it. I loved him in ‘Harry Potter” (I thought he was more watchable and interesting than Daniel Radcliffe-sorry dude), and he’s one of the only reasons to watch ‘Twilight’. Heaven knows it isn’t Kristen Stewart-bless her, she’s baked on a regular basis, and has a terrible attitude.

    He’s a little young for me at forty, but I’d still do him. Repeatedly. And yeah I’m a female. Sorry if I offended anyone by talking like a guy, but what a surprise! I love sex! Wow, who knew women liked sex? And that they had opinions?(BTW there would be an extra hand job, or ANY sexual act, to stay the hell OUT of Olive Garden, are you listening Rob?).

  43. woo

    okay for real, i need a few moments to myself..

    myyy god, he’s stunning


  45. Heather

    I’m 23. I hate Twilight. That being said i would fuck his brains out. He doesnt even need to bring me to olive garden.
    I love his pastiness. mmm.

  46. joshesmama

    Some people just should not be allowed to take off the shirts.

  47. Charkie

    I only needed to get to picture #6 to confirm my answer of no, as in no way jose, there are men far hotter than him. I agree with whoever said he’s a three at best.

  48. lulz

    #37,45,93 = Samefag

  49. Janny

    Honestly Outside Of Twilight Hes Gross. His Hair Is A Mess And He Looks Sick. Ew. And Twilight Isnt Much Better. I Really Dont Understand Why Its So Great. But Hey! Dorky Girls Can Get Sparkly Vampires Any Day!

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