Robert Pattinson & Kristen Steweart prove Twilight owns our entire f-cking universe

June 1st, 2009 // 108 Comments

For those of you who valued your eyes, faces and brainial region by avoiding the MTV Movie Awards, you missed watching those perpetually-stoned Twilight kids dominate the entire event. The pinnacle was Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart accepting the Best Kiss Award and then almost kissing – just like in the movie!. Oh, Edward!

On that note, these are now your most beautiful people, America, as dictated by 15-year-old girls with Internet access. At this time, I suggest you prepare yourself for when the terrorists completely dominate our country by dressing up like sensitive vampires who won’t even dry hump you. It’ll be that easy.

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  1. thay

    i ? twilight

  2. Fitnat

    robert is not a handsome man .I mean with that nose , eye brows, his mouth and he looks A bit dirty . As a girl i dont find him attractive at all! Kristen is sweet and cute but a bit moron behaviours; BUT i like her.

  3. Not Blind

    Well, I’m not a teenager, but I think they’re both gorgeous and very talented. I would like to remind everyone that these awards are voted on by the fans, and apparently Twilight, Rob, and Kristen are all very loved by the fans. Sounds like there are a LOT of angry, jealous people out there. Why?

  4. I have to agree Twilight is taking over the universe proves it every day.

  5. Rinisama

    She is a very pretty girl but I’m just not a fan of twilight. Sorry.
    And am I the only one who thinks he looks creepy? I don’t see what’s so attractive about him. At all. He has a weird shaped head to me……like some kinda cartoon.

    I mean more power to them for getting an award, just don’t see the point to Twilight. I mean a glittery vampire?……Really?

  6. stephnie peach

    dear stuey if you find this I under stand what you mean about fat wemen wearing three size small shirts I’ve witnessed this, it disturbes me and belive it or not I wear mine three sizes too big it’s alot more comfortable so all the fat twilighters who think they can fit in a medium get over your selves- your fat so what it’s not the end of the world just wear baggier cloths, god!!!

    and mandy you used my favorite word endevor and I’m proud of you I can’t use it correctly but I’m gonna continue on saying it any way!

    and ain’t!!!!!!!!!

    to all the people who hate me for useing the word ain’t and think I’m illiterate I’m laughing at you right now!

  7. Did you guys know that robert pattinson dosn’t wash his hair for 6 weeks and that is how he styles his hair! gross… jacobs hot roberts so not.

  8. It’s jealousy not Emilie that will drive the two apart. Kristen needs to stay away from the tabloids and not look at any of the photos. Rob’s only doing his job. The tabloids fabricate stories and twist the truth all the time. If Rob cares about her he will be there for her after filming Remember Me. If he’s not, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

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