Robert Pattinson likes to smoke

July 1st, 2009 // 54 Comments

Since it’s basically been a bikini-fest today (A purposeful, Michael Jackson-free bikini fest!), I figured I’d post the latest shots of Robert Pattinson on the set of Remember Me in New York with Emilie de Ravin who divorced her husband immediately before filming started. Which is exactly what I’d do in her shoes. Along with threaten to sleep with “Edward” unless Twi-hards brought me coffee every morning and formed a lucrative network of pickpockets so I could retire at 30. Seriously, try and tell me that plan wouldn’t work. You can’t.


  1. godihatehim

    are you serious? edward cullen? HE’S A FREAKING FICTIONAL CHARACTER
    . i seriously hope he didn’t get kristen stewart pregnant… that would be a fag baby who has no acting skills.

  2. thank you for your post , can i digg ?

  3. Haspi

    lan bu 30 una gelmeden kalpten gider herhalde ,nas?lda içiyor ?ov yapa yapa artist! hehe. Lan gavur götürdün Bellay? he? hergele !

  4. I feel that the man on the planet? Definitely not. Although he is a bad guy sexy, mysterious sort of way. Do not be jealous of people we hate women on Megan Fox’s your passion? Yes, I have not taken a bath in a while he he but it seems that he just walked out of a plastic surgeon’s office may seem like mean!

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