Robert Pattinson gives Kristen Stewart an ultimatum

June 10th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Robert Pattinson is tired of waiting around for Kristen Stewart to dump her boyfriend, according to OK! Magazine:

“Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn’t interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on,” says one source, adding that R-Patts, 23, is giving 19-year-old Kristen a couple months to sort things out while he’s in NYC filming Remember Me, an indie flick about star-crossed lovers (production begins June 15).
The actor wants a resolution by the time he and Kristen reunite in Vancouver this fall to shoot Eclipse.
“He’s asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer,” says the source. “Robert’s not willing to be strung along.”

Do you know what I’d do if I were Robert Pattinson? Motorboat Twilight fans until my face fell off then buy a new face and start where I left off. But, hey, if everyone was a hero, no one would be special. God, I’m deep and complex — Wait, is that Jessica Simpson’s cleavage? Whee!


  1. first


  2. first


  3. Mallory

    I’d like to motorboat his ass cheeks.

  4. what?!?!

    is she crazy?? duh. do it!

  5. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Great. Every time my wife sees this douche, I have to hear how hot he is. Now she is just going to wet herself.

    But tell her about your fantasy with Megan Fox and your sleeping on the couch for 2 days…

  6. Will ya look at that, I got a D-vinyl T-shirt just like that…she should be a trends setter i like how those jeans fits….

  7. These two literally glow in the fucking dark… they ain’t sneakin’ up on nobody…

  8. boogermeister

    there isn’t a 19-year-old on this planet that needs an “ultimatum”. Ditch his sorry ass and find yourself a nice lipstick lesbian to frolic with before you settle down

  9. She don’t want him. He needs to go find someone else.

  10. ha


  11. A

    I would so go down on this guy he is soooooo dreamy! yum yum yum yum

  12. Jimmy L

    So the Superficial is for 13 year old girls now?

    What a fucking irrelevant story.

  13. Jimmy L's inner voice

    Shut your peen-hole Jimmy L. This site has to torture everyone on a myriad of levels every day or it’s not fair.

    You’re just mad because your bald.

  14. Sinamon

    First off, this is from OK! Magazine. We all know that it’s a bastion of truthiness and facts, right? Riiiiiight.

    I’m sure this kid is nice and all but dude is a player cuz he can be. And why shouldn’t he be? And even though I think he is infatuated by Kristen’s 19 year old uniqueness or whatever it is that people find so attractive about her, he is NOT at an age or place in his life to want to be settling down and giving women ultimatums to be with him or let him go. At they very least, they’re just cozy friends. At most, she’s cheating on her BF with this guy. But I guarantee you, no one is thinking the other is THE ONE and must therefore choose exclusivity.

  15. Funeral Guy

    This Kristen chick looks like she getting a little bit of chunk around the middle. Better watch it, babe, you ain’t gonna be 19 forever.

  16. Fractured Skull

    He looks like the kind of moody-stalker fuck that obsesses over you and never lets it go until you get a restraining order and then he finds you in a bar and hits you in the head with a pool ball when you’re ordering a drink and THEN in court the next day tells the judge the only reason you got a restraining order on him was because you found him in the bushes in the front of your house where he was waiting for you to come out so he could break up with YOU.


  17. The Bisexual

    She really isn’t attractive. At all.

  18. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    he can get any girl he wants out of the fan base, why is he chasing that 12 year old girl.

  19. el ces

    Heh, like he hasn’t sharing the last half year.

    He probably wants her to say no, as an excuse to move on.

  20. Jibbly Biggins

    Whaaaaaaaaaa……………………………………..T !!!!!

    Do the vampire boy, you stupid twat. What are you thinking ?

    This is like choosing between Fabio and Dick Cheney.

    Do him for us!

  21. Deacon Jones

    Wow, this guy MUST be gay if he’s sweating this chick.

    If I were him, I’d go out to 15 bars in one night, pick the hottest chick from each bar, and then tell them I was flying them to the Caribbean to party for two weeks. I’d then proceed to do large quantities of booze, blow, and weed all day long and yell “NEXT!” from my hotel room after I finished with each one of them.

  22. Beastman AIDS

    Did you guys hear about Robert Pattinson? I heard he goes down to home depot and pays the migrant workers to choke him in the shower.

    A “source” told me so it must be reported as fact.

  23. Randal

    You know Robert, you’re a great actor and have a bright future in the industry but an ultimatum? Women drool over you, boy, so go drool with them. You’re a young star, act like one and stop telling little girls that you’ll wait all summer for them like a dog by the door waiting for its owner. Grow some, will you?


  24. Zanna

    Randal…I like the delicate balance of support/burn you just sported.

  25. Jibbly Biggins

    Robert Pattinson, stop trying to be a nice, considerate, and dignified human being.

    For god’s sake, you have 10 million American women drooling over the sight of your hair gel and dirty sneakers! 15 million when you shower regularly!

    Besides, there are still two more films to win her over, but after fucking anyone who is 10x more attractive with breasts the size of billiard balls you might not care…

  26. Amy

    Jimmy L–Shut your face! He’s 23…prime age for obsession by females of any age. Guys on this site drool over Miley Cyrus and she’s only 16 so stfu. I’d kill for this ultimatum. R-Paz is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life.

  27. p0nk

    i can understand his hurry, his 15 minutes are about up and he’ll have to resort to Superficial commenters for poon.

  28. Fuck U

    Zanna, I like the way you kiss ass on this site.

  29. ???

    Billiard balls aren’t that big. Just sayin’

  30. XXX

    spoken like someone who knows what its like to resort to the superficial for poon @ 27

  31. Zanna

    Thanks, Fuck-U….I’m trying to be the ying to your yang.

  32. mimi

    source? I mean the actuall pearson! THERE IS NONE SO F*** OFF! OK magazine is well know for MAKING SHIT UP!!

  33. Cc

    This guy is fucking sexy!

  34. dmmd8686

    i bet these two “become official” almost immediately prior to the premiere of ‘new moon’…sounds like a publicity ploy to me

  35. win

    lolololol #10.

  36. MarkM

    How much longer do we have to wait before this douche admits he’s gay?

  37. Jibbly Biggins

    ??? – Opps. Didn’t know. I’m not one of those sporty kind of girls.

    Beach balls then! Massive, pearly inflatable beach balls!

  38. Fuck U

    That’s alright…btw…keep trying, you’re bound to get there eventually.

  39. haha

    @36 you wish!

  40. p0nk

    @30, i would welcome most Superficial poon suppliers. I suspect you would too.

  41. Jeez, one time we hear they’re together and then they’re not. I hope this is true at the very least, although I’m starting to doubt there ever was anything between them in the first place.

  42. C2R

    I can’t believe you even posted this piece of shit story. lol It is so fucking false dude.

  43. Smoker Face

    If ever given the chance to kiss Robert Pattinson , I would skip that chance and laugh in his poor pathetic face.
    There is nothing more unnattractive than someone who smokes cigarettes it doesn’t matter how ‘cute’ you may look physically.
    Just makes me want to vomit just thinking about it!

  44. me too

    What the hell…..I’d fuck him on the floor and on the bed and on the counter and in the car……….

  45. smoker lung piece

    yeah, there’s nothing more attractive than a girl bitching about my smoking, especially when she hits up Starbucks 3 times a day. don’t act like you don’t. now where’s my lighter? and get me a coffee while you’re up.

  46. blah

    she’s ugly

  47. Hefe

    lol i can’t believe he’s wasting his time waiting for that.

    i thought this guy was mr. big shit. why isn’t he banging super models every night. worrying about whether this ugly toad wants to be his girlfriend or not is friggin moronic.

  48. me too

    Damn it…..I knew Elvis had a illegitimate son……and all this damn time we thought Elvis was dead….hell no…..he’s making his come back thru Rob (pic #5 proves it all).

  49. tori

    whats the matter with kristen? the hottest guy in the WORLD right now wants her and shes being all nonchalant about it! rob, there are SO many hotter girls out there (that don’t taste like an ashtray)…damnit, if kristen won’t take him, i will!

  50. ariana

    shes ugly to me, there are other girls inhollywood more atracctive

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