Robert Pattinson broods for you, ladies

May 19th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s Robert Pattinson at the photocall for New Moon at Cannes, and really, no need to thank me, ladies (and Geekologie Writer). But if you feel so inclined, I enjoy simple gifts such as a home-cooked meal, lap dance or threesome with your sister. Nothing fancy – except for my skills in the sack.* HIYO!

*Keep your expectations low and everyone’s a winner.

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  1. gack

    Too bad he’s cross eyed…

  2. pjamese3

    Hugh Jackman is a good-lookin’ guy. This dude is a pale scrawny twig boy. And for God’s sake, someone get this guy a comb!

  3. Mariah

    It actually is in his contract that he can’t get any sun…he spoke about it in a recent interview…

  4. Even if he has a body oder problem, you’d just “suggest” some shower sex and you’d be good to go.

    God damn I’d ride this sex-beast so hard I’d probably die from exhaustion. But what a pleasent way to go, eh?

  5. Mr. Jones


    Get this, limey, “yank” and “wank” have always meant the same thing. Your snaggle-tooth ancestors used to mock our revolutionaires on the battlefield with the tune “Yankee Doodle”. We took it and made it our own, after we kicked you out in TWO wars.

    And if you really think we are wankers, what do you call a western country that has “Mohammed” as the number 1 baby name? You don’t even own your own country any more.

  6. #28 & 30 – Shouldn’t you be in a pub fight right about now, limey? I mean, I know it’s only like 2pm out there, but that would have given you at least 5 hours of solid drinking. A light day… I know…

  7. Im glad you post pic of this dude fish, i feel like im eaves dropping in a female bathroom at the local bar!


    so this man is friggin beautiful. His music and those books made him that way. He was good lookin before then i read all the books and listened to his songs and OMG! i would so fall for him in two seconds if he sang to me….WHAT UP RP!!!

  9. Jibbly Biggins

    What’s wrong with being pale? That guy is frick’in hot…

  10. snowwhite

    he is so freaking sexy!!!! HE IS SO HOT.

    i LOVE his pale skin. its flawless and creamy. he actually wouldn’t look as good with a tan.

    and, yes, it is possible to naturally be that white. i am a blonde american and i am that fair. and i love it.

  11. Is it stated in his contract that he has to stay pale ALL THE TIME? Don’t get me wrong, he looks hot and all. But I’d love to see him tanned sometimes.

  12. A

    Being blonde (naturally) does not always equal being very pale or having fair skin. That only goes for the people who are very ginger . Some Brits who are this pale are due to them being a closet ginger and have dyed their hair blonde or whatever.

  13. jojobob

    This guy? Really?

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