Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart find drunken love

May 6th, 2009 // 70 Comments

While in Vancouver filming the Twilight sequel New Moon, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got their drunk on at a Sam Bradley show where someone with a camera phone caught them acting way more than just co-workers. I definitely believe these two hooked up because, honestly, what else is there to do after a night of drinking but get it on? Just ask the Big Mac I picked up after leaving the bar last night. I mean, the beautiful woman. Beautiful woman.

Scope Out (48) More Pics of Rob and Kristen’s Drunk Romance on Celebuzz


  1. Obi Wan

    it prob izzzzn’t even what it lookz like.

  2. Dani

    omg 2nd! robert pattionson is fug! don’t see the appeal….

  3. robynnn

    kristen stewart already has a boyfriend…..but i’m sure the twilight producers will love this free publicity!

  4. Mindy

    Like, O.M.G!!! thats earth shattering news right there

  5. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    And we should all care about this because. . .?

  6. Megatron

    It’s a show, yeah? Probably just too loud in there, had to speak closely to be heard.

  7. deluxxe

    kristen stewart is the blonde whale at the front right?

  8. Carmelo

    Check all the comments above, probably from fat chicks that dream on getting porked by Rob Pattinson, if they’re into each other great, who cares and if they’re not well great, who cares!

  9. Kate

    Kristen has an ex-boyfriend who was grinding up on chicks at MyHouse in LA on Friday. She and Rob are both single and it looks like are making each other VERY happy if fan accounts are anything to go by. Good for them.

  10. laura

    We all have eyes, we all see that Rob and Kristen are together
    anyone who doesn’t really needs glasses

  11. d0min0

    She’s hideous, her head is too big and her manly features are ugly. If they are indeed an item, well…., he’s way out of her league.

  12. Ali

    Totally together. Its really, really obvious as he’s never been snapped like this in the year he’s been famous. The only people who don’t see it are delusional Rob fans who want him to be a single virgin until he climbs in their bedroom and screws them in their fantasies. Come on, let the guy be happy. He had a crush on her he was open about for a year.

  13. J

    They are adorable, and definitely together

  14. laura


    You sound jealous of Kristen you know, do you want Rob for yourself, because you are too late, he is already in love

  15. Barb

    I can see the bitter Betty brigade is out in full force. He’s hot. She’s hot. They are young. Let them sex it up. Its fairly obvious at this point that its going on.

  16. Suz

    They are fucking. The end.

  17. laura

    Ali, and J I agree with you 100%, anyone who doesn’t believe they are together, well then I got some fake rolex watches I would like to sell you

  18. marcismommy

    Definitely together. Bout time girls realize he is a man and cannot wait for them to come of age. Good for them.

  19. d0min0

    14 not of her looks i’m not lol. all i’m saying is…. there are much better looking ladies out there.

  20. Samantha

    If Rob and Kristen are together good for them. They seem like they geniuinely enjoy spending time together. And this doesn’t seem like a casual hookup imo. Dig deeper, thesuperficial.

  21. Lizz

    d0min0, jealous much? She’s one of the most attractive girls ever you fat cow.

  22. d0min0

    oh course……… Not. i’m totally jealous of her buck teeth, man chin, fucked up nose, massive forehead, masculine jaw and her gorgeous feminine figure.. lol.
    you guessed it, i am totally a fat cow. :D

  23. Ali

    It doesn’t matter if you hate her looks. Rob obviously doesn’t. He’s the one fucking her and I’m sure he couldn’t care less if you don’t like it. The Rob fangirls who have to hate because he’s happy and screwing someone that isn’t them are a little nuts.

  24. laura

    D0min0 Kristen is just beautiful, and you don’t fall in love with someone just for the way they look, you fall in love with someone that you have feelings for/ you must be young.

  25. Steve

    He’s hot, she’s hot… I’d love to be in a yummy RK sandwhich!

    This has probably been in the works for a while… They’ve had time to become friends, and I think it may be more than the alcohol speaking.

  26. laura

    Oh Ali, the Rob fan girls make me laugh, they really believe that Rob will bite them, and they can have him all to themselves, oh those poor poor girls

  27. Dyan

    Rob doesn’t have predictable mating habits. He didn’t chat up Paris, Megan F., or Natalie. His ex-gf Nina is beautiful, but in a girl-next-door kind of way. He has his own tastes, which aren’t dictated to him by Maxim; Kristen may very well be beautiful to him (as she is to her fans).

  28. d0min0

    I am indeed young, but not that young. and love is about physical attraction to me, that’s the number one…, then the rest. oh and yup, i’m a 203lb fangirl. very true. you must be Kristen’s fangirl then?

  29. .

    11- “She’s hideous, her head is too big and her manly features are ugly. If they are indeed an item, well…., he’s way out of her league.”

    i hate to say it, cuz i dont like “rob” but holy crap you hit it right on the nose!
    even shes to f*ing ugly for anything to do with tv.

    who the hell said….you know what, i think this girl is perfiect?!

  30. James

    OMG! What are the tween girls gonna do now? Clearly, sending Pattinson their panties in the mail didn’t work.

  31. brizzle

    @Dyan – Meaningful post and so true..kudos :) They’re both attractive and look so cute together.

  32. Amy

    I would do him with a quickness.

    ………..this is a fact.

  34. didi

    She’s a lucky cow. Pattinson is perfection.

  35. g_girl

    didi, go to a specialist immiediatly.

  36. Darth

    I think nothing really happened because Kristen Steward seems to be surrounded by her sisters.Probably to keep a close eye on her.Is she from a good family?

  37. lol@ 27 whats his favorite color? Id like to be a witness when you get Rammed by reality (equivalent of a Mack truck of course)

  38. They can lick each others balls until the cows come home for all I care!! Twilight sucks cock, the screenplay writer should be shot and pissed on and none of the actors have talent!!

  39. This is awesome news!!! And by that I of course mean I could give a flying fuck…

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  41. matilda jeffries

    imma kill a bitch

  42. Rennes

    “kristen stewart is the blonde whale at the front right?”

    I’d hit it.

  43. zippy

    I just saw all the pics. they looks like friends to me. these pics prove nothing

  44. Delgo

    Vampires can’t reproduce, sillies.

  45. I just have to say

    The brunette with the long wavy dark brown hair in most of th other pics (next to the blond) is the hottest thing ever. The Kristen chick looks like a rat next to her… or anyone.

  46. Anon Y. Mous

    from the looks of this picture, the show was held at a Hot Topic store. hey-oh!

  47. B

    What is that THING in the foreground? LAY OFF I’M STARVING.

  48. gigi

    who cares. twilight is a stupid fad. the books are crap. stephanie meyer cant write worth shit. the only reason anyone read twilight in the first place is because the cover looks cool. they just made the movie to make money off brain-dead teenage girls. twilight is probably the most pathetic pop culture phenomenon in recent history…get a fucking brain and stop drooling over a fucking fictional vampire, dumbasses. grow the fuck up.

  49. rrc


  50. Heather

    Excuse me but Robert is not Fug!!!! He is beautiful!!

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