Robert Pattinson has earned my respect

November 19th, 2009 // 53 Comments

In case anyone had doubts that Robert Pattinson could make his fans do anything, here’s an anecdote he shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that demonstrates how easily he could violate a throng of a women at the drop of a hat. Via The Awful Truth:

“I was doing a preinterview for this [show], and I immediately regretted saying that,” the awkwardly adorable R.Pattz says. “I sound like I’m actually just abusing my position.
“It was after a period of signing 500 signatures, and one of [the fans] just came up. You kind of get 10 seconds with each person and you never really say anything, and I kind of got bored of saying, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ And [the fan] said in her 10 seconds, ‘What can I do to get your attention?’ I was like, ‘Um, just take your clothes off.’ And she stood there and frantically started taking her clothes off and got dragged out of the room by security. I never felt more terrible.”

This is exactly why I turned down a role in Twilight. No man should have that much power – especially me.

“Here’s your menu, sir, and my breasts.”
“Your black coffee and side of fellatio, sir.”
“Two eggs and one 15-waitress-high naked pyramid just the way you like it.”

(I haven’t had breakfast yet.)

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  1. Dave

    I’m confused.
    There are no pictures of this one’s nipples.

    This site is really going down hill fast.

  2. twilightsucks

    i hate twilight. its so bad. and yes ive read all 4 books hoping to understand why people love it so much but it just kept getting more ridiculous with each book.
    can someone explain to me what you love about the series? BESIDES edward-boring-cullen?

  3. blue

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  4. Fourth!


  5. cc

    twilights sucks…I have no fucking idea what people like about this series. The movie was on the movie channel and I watched about 5 agonizing minutes. What crap.

    Sad things is I had a friend with this kind of power and he wasn’t even famous. A girl asked him a similar question while standing in the audience at a concert and he asked her for a blowjob. So she set to work (to completion) right there in the middle of the crowd and after the show he took her home and boned her all weekend. She was a hot fuckin’ college gal too.

    I hate guys like that.

  6. !!!

    open your eyes man! soooooo coooooooooooool

  7. Stating the Obvious

    The woman in the back of the main pic is regretting ever making that face. Or else she’s “trying to get his attention” too.

  8. ~*!*~

    I’m hung over– if you bring me black coffee and two eggs, I’ll consider putting out… only because you’re a steelers fan though.

  9. Ninth!


  10. misty

    I’m more interested in vagina mouth standing in the background..

  11. Camila

    Well…i saw the movie, it was ok, JUST OK, but now i agree with you, i just became a fan of this guy,i mean if he were a real vampire this little fans would be sacrifying themselves. and by the way

    why are fans usually so FUgly?

    ur biggest fan from chile :)

  12. saywha?

    why aren’t there pictures of this chick taking her cloths off?

  13. i wonder why he let security drag the girl away??

  14. Rancid

    This kid seems remarkably self-aware and intelligent. When he speaks he sounds grounded – totally bizarre for a celebrity, especially someone as young as he. So what planet is he from?

  15. cc

    ahahahaha…thanks for pointing out the woman in the green jacket. That’s what happens when humans interbreed with carp.

  16. Gary

    This dirty, smelly guy is a dolt.

  17. Erica

    Vaginamouth scares me.

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  20. Closet Nerd


  21. Closet Nerd


  22. ahhh!

    i would run a marathon naked for his attention. he is SO SO SO hot that i actually can’t even look at him without going crazy.

    #12 – lol.

  23. fuck me, rob...

    i cream in my panties at the sight, or really even the thought of this guy. he is amazing on every level.

  24. cc

    If I was this guy, I think I’d be able to answer the age old question. What is the absolute maximum number of blowjobs you can get in one day? Note, two or three women doing it concurrently still only counts as one. Then again, most of his fans are tweens, and I am not Roman fucking Polanski, so maybe it wouldn’t work out after all.

  25. Superfan

    haha The lady in the background!

  26. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    This Duche looks like a full sized EWOK from the movie Star Wars.

  27. Stacey


  28. r moore

    its a vagina with teeth…

  29. Stacey


  30. Fact

    This guy is a queer. He is into suckin cock not bangin vagina.

  31. James

    Fact, you are obviously bitter that this guy can have any girl he wants. No he is not gay, gays are not so careless about their appearance. No gay would leave the house with unbrushed hair like his.

  32. cc

    Why is that ladies tongue blue?

  33. it is what it is

    This guy has everything but G-A-Y stamped right on his forehead. Guranteed a pole smoker.

  34. Wow

    twilightsucks – It’s a fantasy series- of course each book gets more unbelievable. In case you didn’t know, it’s about vampires and vampires don’t exist – there’s the first leap from reality.

    Are you telling me you purchased four separate novels and read 2,500+ pages of something that sucked? Either you’re lying or you’re an idiot.

  35. LT81

    He’s not gay, he’s English. And that gay vibe is called “class” intermingled with a dash of dignity. And it’s not just the horny tweens who are into him, all my friends are married women and would jump him if given the chance. Hell, I would too! Twilight isn’t the greatest vampire story ever, borders on something like a romance novel, but the movie has cute boys. Sex, even pretend pre-marital Moron sex, sells.

  36. LT81

    Oops, I meant “Mormon” not moron….

  37. Luiza

    Que coisa não?

  38. PA

    “That’s what happens when humans interbreed with carp.”

    Damn. Now that’s funny. You win the prize. You get the gold.

  39. M.

    His hair is always intentionally messy moron.

  40. JEMAYA

    your comments are soooooooooooo funny it cracked me up haha whoooo

  41. Damn. Now that’s funny. You win the prize. You get the gold.

  42. your comments are soooooooooooo funny it cracked me up haha whoooo

  43. That’s what happens when humans interbreed with carp.”

    Damn. Now that’s funny. You win the prize. You get the gold.

  44. M_D

    HAHAHAHAH, The Man

  45. Y

    New Moon Movie Review
    Ok so obsessed with the Twilight Saga. Saw the movie, read the books. Amazing how one director took a somewhat cheezy, teenage book and turned it into an awesome movie. I actually saw the Twilight movie first, loved it so much that read all the books in three days. Waited for a year to see “New Moon” and oooooooh so disappointed.
    Catherine Hardwicke skillfully transformed the corny lines on paper to film without making the viewer laugh outloud at the lie. She actually made the characters believable, real and true to who they are. In Twilight, despite the content the viewer was able to feel the chemistry and connection between the characters, all that, was lost in “New Moon”.
    This blog is not a praise to Twilight and not a compliment to Catherine, which she most definitely deserves, but rather a hard core criticism of the studio, the script, the lighting, the makeup artists, the editors, those people that chose the music, and last but not least the director, who should be fired, for fucking up the much anticipated “New Moon”.
    The screenplay for “New Moon” is choppy, boring and most of all corny. Its as if someone pulled every corny line from the novel and stuffed it in the movie. Twilight was fluid, intriguing, and captured the essence of the book. New Moon script failed in every way. Edward and Bella’s kiss’s seemed tense, unnatural, and lacked the emotional build up which was so present in the first movie. Catherine captured Edward in his perfection, while Chris made him seem almost repulsive. In Twilight, Edward’s face was beautiful, pale with rose lips and the focus was on his eyes. Eyes, that were capturing in every way. In New Moon his face looked like paste, his lips looked too red as if he is wearing lip gloss and his eyes looked like contacts from a local Halloween store. Fire the makeup artists. Dr. Cullen appeared swollen, poorly defined jaw line, and yakky hair. Where is the gorgeous Dr. from the Twilight film? Rosalie looked like she had a freaking comb over. Was that a bee hive that tipped to the side and planted itself on her head. Where was Alice’s pixy hair and cute outfits? Jacob was the only character that looked……I guess good. I don’t even want to use the word, good, for New Moon because I am so disappointed and sad.
    I am no lighting expert but the most magnificent part of Twilight was the visionary effect of the lighting. I don’t know if it was some lens or color over the lens, but the movie had a black and white yet sharp color to it. It made everything look unreal, magical, mysterious, somewhat gloomy yet beautiful. Where the fuck did that light go in New Moon? Which idiot decided to shoot this shit like a Burger King Commercial.
    Hello people what about the music. I couldn’t wait to get the Twilight soundtrack. I sure as hell can’t say the same for New Moon. The cheezy score they chose when Alice and Bella are heading to Volturi. Oh my god I just vomited in my mouth. Hang on let me go gargle. It felt like some lame movie from the 90′s where they try to raise your anticipation level only to be disappointed when you see your beloved characters in a metal elevator with way too much lighting. The whole Volturi scene was way more amazing in my head and let me tell you, I have a very limited imagination. This shit was straight handicapped (no offense to anyone). I could have drawn a better set myself, more gothic, more aged, more vintage. These Volturi are old, really old, like hundreds of years old. My friends looked more believable as vampires on Halloween and they got their costumes at Party City not tailored by the most talented costumers in Hollywood.
    I think the studio got greedy and sacrificed true art to make a quick buck. Just because these books are so loved and they know the fans will go see the movies regardless of the quality of the film, doesn’t mean you should produce garbage. Stephanie Meyer should be very disappointed and should beg for Catherine to come back and restore some artistic quality and vision to the Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn can still be saved.
    New Moon Movie is what happens when studios and suits let their greed get in the way of creating art. They should have begged for Catherine Hardwicke to direct the Saga. Sure the movie got made and got made fast, but for Twilight lovers and people who truly value art this was a perfect example of “Selling Out” in every way.
    No thanks but I will pass on Eclipse. I would rather stay with the version in my head, cause truly I think its way cooler, darker, sexier, and hotter.

  46. that woman in the green looks like she’s ready to suck a mean cock.

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