Robert Pattinson could probably create an army of teenage girls and destroy us all

November 20th, 2008 // 90 Comments

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, stars of the movie Twilight, stopped by The Today Show this morning where they took questions from a maniacal gaggle of teenage girls. You could tell in the video (after the jump) Robert Pattinson was definitely broadsided by his new heartthrob status. I almost feel bad for the guy. If anyone knows what it’s like to wake up every morning knowing the whole world wants to do you, it’s me. Yet somehow I persevere – for the children.

NOTE: Insanity kicks in around the 7:00 mark. Kudos to Robert Pattinson for attempting to understand the crazy then quickly realizing these chicks wouldn’t think twice about wearing his skin as a coat.


  1. The Superficial

    The Superficial

  2. turd

    If I was gay, I’d plug him in the ass.

  3. Racy Lacey

    those cheekbones… that jaw……… *swoons*
    why do most guys look like Jordan Bratman in real life? uggggh….

  4. Fat Chicks Suck

    Having millions of teenage girls in love with you sounds awesome on paper…but after watching this video it appears to be only fat and/or ugly teenage girls.

  5. Bruno's Bitch

    Watch him get pegged for statutory…. then he’ll have Bruno screaming his name…

  6. twzzlrgirl

    I feel badly for Kristen Stewart..she’s a pretty good actress, and she must feel like a third wheel in every interview she does.

    Everyone wants Edward Cullen. No guys are out there for Bella Swan. I think she wanted to punch RP in the jaw.

  7. Stoney

    What’s up with him? He always looked stoned out of his mind

  8. ali

    Kristen Stewart actually seemed very intelligent, it’s too bad she’s in this guy’s shadow.

  9. Danklin24

    I got to 3 minutes of the video and then thought to myself why the FUCK am i watching this?

  10. Matt Lauer

    It wasn’t just the teens that wanted him, you should have seen my MILF co-host Merideth on her knees in the green room

  11. xms

    Kristen looks so uncomfortable and sad in the video… but the guy is hot, is that his fault? I love his accent and voice now that I’ve heard him.

  12. Kambrea


    i can’t wait

    oh my god


  13. Fat Chicks Suck

    Racy Lacy: For the same reason that most girls are ugly out-of-shape hags in real life. It’s a bummer but there are more ugly girls out there than ugly guys so you have no room to complain.

  14. Cheese

    Nobody else thinks this guy looks like an idiot?

  15. Yeah Bite Me

    Kristin looks so hunched over and nervous during the interview seems almost rodent like ….

  16. funny shit

    lol @ “I could be your lamb” poster. oh and at 8:09, does that girl have a fake British accent?

  17. veggi

    Look, Robert…Rob…Bob…Bobby…Bobbyboy…The Bobster…Boberrino…now’s the time. These girls will give it up, all of it, everything. You could do multiple ATMs and finish with a donkey punch, all of it no-lube, and she’d be grateful through her tears. No other guy has that type of leverage these days. Well, except for Frist’s fiance, granted.

  18. Goblinkatie

    I’m sorry, but asking tweens if they think a person is sexy is just plain wrong. They’re too young for that sort of leading.

  19. Hefe

    oh pls this fucking wannabe james dean will be forgotten in no time.

  20. you're gross

    18 Lame troll

  21. SelfMadePrayer

    I think that Twilight is the final proof required to absolve the old hypothesis that females mature faster than males. Seriously, you’d have to be an absolute idiot to get carried away with such a tripe piece of literature that you’d believe this dumbass has any actual superpowers or even credibility as a human being. He was chosen for this role because he’s rugged – like Pete Doherty. Kristen was chosen because she’s plain and socially odd, but she’s not important anyway. The character of Bella is essentially an avatar for all prepubescent girls and mentally prepubescent women everywhere; women who want a guy in their lives whose only purpose is to be good looking and resist the overwhelming urge to kill them. God help humanity.

  22. kidding

    the guy is hot but he should have heard her mother when she told her “the comb brush is your friend”

  23. k


    i don’t know the books or the movie, but i’d still say….

    true blood is better!

  24. Bob Loblaw

    I don’t get it. Is this all because this random dude is in a random movie?

    He’s not even good looking.

    Score another one for the retardation of the masses.

  25. Bryar D

    Maybe I’m lucky and those girls will end up killing him… hopefully someday soon

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  26. ladym00s

    I love how he made a point of standing at least four feet back from the barrier the whole time.
    If I didn’t think it would get me arrested, I would drive by the people waiting inline downtown right now and throw shit at them. And by shit I mean vampire bats, five gallon tubs of blood, and human excrement.

    Fuck. This. Movie.

  27. Hugh Hefner

    Just dropping a note to all the Superficial readers, Robert will be featured in Playgirl. There’s also a really good possibility of some porn later on. I understand he likes good looking guys to splooge in his ass and on his tonsils.

  28. Well hes handling this professionally, i know guys who would grade these girl’s S.A.T’s before the adulations runs out…

    Sexual Aptitude Test

  29. LOLs

    Katie wants him.

  30. le fag

    even though i would let him plow me, i would still make him comb that greezy hair

    do you think he’s into sleepytime?

  31. Chauncey Gardner

    Well, one thing’s for sure – there are gonna be a lot of fishy-smelling pillows in NYC tomorrow morning.

  32. ummm...yeah

    I agree totally…who the fuck CARES?
    Let me rephrase…Who in thier right mind gives a fuck??
    Who is this douche?
    Fuck that movie and those brain dead assholes.

  33. That was an awesome movie, per se.

  34. woot

    5:18 wow he’s MINE! :3

  35. S_M_G

    To all who keep saying “who cares?”, well you care enough to post your hatred. Go get a life, if you don’t care, move on.

    And yeah Robert Pattinson is hot. I’m not a teenage girl, and he is not a teenage boy. The Twilight books are amazing. Reserve your judgment until you’ve read them, it only makes you sound ignorant and hateful.

  36. Misha

    Whats the deal with this guy? I dont get it… he always looks like a bum!

  37. Fernanado Narcos

    He’s the Antijonas.Anything that will keep those annoying little fucks out of the spotlight can’t be all bad.

  38. Keri

    Woot! Rob and Kristen are awesome, I can’t wait for the movie! I agree with S_M_G!

  39. sandy

    I like the bed-head look at times, but Robert’s has crossed the line into ridiculous. For the look to work it needs to look like you didn’t do anything to it, not like you did everything to it.

    And speaking of hair, Kristen could have done better than this “just left the gym” look. She also looks like she is about to cry.

    I think Kristen is one of the rare girls who looks better without makeup. With it she looks like she’s playing dress-up; without it she looks like a natural cutie.

  40. kitty

    I don’t get it i just don’t get it

  41. Sarah

    Most of you posting don’t sound any more intelligent than the fans you keep berating.

  42. gfgdg

    they are both miserable cunts in this interview…how could anyone like them. even more so, why would you cast them? 0 personality + there are at least 10 better looking actors and actresses i can think of. oh well…seems like it worked out alrite for the stuio, they ll get their money’s worth.

  43. Chauncey Gardner


    >>Most of you posting don’t sound any more intelligent than the fans you keep berating.>>

    Well, we sure as hell weren’t freezing our asses off in front of a TV studio all morning, just to look at the backs of a couple of actors’ heads through a pane of sound-proof, bullet-proof glass during an interview. And what the fuck – don’t these screaming little bitches have school?

  44. ryn

    Gotta feel bad for this guy, and even worse for the girl. As much psycho shit he’s getting, from the pissed off look on her face the whole time, nobody cares about her.
    It’s similar to Beatles mania….except Beatles mania was in a time before school shootings and choking yourself with belts was popular with tweens.

  45. simplicity

    The books were great
    The movie will suck
    These actors are idiots.

  46. Jenna

    I DON’T GET IT. What is the appeal of that squinting, smirking pasty-faced elfin troll?

  47. He's hot and seems pleasant, unlike yourselves

    what lucky bastards. they didnt even get lead roles before, now they’re catapulted to fame instantly because of some screaming girls. oh well theyve handled it well and seem to be way less of assholes then most actors who would just be hiding from the fans, at least they have a sense of humor.

    i love how the guys on this page who usually write the nastiest most annoying comments about how hot whatever chick is on this page. just face it, even looking homeless and filthy this guy looks probably ten thousand times hotter than you. all us women know he can be washed up.

  48. Emmie

    I seriously don’t get the hype about Twilight.

  49. Chauncey Gardner


    Naming your Pocket Rocket “Rob Pattinson” is about as close as your almost certainly obese twat is going to get to having his cheesy dick inside it. You’d be lucky if the dike who co-stars in this garbage would screw you with a strap-on, eyes closed and on PCP.

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