Robert Shapiro Quit

Here’s Lindsay Lohan’s assistant yanking clothes out of Robert Shapiro’s Sober House yesterday while he excused himself as Lindsay’s attorney after barely four days of representing hers. Turns out she was an absolute terror to deal with at his rehab facility which is shocking. Truly shocking. E! News reports:

Though ostensibly a positive step, it may have been Lohan’s brief stay at the Los Angeles residence that made things worse. A source tells E! News that Shapiro was not happy with her behavior there.
“She was unruly,” the source says. “She was having people over at all hours of the night. She acted like she ran the place.”
The actress was apparently out of the facility Monday. Her assistant was spotted there late in the evening, removing some of the star’s personal belongings, but there was no sign of Lohan aside from a smart-alecky Twitter posting.
“The only ‘bookings’ that i’m familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i’d be “booking” into Jail… eeeks,” the onetime Parent Trap star tweeted Monday.

So basically Lindsay found out this rehab stunt wouldn’t keep her out of jail and started pretending she’s famous again. Got it. What surprises me the most is that someone in the past 12 hours hasn’t found a chewed-off Scram outside the closest bar to her house. Then again, I probably shouldn’t rule out Lindsay showing up to court with enough coke on her face to look like the goddamn Joker. “Heath and I were soulmates, don’tcha get it?” *sniffff*

Photos: Splash News