Robert Pattinson really hates that vagina

February 19th, 2010 // 66 Comments

Details just released more shots from their 10th Anniversary Issue featuring Robert Pattinson, and these pics really aren’t doing the Twilight franchise any favors. This is clearly a man not happy to be in a room full of naked vaginas, and there’s no way you can pass off the look on his face as “wistfully dreaming of his bride-to-be.” He looks like a kid home from college being told the pan flute isn’t a “real major.”

NOTE: Full size versions are NSFW.

Photos courtesy of Details

  1. Wonder

    full images are with stars!

  2. Jeff

    First and Eric R. Sucks balls.

  3. PunkA

    I knew Kristen Stewart didn;t have a vagina. KNEW IT.

  4. WishingTheStarsWereGone

    Hey your coding is flawed. Trying to view the NSFW images and as I click on them to remove the stars ACK they still remain.

    Good Job… Fire the fucktard who’s running your HTML and HTTP and .NET coding. It is clear that this person has no idea what the fuck he/she is doing to constantly have this mistake happen!

  5. bexy90

    Just click again idiots and the stars disappear….

  6. DragonKatt

    The last two picks are beyond creepy!

  7. DragonKatt


  8. Katze

    You know, horny naked woman smells odd. Maybe even you wouldn’t like it, at least not so many hours in a row.

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ugly fetish threesome. Next

  10. Em

    Vagina-hater or not, I just have to say:

    Could this photo shoot be any more ridiculously stupid? Nevermind the naked chicks – they’re perfectly fine – but what the hell is the point? Certainly not artistic expression. Nice “portrait” in the last shot. Seriously, wtf? Never picked up a Details magazine, and in no rush to do so.

  11. Bob

    details should’ve saved themselves some money and just left the girls in the magazine. no need for that patt-overrated-asshole-isson

  12. Truthsayer

    Next thing you know, Robert Pattinson will say that Jesus was gay, too.

  13. Fati87

    Mmm, me like..

  14. Alpha Pablo

    This guy always looks like he smells of armpit and stool.

  15. Erica

    Interestingly enough, I have never found him attractive until this photoshoot. Maybe it’s the vaginas.

  16. Wolf

    I think this photoshoot illustrated his words perfectly: he’s bored with women. that’s why everyone is naked except him, and they’re never “touching”, and he looks uninterested.

    the picture of his face in the wall looks weird. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like he’s about to GIVE someone head? look at it.

    I still like him. I think he’s a cool guy. and you never know if he’s using his words to throw off the endless middle age women that follow him around, or if he means them. forget the teenies, those crazies that follow him around that you read about everywhere are well over 40. creepy shit.

  17. sasha

    What a bunch of boring meaningless photos. Here’s a magazine that deserves to go under.

  18. Covert Koala

    Wow, even Adam Lambert could fake being interested in boobs. I think we need to contemplate the possibility that Pattinson doesn’t find humans attractive, hide your livestock.

  19. titsonsnack

    Hahaha what a retarded photoshoot.

  20. Megan

    These particular women are just not attractive whatsoever. Their bodies are boring – skinny and nothing more to it. These pictures are really quite uninteresting. I’d be bored shitless, too, if I were him.

  21. dontneedone

    i like the photoshoot especially the models

  22. Covert Koala

    Everybody knows naked chicks are ten times as fun as clothed ones, this guy is not interested in women.

  23. Jeffrey Dahmer

    It’s a old British joke. Allergies make you swell.

  24. Jeffrey Dahmer

    It’s a old British joke. Allergies make you swell.

  25. Diana

    he didn;t show his cock at all in the shoot??

    This is just such a waste!!!!!!



  27. Rachell

    This is the stupiest photo shoot I’ve ever seen. What are they trying to get across exactly? It’s like someone’s trying to shoot for something artistic and it just comes off as stupid and pretentious.

  28. gogov

    @28 agreed.
    this is fucking retarded, who is this hack photographer?

    the playboy so-much-action-im-bored-with-it angle is about as creating as slow jacking on chat roulette.

    but that brunette is smokin’ hot. +2 internets to her.

  29. Enna

    Yeah. The photo shoot is boring, pretentious, and self-congratulatory. “Look how clever we are!” “This is art, you commoners!”

    Yeah right.

    By the way, Pattinson’s face looks like it got hit with the back side of a frying pan. Smashed flat.

  30. gtht

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  31. Wolf

    The photoshoot is perfectly clear! He’s bored with women. fits in with his quotes. look at it, naked women trying to get his attention but he does nothing. that’s what it means.

  32. Maudina

    I so don’t get the concept behind that photoshoot anyway. I think Pattinson should have been naked and the girls clothed, after all he’s the famous one. If we want to see 2 anonymous skinny chicks make out, there are better magazines to buy!

  33. Jeff

    ick those broads are fuckin gross

  34. libby straton


    Pattinson looks disinterested because he knows that every cooter photo will send a tingle up the spines of a thousand 13-year-old screaming girls and likely their grandmothers. I’m sure the fame get annoying, because he’s not an attention whore like Lady Gaga and wants to be seen as a serious actor, not the pretty boy who signs autographs. He might even pull out of the fourth film to avoid the fiasco.

    Leonardo Di Caprio hated Titanic because of the cute boy image he received. He even ran away from a crowd of screaming girls who ripped his shirt.

    If I were Pattinson I would do everything short of giving head to keep the fans disinterested. These pics have the titillation of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I see rich people, their stuff, a few customary high class hookers – and a very peeved looking man. Sigh.

    By the way, I liked Twilight. But I’m not about to scream at the guy or make his life hell.

  35. captain america

    this is a nice coincidence.
    …………..WE HATE FAGGOTS, like him, TOO!!

  36. bmose

    I’m on vampires that look like plastic Abercrombie fags. I thought undead bloodsucking monsters were supposed to scare you.

  37. brandy008

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  38. Renate

    The Photos are bad except the Cover. The Photographer sucks. Rob’s Joke was great. It shows how awkward and shy and embarrassed he felt. And to all the HATERS …..STFU

  39. spinal

    What the hell? How miserable. T-minus 2.5 years before this dude pulls a Heath Ledger.

    I’m calling it early.

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  41. Lizzy

    I agree with all of you. This photoshoot should have never have happened, it is revolting and tasteless. He just looks embarassed and has the “wish I was at home having a nice warm cuppa” expression on his face. What or who made him do this should be ashamed of themselves. I think the expression he used when he said the had an allergy to vaginas, what he really meant was that they give his penis a reaction, as in swellilng, only a Brit can understand another Brit´s sense of humour. That has been blown well out of proportion and he may well pay a price for this comment. The girls look like absolute whores, there is no art involved in these pics, they are degrading and appauling. Good luck to him…

  42. The Topiary Cow

    Agree with Lizzy. Poor guy. Must have been a horrible day, probably those people were as boring as shit.

    Bet he’ll screen his photo-shoots a lot more carefully in the future. He’s new in the business and still learning, give him a break.

  43. Mikka

    maybe if there were more testosterone there… he would look happier

    i dunno .. big naked suntanned guy

  44. Kate

    1. It’s a a British joke.(my bf is a brit) Vagina allergies make you swell, which make you wanna rub it…etc.

    2. I want their shoes!!!

    3. The brunette could make me switch teams for a while…actually my bf would like that. Dirty Brits! lol

  45. Elisa

    I don’t think that he was joking, he was seriously about he’s words, “I hate vaginas” more clear it couldn’t be… so if he doesn’t like vaginas, what he likes then?… of course he’s gay! What this guy have to do to make you see it?

    Plus it was obvios that his relationships with Kristen Stewart was fake, she’s ugly… everything its marketing, but he couldn’t shut up to sream to the whole world that he hates vaginas.

  46. What a retarded photoshoot.

  47. whoprey

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