Robert Pattinson knocked up Kristen Stewart?

July 7th, 2009 // 95 Comments

Seen here on their respective film sets last week, Kristen Stewart is rumored to be carrying Robert Pattinson’s child, according to NY Daily News:

An “insider” quoted by Australia’s New Weekly says, “When [Stewart] worked out she was late, she obviously started to thinking that she could be pregnant. And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father.”
The gossip mag also reports she had a friend buy a home pregnancy test for her, and that she is “very nervous about the whole situation.”
The article is accompanied by a photo of Stewart with a tiny round belly protruding from her pants on the set of her upcoming film “The Runaways,” in which she plays rocker Joan Jett.

I posted some pics of Kristen on the set of The Runaways, and I dunno. I’d like to believe these two are smart enough to use contraception, but if not, I’m pretty sure the producers of Twilight have a mobile abortion center for just such an occasion. No, really, those guys probably have a better response time than a SWAT team. “The what broke?! We’ll be there in five! — Cashcow popped another one in What’s Her Face. Ready the chopper, boys!”

Photos: Flynet

  1. sage

    hehe.. these gossip column people are getting worst! lol! lousy news!

  2. Frankie!

    Personally, I think she’s very pretty, but she looks weird in those pics… actually pretty bad.
    And I think ALL OF THIS is just for movie promotion… i think, i think.


    THEY CAN NAME IT RENESMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lola

    Seriously?? A mobile abortion team? Sick…. like murder on wheels. You’ve had better jokes.

  5. Mo

    LOL at the Unborn ad under this post.

  6. Mo

    LOL at the Unborn ad under this post.

  7. emjay

    This story is total BS. What belly? And Kristen is actually really cute but these photos are of her character as Joan Jett so cut her some slack. Most actresses would opt for a wig when faced with getting a mullet haircut but she went for the real deal. I give her props.

    And for all you that say you don’t care about them and twilight then stop posting comments on the subject. If no one cares then they won’t post these stories. Like duh or something

  8. emjay

    oh and even tho the story is dumb… Rob is hot so thanks for the pics Superficial Writer. Thank you indeed

  9. James

    How many girls is this guy fucking? Exactly ZERO. Why? Because he’s a homo, and only you Twilight tween fucks out there are too deluded to see it. I’m a fag. I know my own kind. And believe me, this dude is, without a doubt, playing for my team. I just hope we can trade him at some point.

  10. Sharpton for President, 2012! Whistle got Wooooooo!!!

    This snaggle-toothed English fuck couldn’t bang his way out of a wet paper bag… unless there was a Chippendale’s dancer just outside the bag.

    Still, I’d love to find out that this fucker just pissed away half of his earnings for the next 18 years on child support! PWNED, you faggot!

  11. SoTe

    yeah, right.

  12. Angarano4ever

    this is so fake. i hate for them to deal with rumors like this. they are so sweet and innocent. i have a hard time beliving this mag. wait till they say if its true before you get all crazy about it. it sounds like breaking dawn all over again.

  13. Angarano4ever

    this is so fake. i hate for them to deal with rumors like this. they are so sweet and innocent. i have a hard time beliving this mag. wait till they say if its true before you get all crazy about it. it sounds like breaking dawn all over again.

  14. Faith+1

    Of course it’s fake… The shadows are all wrong!

  15. Someone who knows better

    Can I just say I was so disappointed when they cast KS to play Bella. I mean could they have found a more unattractive / inappropriate person to cast. I’m sorry but she did act very well in this role and I so did not get the feeling that she is in love with him. Think how much more money they studio could have made had they put a slightly more attractive person up on that screen who was a bit more believable. I recon more guys probably would have gone to see the movie if both leads were attractive.

  16. lulubean

    What in the WORLD is up with her hair? That’s just gross.

  17. js

    I wish u people wud stop wiv the hate comments! Bothered much!! Jelousy i think. I think this story is bollocks i mean there not even 2getha. It makes me sick some of these crap stories u people come up wiv! I dnt know why people just dnt leave them both alone. N i agree her hair looks awful but i think she gt some guts getting it cut especially 4 her role. Good n u kristen. N rob is GORGEOUS!!!

  18. Robert I think the news is funny!!! You a good guy right? But if that true dont aborsion that baby just married with Kristen. OK?

  19. captain america

    let’s hope not, folks.

  20. Richa

    FUCK THE MEIDA!!!!! They will say N E THING to capture attention… DOUCHES!!!! This is obviously not true whatsoever b/c the media consists of people who dont have a life and want to ruin others. Friggin hoes

  21. twlight fan

    These comments are completely tasteless! The article is just as tasteless!”Ready the chopper” .. really? If she is pregnant, that is between her and him .. or whoever the father might be. They are both adults with good incomes … would it be so wrong if there were a baby? But the truth is, they probably aren’t together and there probably is no baby!

  22. gotmilk?

    no, 71, what’s tasteless is the lack of proper english and horrific spelling in posts 67 & 68.

  23. Renee

    what a fucking dumb ass,

    Has this idiot ever heard of a condom. He (or his agent) should of been smart enough to know that now that he is super famous- that women will do anything to trap him.

    Hell (message to the men on this site), This can happen to you too, even if you are not famous. If is VERY COMMON for women to get knocked up in order to trap a man that she may feel would leave her otherwise.

    So strap it up, or shut up, because there is no excuss anymore- we do not live in the 1800′s. Everyone knows how to use protection.

  24. Kealoha

    Alright people, stop bashing Kristen Stewart already! She is actually an attractive person, and even if she wasn’t, you shouldn’t say such things anyway. it’s not like anyone can help how they look up to an extent. Sure her hair isn’t great at the moment, but she did it for her next film which is really impressive. I agree with you on that #57, and about the twilight bashing comments.

    On another note, I never thought Robert Pattinson was attractive until twilight, he was waaaaaay to white for my tastes but since he was supposed to be pale in twilight due to him being a vamp, it worked for me. But now with all this exposure about his life, I can only see him as a total DOG. I hate guys who mistreat women! It is cruel to mess with people. And he smokes so that’s another huge minus there. Twilight fan or not, I do not like him anymore.

  25. Jaimi

    I may be jealous that she got to be with Robert, but I will still admit that
    I think she is pretty, the joan jett get up doesn’t help or anyhting but she
    *is* pretty. I’m kinda surprised at all the negative comments about her…

  26. SHAWTY

    This artical is totally off.besides who cares about who he fucks thats his business…….not that i support it but some ppl just can’t keep there heads in there own fucking business

  27. Aristotrash

    Um, “tiny round belly”? WTF? Yeah, no. And women don’t show for a couple of months anyway. This story is so implausible, I don’t know where to even begin …

  28. Meredith

    Rob you are nuts for dumping Kristen. If she is pregnant you need to take responsibility for that baby. You and Kristen is gorgeous and Emili is not. Dump emeili go back to Kristen. She love you and you are souldmates and you know its true. I think breaking up with her was a big mistake. Aspecialy now that you guys will be going back into production for eclipse. Tell Kriten you are sorry pls.


  29. Ashley

    To all of you who say that the crew could have made more money if they had a more ‘attractive’ star up there:

    Kristen was casted because of her amazing acting ability. Rob himself said that he only did the movie because she was in it. So it does’t matter about her physical features, because you know what, it’s people like that who aren’t hypocrites and have plastic surgery and boob implants done on them. And if you still think that the would have made more money with a “prettier” woman, what do you expect the crowd to be? A punch of porn crazed teens? Besides, Bella was to be an average girl, not a Jessica Alba. And Kristen portrayed what an average girl looks like, not your preppy cheerleaders, but the girls in the middle that are the real jewels.

  30. People, don’t buy this b.s. Look at the link above at the 3:00 point. THIS IS TOTAL BS. Just as quickly as Robert rose to fame and fortune, the enemies from within are trying to ruin him.

    These two care for each other and like one another for their personalities. They are not shallow and fell in love with the inside first. Robert has on 3 occasions spoken about being a one man woman, inexperienced and celibate devout Catholic.

    They know that they have plenty of time to develop their careers and will wait for one another BECAUSE unlike most people, Robert cares about his reputation, hers and not shaming his family. He has conducted himself well in view of the sudden fame and lies out there. He also has been kind to the fans (search it on You Tube).

    Robert Pattinson is a sweet and decent guy who is in it for the acting NOT the tail. Some people with values and principles ACTUALLY care who they share their bodies and souls with ….The pigs and the far left in Hollywood don’t get it, this young man has self-control and is a true romantic. He has to be in love, like, admire, respect and cherish the person to get intimate. He is not a player. Look at these vids to see how close they are. The haters are trying to dirty up a beautiful thing and cheapen it. Shame on all of you who buy these rags and lies!

  31. RomanticFool

    Below is the link that Rob Pattinson discusses his beliefs and convictions about waiting for the right woman and being a Catholic. Frankly, he is to be admired. In a cynical world, he has managed to remain a nice young man.

    Hollyweird should get their heads out of the gutter and the media, paparazzi and reporter scums should get a real job and not make up lies. SHAME ON ANYONE WHO BUYS THIS GOSSIP RAGS. If people would just do on to others as they would want done…the world would be a better place.

    Our kids have been sexed up enough by the liberals in this country. The result is more teenage pregnancies, more abortions, more STD’s and AIDS, more girls with their self-esteem shattered and future plans disrupted from having sex with virtual strangers. More teenager’s were celibate in the 50′s & 60′s when THEY WERE expected to be. Now 12 year old kids give b.j. just for sport to their “buddies’ and “hook up”. ENOUGH!!!

    We need to go back to the morals and values that made America strong instead of the embracing of the liberal mantra of anything goes. It is destroying our families and youth. Our youth are being indoctrinated to abandon traditional values and embrace cross dressing, same sex sex, goth, multiple partners, sex parties, cursing, piercing, no manners, dirty appearance etc. WE WANT OUR KIDS LEFT ALONE.

    Summit is worried about selling tickets so they want Robert to appear to be a player and hot sex crazed guy. GUESS WHAT, The people who bought the tickets are old-fashioned, romantic and people of faith. They got to know Rob by his interviews and charm at Comic Con. They fell in love with this sweet, silly, funny, shy and modest DECENT young man.

    Twilight sold 380 Million with no sex, gore, profanity or nudity. Wake up and smell the coffee—-we want more movies like Fire Proof, Twilight and New Moon.

  32. Deepi

    this stuff is bull!!!

  33. I hope this gets back to her manager as Kristen has a lot of revamping (no pun intended ) to do if she hopes to have a long career.

    My beef with Kristen Stewart is that she comes off rude, angry and hostile to the public and in interviews. She blabbed about Robert having a natural (especially for a young celibate guy) reaction to kissing her in an interview with Nikki and Rochelle and him, she mocked Taylor and Victoria at Comic Con (she is not a nice person-back stabber)

    Kristen curses and publicly smoked a bong and wore a weed bikini (clueless twit), she speaks like a punk “you know, f**k, “f**ing fans”, etc., she dresses like a streetwalker for her Adventure Land premier, she has a big mouth and announced in their first interview that Rob was “insecure” to the reporters—NOT COOL, and she used her friend Michael to either look taken to squelch rumors or trying to make Rob jealous. .

    Kristen often comes across as twitchy, uncouth, unrefined, uneducated and not appreciative of her fame and fans in interviews.
    She has a crude, rude, angry, hostile, ungrateful and nasty element to her that must be hidden well around Rob or he is just very accepting of her flaws.

    Yes, Rob smokes (common for Europeans to smoke more) he curses (less offensive than when a young “lady” does and he is way too open and unguarded BUT I hope he knows what he is doing if he gets involved with her more than just as platonic friends. Rob comes across as sweet and nice (very generous to his fans with his time) and a genuinely, smart, nice guy.

    Kristen come off like a punk, pot head, weak, troubled dipstickOFTEN. Sorry to say it– but she will ruin him — not the other way around. She may seem strong but she is weak and low-classed.

    She is from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak. Finishing School would help her a great deal. A little grace, sweetness and manners would smooth out her VERY rough edges.

  34. One last thing, did it ever occur to Hollywood and Summit that the people who made The Twilight Saga books and movie a mega hit are the same people who actually think about redemption, faith, souls, true love and the hereafter?? Who the heck do they think made this a hit—some goths and weirdos who dig vampires?

    I was appalled at the nasty comments in the audience at Comic Con about Twilight’s author being a Mormon and way out of line questions about whether Kristen knew whether Robert wore boxers or briefs. Let’s just say that the over the line and nasty people there were not fans of Meyers.

    Robert is an accomplished actor and Kristen is too. However, she is not the reason the movie was a hit. She helped Rob in his performance BUT she did not carry the movie.

    Robert’s promotion of it, his sweet endearing way and the fan base made Twilight a hit. Yet, Summit and the media does not understand that the fans want the stars that played the parts in a book they love to NOT BE crude, rude, cursing bad role models. If they liked the books, why would the fans like polar opposite behavior from the stars? Kristen got the part due to her friend Michael knowing the director. The fans don’t like her and she has done nothing to change their opinions. She needs a PR person and image make-over quite badly.

    Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Rob seem to get it and know which side their bread is buttered on.

  35. Alyssa

    awww, come on guys.
    She looks like that for her film.

  36. paulina-dam rob let me get started your are so hot and you made a cute couple with kristen and forget bout dat stupid ass blonde chik u going out with she can go suk a d**k not yours though…jamie-ummm wt can i say that girl u going with looks like sum1s ass wen its red anyways your to cute 4 her u made a dumm mistake choosing her over kristen and all yuh stupid ass who look like butcraks that are talking bout kristen lookin lyk a pot head ima put that blonde chik robs going out with in yah a** and its going to be burnin a** h**l…nd ya ppl dat hatein on kristen shove a jalapeno up ur butty hole!!!

  37. You guys are so effin mean! I love Kristen it doesn’t matter if he knocked her up she proboly isn’t even prego its a rumor perhaps? It doesn’t matter just leave them alone I seriously love them both

  38. @ 2, 19 – She’s back on Maury for the 45th time to find out who her baby daddy is!

  39. dff

    Does she play any characters that don’t wear old black Converse? lol

  40. Nina

    fuck them all . who cares kristen and dump rob . lets just talk bella and edward

  41. Nina

    who cares kristen and dump rob . lets just talk bella and edward

  42. Destiny

    I’ve got to admit, some of these rude and obscene comments made me laugh my ass off!!!

    Does that make me a bad person? Yes, considering I was a bad person beforehand. But no, thinking it was funny doesn’t make me a bad person.

    Stew should lose the wig STAT. And her eggo ain’t preggo, I believe. She’s quite attractive, and she does give off an I-Just-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck additude (which I love).Sometimes that’s bad, mostly its great. As for Pattz, whatever. Let him date her, it doesn’t really matter.

  43. Whitney

    Really??? Really??? What freakin bump? are u kidding me? Leave her the hell alone! She may be famous, but they just like everyone else need a break!!

  44. I like what,Romantic Fool, had to say. I agree with, him or her? I could not figure sex of this person, but oh well. Robert is a human being and hell yeah kristen stewart is fine! She can, not, act. Take some classes sweet thang.If they are together its there perogative, they are both mature human beings, and who are we to judge? well thats all i want to say so far.And i am a female :)

  45. kmj

    you guys are crap ass what the fuck do u want from her she’s not pregannt am her real life friends they only did that so they could make a story .Doesn’t mean because two people act in a movie they like each other live her fucking alone do you know how it feel’s for her because she’s a celebrity you guys just say bad things about her which are totally wrong ,and you don’t even wanna hear her side of the story i mean calling her a slut do you even know how it feels to be called a slut no so just shut the fuck up and get your crappy heads back in school and get out of adult business

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