Robert Pattinson: Because ladies need porn, too

June 15th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Robert Pattinson was spotted filming his new movie Remember Me in New York this morning. I’m assuming at this point the film doesn’t even need a plot, and Rob’s script simply reads “Make all those vampire faces from that movie.” You can almost hear the money being printed, and not because of my counterfeit printing press downstairs. I mean, meth lab. (Nice save.)


  1. maria

    it’s getting kinda tiresome that you always use the same “oh we’re posting a good looking guy because girls need it too” theme. just post it and say something funny about it.

  2. Missy Wu


  3. Randal

    What else can one say? A great actor who is climbing the charts and knocking all of those above him off the celebrity A-List ladder.


  4. NoArtificialFlavors

    Oh, what I would give to have his dinky in my winky.

  5. Late Night

    I find him extremely unattractive. His face is weirdly arranged or something. I don’t know… he’s just weird. I don’t know what people see in him.

  6. Zee Brat

    The fourth picture there should be the main photo. I’m not sure why you thought we really get hot over the side of his face.

  7. gotmilk?

    i need to be excused….

  8. does it matter

    Bring on the Rob Pattinson porn!!!! Whose bringing the whip cream!

  9. nice. too bad he has all his clothes on tho.

  10. ella

    they do indeed…

  11. does it matter

    Can i get that to go….

  12. J-Dizzle

    sup dawgs in da hood yo yo yo J-Dizzle drippin’ ya some from muh crew! RP is in da house and be lovin’ it all sup yo dawgs word!

  13. R. Mize

    Dear LateNight: I think your mind is arranged weirdly….millions of us can’t all be wrong…whAt a complete and perfect hunk! Even the slightly crooked teeth are PERFECT; the hair on his arms (OMG!), his butt, did you see his butt? This guy IS knocking the A-listers completely off their pedistals, and he is sweet besides? OH MY GOD! I’m afraid if I even got my hands on the guy, I would put him in the hopital, I would dooo him so hard!

  14. does it matter

    @13……You are going to have to stand in line at the discharge desk to get to him after he is released from the hospital from my attack!!! LOL.

  15. Amy

    #1, I totally agree. We most likely make up half of the visitors on this website. Just do what you always do…but do post pictures of hot guys as well.

    Now on to Rob…damn he’s hot. If I weren’t married, were better looking, and lived in England…perhaps I would have a chance. You’re right…probably not.

  16. R. Mize

    OK, you’re on! Just keep it private, OK?

  17. R. Mize

    Dear Does It: OK, you’re on! Just keep it private, OK?

  18. Kia

    I fail to see what all the fuss is about with this guy. He’s okay and all, but he’s not uber hotness. Take a shower, hippy!

  19. does it matter

    R. Mize- I guess we could always…….share…..”wink, wink* :-)

  20. does it matter

    @18…..are you blind woman. This guy just oozes sexiness. He is quiet and shy and super sexy…..oh, did i say sexy already. Oh well…..truth be told.

  21. digbyjane

    I think he looks just like Susan boyle, does anyone else see this? Seriously he just looks like her slightly genetically lucky son. If he goes to seed, guaranteed he will be her double in 20 years.

  22. More like “gay men need porn too”.

  23. Fame is something else aint it? if he wasnt famous ! these craze dreamers/bitches wouldnt fart and let him smell…

  24. 1999

    shit, he’s in NYC? I need exact location Superficial!!

  25. meee

    seriously? how do people lust over a dude who doesn’t fucking shower & looks like he has fucking caterpillars for eyebrows?

    i’d still fuck johnny depp ANY day. my own boyfriend is fucking hotter than this dude (not that that’s hard to accomplish…my boyfriend showers).

    the best part about this post? the meth lab save, haha

  26. le fag

    i hate to say it but the boy is beautiful. too bad he has a scrawny ass and that downward flat roman nose. still, bangable.

  27. wooh

    @6 the jaw?

  28. gotmilk?

    who gives a fuck if this guy doesn’t shower? i sure as hell don’t!

  29. annie

    I’d rather have a stapler jammed up my vagina and punch myself in the stomach

  30. besiaka


  31. Sheena

    The only way this scruffy little flash-in-the-pan could get me wet is by tossing a bucket of water on me.

  32. maggie%$

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  33. Anon

    He looks like he has Down Syndrome.

  34. Naomi

    He could cream my coffee any day.

  35. emjay


    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  36. Kathy

    This would be great if he were in a bikini.

  37. SoTe

    gorgeous…. I love his hands. Would love them so much more if they were all over my body right now but meh.

  38. SoTe

    Oh I forgot. @6 I find the first pic hotter than number 4, he looks gorgeous all pensive and shit hahaha. But I love #10, his smile just kills me! And I was one of the girls saying he was not at all hot based on the pics I used to see but after watching Twilight, DAMN! He’s got such special features, that’s what makes him gorgeous, he doesn’t have a pretty face, his face is kinda weird and I like it.

  39. Sandy

    I just don’t see it?!?!?!? He’s not even remotely cute. Believe me, I’m trying hard to like this guy, but I just CAN’T!!!! He doesn’t do it for me.

  40. 1999

    thank you #31. too bad i have to work on Tues. NOoooooooooooo!!

  41. Thank you Sandy and all those other chicks out there who I completely agree with… I don’t get it. I felt like the only one who didn’t think this guy was remotely hot. We should all get together and form a support group or something…

  42. dorky blonde

    Umm. Sex on legs.
    For those who don’t get it…. well, have you tried watching some of his interviews? He’s so charming and has an infectious laugh and a great personality and the James Dean thing going on and blah blah.

  43. book

    HE IS SO FINE. Just looking at his face makes me sexually frustrated.

  44. Val

    Bleh. He even looks stinky. I’m just going to pretend this is Zachary Quinto. Mmmm…. highly logical

  45. ……………………FAGGOTS TOO, you know?

  46. Chery

    Robert Pattinson puts on his ‘sexy face’ in funny interview with kristen.

  47. cookie

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  48. cloudy

    I think he is a little bit like james dean.
    but I hope without the car accident.

  49. rob, the orgasm maker

    i would give up food just to lick this guy’s cock once.

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