Robert Pattinson gives Kristen Stewart an ultimatum

Robert Pattinson is tired of waiting around for Kristen Stewart to dump her boyfriend, according to OK! Magazine:

“Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn’t interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on,” says one source, adding that R-Patts, 23, is giving 19-year-old Kristen a couple months to sort things out while he’s in NYC filming Remember Me, an indie flick about star-crossed lovers (production begins June 15).
The actor wants a resolution by the time he and Kristen reunite in Vancouver this fall to shoot Eclipse.
“He’s asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer,” says the source. “Robert’s not willing to be strung along.”

Do you know what I’d do if I were Robert Pattinson? Motorboat Twilight fans until my face fell off then buy a new face and start where I left off. But, hey, if everyone was a hero, no one would be special. God, I’m deep and complex — Wait, is that Jessica Simpson’s cleavage? Whee!