Robert Pattinson just lost his hood pass

Robert Pattinson’s interview with Details is up and apparently he said more than just his hatred of vaginas:

Rob, did you know that every time you say actor or acting you lower your voice to a whisper?
He’s genuinely startled. “I do?”
Yes, so quietly it’s like you’re saying Negro.
He laughs, lightens up. “What if we were ‘acting’ like ‘Negroes’? Then we’d be fucked–we couldn’t hear anything. . . .”

Okay, before everyone starts calling RPatz a gay racist and suggesting John Mayer just got a boner, don’t pretend this wasn’t being yelled at the screen during showings of Twilight:

“Don’t you open the window, girl! He ain’t gotta stick it in. Aw hell no. Don’t be dry-humping no bitchass vampires. Wait- DAYAMN! His skin be sparklin’! His skin be sparklin’. That ain’t right. RUN, BITCH, ‘FORE HE STEAL YOUR GOOD SHOES!”

(In my defense, I could’ve sworn that theater was empty.)

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