Robert Pattinson photographed with Joe Jonas’ girlfriend

December 1st, 2008 // 70 Comments

Cashing in on his success playing a brooding metaphor for Mormonism in Twilight, Robert Pattinson took actress Camilla Belle (10,000 BC) out for lunch yesterday in Venice, California. One catch: Camilla is dating Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Turns out purity rings are no substitute for a non-celibate penis. Ouch. That said, you know who’s probably more upset about this? Jesus. But only because of his deep, factual hatred of the British. (Thinks they’re “kinda gay.”)

Scope out Celebuzz for the complete set of exclusive Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle photos.


  1. kat

    she looks like she’s related to the jonas brothers…weird.

  2. Astrid


  3. John

    He’s hot. If she is smart she would dump that Jonas dumb ass for Robert.

  4. Sadly, she looked in the mirror and thought this outfit would be a winner.

  5. Doh'd

    So sad that you guys equate ‘lunch’ with ‘sex’, no wonder you’re all so skinny.

  6. Yanks are Wank

    I know this boy he has the most insufferable auntie Diana. YUCK!

  7. Sheesh

    Wow, a boy and a girl have an afternoon together and don’t even touch once. I for one am shocked!

  8. Twilight confirms what I have always believed…all Mormons are secretly blood sucking vampires that will follow you to the ends of the earth rather than give you a freaking moment of peace. Jesus Ate Christ, I said no thank you and good day. Stop knocking on my door.

  9. Gerald_Tarrant

    The disturbing part of this pic is that Pattinson has already admitted to not washing his hair, and then he puts the arm of his glasses in his mouth? Dude, how does your hair grease taste? I’ll bet that makes for wonderful breath. Oh wait, British, so he doesn’t brush/floss either. Nevermind.

  10. John

    #5, seriously right? What is she wearing??

  11. A couple of more heartbreaks like this, Joe Jonas will be force to come to the dark side! then will go on a rampage for all the time lost!

  12. Annonyononymouse

    mmmmmm two beautiful people! now THEY should definitely date

  13. Whos their father Ned Flanders?

  14. Suzie Q

    My…what big feet you have Robert…

  15. Suzie Q

    My…what big feet you have Robert…


    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…wha? what? oh…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. steve chen

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  18. LiLa

    This bushy browed gorilla is a fucking whore… She’s been in like 1 fucking movie about a prank caller and that makes her a celebrity? I don’t get it. She’s no where near beautiful or even attractive. I’m not sure who I hate more. Her or that other emo bitch that starred in Twilight. Krista Stewart or some shit. Both bitches need to be ran over by Lindsay and Brandon Davis

    Now this Robert Pataki or whatever the hell his name is, I don’t get what people’s infatuation is with him. He’s fucking ugly as hell. His face is hella annoying, and not only does he look dirty as shit, he looks like he stinks terribly.

  19. denise

    hey #3
    go peddle your stupid fucking website somewhere else
    you always say the same shit,
    no original thoughs huh!!?!?!

  20. Bob

    Maybe they were just discussing how much they didnt like the Jonas brothers… I seem to have that conversation quite a bit…

    And yes, she does look like she is related to the Jonas bros… scary.

  21. david

    Sweet couple! just heard that the first dating between them was on some tall dating place ___T all min gle. c o m___ ,really?

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    Camilla Belle looks like Mary Steenburgen, at the age that Mary Steenburgen currently is.

  23. Aja

    OK everybody! Hold on to your hats! I’m going to make a statement of earthshattering importance! OK, get ready, here goes:

    I’m going to quit my dayjob as a crackwhore because – are you ready? – I just got work in a porn movie as A THREE-HOLER!!!

    Pretty great huh? What do you think? I’m so happy I’m going to go out and give away some freebies to the winos sleeping it off in the dumpster out back!


  24. me

    Actually Rob has been friends with her for a long time- they have been supposedly dating for ever now- but really they are just friends.. Sorry all you hoe Jonas fans!

    YAY for Rob still being single!

  25. me

    if its true about big feet- i will stalk rob forever.. LOOK AT THEM!

  26. Ted from LA

    They are in CA? He must be planning to rob a bank after lunch.

  27. lol @23 youre letting your clones gets to ya!

    anyways post a pic, i need to see if youre porn worthy!

  28. hendero

    who’s the homeless guy?

  29. bob

    From where does Hollywood get this endless stream of douches?

    Jonas Brother, Robert Partrihonson…etc


  30. Cartman

    Never heard of either one of them.

  31. Christina

    she’s definatley a skinny skank, but because he’s male and not like “real life” ugly, I’d totally give him the pleasure of doing him

  32. Ras Malfoof

    Pattinson’s character is a brooding metaphor for Mormonism? I must have missed something here. Oh, I get it….it’s because Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight books) is Mormon.

    No, I still don’t get it.

  33. Jake

    @27 Don’t you know proper usage of “you’re” and “your” has no place on the internet?

    This has to be the most retarded “celeb” story I can remember reading. First of all, no one actually knows if she’s dating Jonas boy. Second, if this is what it looks like to date RP, there are going to be a lot of seriously disappointed 13 year old girls. And Camilla Belle’s wiki page actually lists him as one of her good friends.

    So what have we learned? Just because a girl will buy a greasy hobo lunch doesn’t mean she wants to date him.

  34. Alissa Landsone

    Damnit I was going to comment on this breaking news, but I forgot both the comment and why this was breaking news! Anyway, I see that Mr. Superfish has started running ads all over the freaking place…this is truly a sign that there is a recession on

  35. crazypants

    Wow, they weigh like 200lbs between the pair of them. And they look homeless and unwashed. So that’s hawt.

  36. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    I’d hit it. The chick. Not the briton. ONE IF BY LAND TWO IF BY SEA

  37. British girl

    That is a bad picture of her. Shes actually really pretty. Too pretty for greasy Robert Pattinson.

  38. Hefe

    he’s raking in the bucks as this new vampire & he still can’t afford a jacket that fits?


    i’d bang the stupid out of that empty-headed broad though.

  39. nananana

    Camila is the worst actess on the planet, has anybody else seen ‘the quiet’ with Elisha Cuthburt, or Chumscrubber, she is beyond terrible

  40. umm

    There are so many things wrong with this blog post that i don’t even know where to start. Rude, inappropriate offensive to both people in the picture. But for the record they are not dating. They have been friends for a while. belle used to date pattinson’s best friend.

  41. Tylor

    Camilla and Robert used to date, plus they’ve been friends for a while.
    And I’m kinda thinking her and Joe dating is just a bit of a cover because Joe is secretly gay.

  42. Erica

    Robert is cute.

  43. Scout

    Umm is right, actually. Camilla and Robert NEVER dated. They became friends after she dated one of his friends. As for all these bitchy comments, I’ve seen her in person and I’m telling you that she’s pretty. And she’s not a skank.

    Regarding her acting abilities… OK, “The Quiet” sucked. ” But she is a capable actress when she’s given even half-decent parts. I’m sorry, but “Rip Girls” was an awesome Disney Original movie. Don’t even lie.

    On Robert, he’s hot, but I agree he needs to wash his damn hair and maybe cut it.

  44. this guy is way ugly

    this guy is way ugly

  45. redsonja1313

    Defintily thinking tapping the vampire nightly beats chastity belts and disney restrictions!!! Of course 8 million tweens just died a little

  46. lola richie

    American actors are chosen for being more attractive than average and for having a certain distinguishing trait or personality. Actors are not chosen for being beauty kings or queens. I think she looks absolutely lovely, but I don’t pay attention to teeny boppers so don’t hold me to it.

  47. F-Obama

    Yup, I’d fuck her.

  48. cia

    #18. freak. i bet u look loads better huh? thats why you’re not in any 50++million dollar grossing films right? how the hell do you know that he’s dirty? i bet you actually secretly been following news on him and thats how you know that he’s dirty. wow…. closet gay. come out already!!!

  49. radlad

    I don’t get the connection between Twilight and Mormonism….what’s the deal with that?

  50. steve chen

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