Robert Pattinson gives Kristen Stewart an ultimatum

June 10th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Robert Pattinson is tired of waiting around for Kristen Stewart to dump her boyfriend, according to OK! Magazine:

“Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn’t interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on,” says one source, adding that R-Patts, 23, is giving 19-year-old Kristen a couple months to sort things out while he’s in NYC filming Remember Me, an indie flick about star-crossed lovers (production begins June 15).
The actor wants a resolution by the time he and Kristen reunite in Vancouver this fall to shoot Eclipse.
“He’s asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer,” says the source. “Robert’s not willing to be strung along.”

Do you know what I’d do if I were Robert Pattinson? Motorboat Twilight fans until my face fell off then buy a new face and start where I left off. But, hey, if everyone was a hero, no one would be special. God, I’m deep and complex — Wait, is that Jessica Simpson’s cleavage? Whee!


  1. ariana

    shes ugly to me, there are other girls inhollywood more atracctive

  2. ah


  3. sarah

    He really is OVERRATED in the looks department. I don”t think Kirsten is all that, but she can do better than this douche!! Every time I see his pallid, spindly ass, I feel nauseous. I can’t wait until there’s a surcease with all the Twilight hoopla. Hopefully, that will be within the next millennium LOL.

  4. Jenna

    This is a fabricated story if I ever saw one. Please “sources” stop making up bullshit. These two aren’t into each other as more than friends.

  5. James

    Dude must be gay. With his level of fame, he should be picking out chicks the way Madelaine Kahn picked out dicks in History of the World. If he’s unsure of which side of the fence to fall on, I’ll fuck him until he figures it out.

  6. Edward + Bella 4 EVAR

    lol if i were Kristen’s bf i would just give up and like, move to Antarctica or something. even if they are just friends that must be such a pain in the ass to have all these tabloids going crazy. i wish they would get together, that would be Twilight-tasticly adorable. of course if they don’t i would be there to console him lol.

  7. isitin

    She has the body of a teenage boy, yuck.

  8. Gourmet Vagina

    #10 gets my vote for funniest/most observant person on these her interwebs today!

  9. Laurie

    I call bullshit. And not just because I want it to be bullshit.


    Because Robert Pattinson deserves to be parodied.

  11. blaire

    !!!- Opps. Didn’t know he just enjoyed hot dating with a black big female on >>B l a c k W h i t e L o v i n g . c o m “<< , many hot pictures are shown…so many fans show interest on him there, oh, really? It is nice to enjoy more about it now…

  12. she is incredibly lucky

  13. Travis Cotton

    Are extremely pasty white ugly chicks that hard to find? Gonna go with the SF writer on this one. FUCK all the hot TwiHards (probably 3 or less) and then maybe call this chick…maybe.

  14. Wow. So in addition to being ugly and a terrible actress…Kristen Stewart is also a slut.

  15. gotmilk?

    this bitch is crazy if she isn’t fucking this guy. and who the hell is her boyfriend? he can’t possibly be hotter than pattinson.

  16. Rhialto

    Is this real? There’re tons of chicks screaming outside his front door.

  17. Nero

    This is a good alibi for him to screw his frustations away in the summer months.Smart move!

  18. Darth

    Unshaven,a bottle of booze and a hot chick.What more does a guy want?

  19. This is huge news. Thank you so much superficial writer. Twilight updates are appreciated.

  20. cez

    everybody’s entitled with their own opinion, cmon if u dont likehim then beat it, no need to say hes not hot,..blah blah blha………LOVE U ROB!!!!

  21. Word.

    Dude. I’m a hot twi-hard.
    Just sayin.
    (One down, two to go.)

  22. thebigkahuna

    honestly , and not being all omg i want him for my self blah blah blah!
    i do not know what he sees in her.
    i’ve never met her, so i can’t know for sure, but she always seems like such a bitch with no personality.
    i used to like her before she got all cocky after being in twilight.
    plus she looks like a man.

  23. Emooooooooooooo vampire! LOL. ;)

  24. James

    Um, you’re pretty much an unfunny twat, #73.

  25. brooke

    If this is true, and that is a big if, the why in the world is Robert even wasting his time with Kristen when he could have just about any girl under the age of 30? Kristen Stewart must be retarded or something! Don’t get me wrong she’s a good actress and all, but as far as her looks, she’s just average looking. Nothing that great about her so if Robert is even looking her way then she better look back. I didn’t think she was all that great in Twilight, which surprised me because every other movie she’s been in she was a pretty phenomenal actress. I don’t think she took the role very seriously. You know what this kind of reminds me of, Johnny Depp and Wynona Rider when they were dating. They also got together when they were co-stars in a movie. JD got her name tattooed on him, they didn’t date all that long. Now, Wynona’s career is not so good and Johnny is well, let’s just say his career is pretty great. That is probably what will happen to these two so my advice to Kristen Stewart is latch on and don’t let go of Robert.

    However, I kind of doubt this is even true because like I said Robert Pattison shouldn’t have to wait on anyone to decide if they want to be with him or not considering he could have about any girl he chooses.

  26. Paty

    This is what it´s interesting: she has no boob, no ass and no real talente. WHY in the world would he want to be with her? She is a fucking kid for God´s sake!!!!

    He deserves better.

  27. Nik

    Just because he’s Robert Pattinson?

    That’s a mistake MOST celebs make. Get into relationships for one reason, just because. If she wants to, then she will and because Pattinson can get any girl he wants, doesn’t mean he wants to. I just hope they don’t get caught up in the hype because we all know that just as quick as “hollywood”hugs and put you on a pedestal, the same mofo’s will rip your ass apart and make you wish you were still an unknown being.




  30. belinda

    shoot i got a senior picture that would knock his socks off
    i got done along time ago

  31. jiya

    as talking of kristen then she’s making a big mistake .if i was at her place i would hav left my so alled boyfriend and come up to robert

  32. sassafras

    deacon jones you are a hoot! i laughed my butt off when i read your post.

  33. sassafras

    #38 is your math that bad or are you just trying to be funny? elvis died in ’78 and rpattz was born in ’86; so that isn’t possible. i do see the resemblance though.

  34. sassafras

    i meant # 48, not # 38.

  35. Brian

    I think she’s too hot and talented for his frankenstein looking face. Everyone knows a year ago she didn’t give him the time of day and flat out refused him, wonder what changed or how much alcohol he gave her. Dude your too old for her. She should get with me I’m 20 and in her ager group.

  36. I don´t think this Twilight couple ´ll last the summer.

  37. Liz

    I hope they do! Kristen´s broken up with her boyfriend and now they can be together!

  38. jarred

    i think kristen stewart is ugly as sh*t, she looks like a man and need a hundred pounds of makeup to make her look even somewhat pretty. rob is HOTT and would have no problem getting a better girl than a pot smoking small tited lesbo

  39. shelly

    i think kristen stewart is ugly as sh*t, she looks like a man and need a hundred pounds of makeup to make her look even somewhat pretty. rob is HOTT and would have no problem getting a better girl than a pot smoking small tited lesbo

  40. Haspi

    robert farts when he walks. Kristen is very ugly without makeup . Robert looks like one of those mupet show characters.

  41. Cassie

    Wow, I can’t believe this site… well no I can that’s the problem.
    Why don’t the lot of you get off your bloody high horses I doubt all of you are victorias angels so what gives you the right to decide whats ugly? I think she’s perfectly fine looking and not everyone chooses someone on their looks, he could be in love with her! from what I’ve seen in interviews she’s quite a cool person and they share an interest in music and films and please stop listening to these stories, it’s sad enough people have to fabriate them to begin with, without everyone jumping on the wagon.

    Although actually thanks in a way I was incredibly bored since I’ve been in ill all day and this has given me something to scoff at and reply to.

  42. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have become super-close recently as they begin filming their New Joan Jett film The Runaways in Los Angeles after a successful wrap on the highly anticipated New Moon .

  43. jane

    Kristen needs to grow up + stop messing him around!

  44. logos

    lemme tell this chik if fugly as hell!!!!… there is nothing pretty about her. i remember when i saw that first movie that she made in twilight i was like.. helllll no.. she ugly why she even on tv. but then again so is edward he ugly too.. the rest of the other vampires are hot.. even jacob whose a warewolf.. but to be 150% honest.. they could have found a better bella.. and not ugly like her..

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