Robert Pattinson Just Bailed On Kristen Stewart

July 26th, 2012 // 104 Comments
The Aftermath
Kristen Stewart
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Twi-hards have been breathlessly waiting to see how Robert Pattinson would react to Kristen Stewart publicly admitting she banged the married director of Snow White and The Huntsmen, and it looks like that reaction is going to be, immediately pack his shit and move the fuck out. People reports:

The 26-year-old actor has left the Los Angeles home he shared with Stewart, PEOPLE has confirmed.
“I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from this,” a source says of the couple of three years, who met making the Twilight trilogy.
In seclusion and not in contact with Stewart, 22, the British star “is heartbroken and angry,” says the source.

Edward Cullen’s pensively brooding alone somewhere heartbroken and angry. Fantastic. You know that dull, roaring sound you’re hearing right now? That’s the massive vaginal tsunami about to flood the earth, so everyone should probably Google up that scene in Waterworld where Kevin Costner drinks his own piss because that’s our future now, all of us drinking pee water. Which let’s be frank, that’s the only way this franchise could’ve ended.

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  1. alpha

    A fake relationship ended by fake cheating. They were probably supposed to stay together until the movie came out. This doesn’t seemed studio approved.

    • thespiral

      Are you kidding? This has the marks of studio-engineered drama all over it. No publicity is bad publicity. I’m just surprised they went SO blatantly fake with it.

    • VAnne

      Leave conspiracy theories to the smart. who in their right mind who let their client take such a fall like that? Do you know how much Hollywood stars depend on likability? Do you know who is her following? Girls. No men at all. Women, teenage girls, MOMS who read Twilight. Who would want to be painted as a home wrecking ho? What for? Publicity? She’s already everywhere. Kristen has been in this year alone on the covers Elle France, Elle US, Elle UK, GQ, GQ UK and Vanity Fair, with more coming up for when Twilight comes out and On The Road this fall. She’s the face of a new Balenciaga perfume that comes out in september. Money? She’s already the highest paid actress of 2011 and 2012. In what way is a fake relationship and a fake scandal supposed to help gain what she already got before this mess?

      • VAnne

        You’re on a gossip site, kristen fan. This is what people do on gossip sites. They leave opinions. You’re on every post telling everybody they need to get laid for not supporting your skanky idol. And sorry, but I ‘m not thirsty to fuck in cars like some homeless whore, and I don’t need some middle aged starved, married dick to feel like I’m desired.

      • Speculating

        Stop and think about it. Her target audience is men. Read through the last few KStew posts on this site and how many times has a guy stated that she’s “sexier now that she’s a whore” or “dang–love those boobs” or what not. Ever since this scandal, she’s been adored by men–her TARGET audience. Rob’s target audience is women. He’ll be adored by them even moreso after this “cheat”. Rupert is new to Hollywood and needs the press. No one knew who he was until yesterday. Bad press is better than no press at all. His kids are to young to understand what’s going on and his wife COULD be in on it. Have you seen the pics? No clear shot of a kiss…in fact, in most of them, his hand is covering their faces. They look directly into the camers–more than once. not saying this is true, just saying it’s NOT out of the realm of possibility…

      • You both are taking this wayyy too seriously. Writing a full essay in a gossip blog is an indication that you have too much expendable time on your hands. Take a fucking Valium or something.

      • fur burger

        Just because they want to fuck her doesn’t mean they’ll watch her movies or buy the crap she flogs. Hell I would do her three ways of Sunday if the opportunity arose, but if it meant having to sit through twilight I would rather learn about how the joker got his scars

      • you are so right. Men hate twilight. I’m telling you VANNE it was a fake relationship. They had to end it some way. What better way than a huge scandal. Maybe she’s trying to change her image. The last Twilight movie is coming out soon. She needs a way to break away from her Twilight image.

      • YouSureUrStraight?

        You know she’s done with the Twilight movies, right? In fact, her next movie she comes out fully nude and has a threesome with two guys and the movie she’s about to film next month–she plays a porn star or something like that. You’re telling me that as a dude, you wouldn’t watch those flicks??? You sure ur straight?

      • i CAN’T BELIEVE THERE ARE PEOPLE OVER THE AGE OF20 WHO TIHINK THOSE TWO HAD A REAL RELATIONSHIP.. She apologized and professed her love on TWITTER of all places. Hello. There is no reason for them to have to carry on the relationship now that the last movie of te saga is due to come out. Also, Bella gets turned into a vampire so of course this “cheating scandal” is going to make her seem more edgy and believable on screen. It’s a bougs relationship. Wake up. No offense.

  2. Cock Dr

    Ms Stewart was nice to arrange it so that sparkle boy can, if he so chooses, bang pretty near the whole damned world now.
    The teary eyed sympathy fucks, if lined up from end to end, would probably reach to the moon and back again.

  3. There’s only one thing a 26 year old should be doing with a 22 year old and cohabitating isn’t at the top of the list.

  4. This is just like what happened to me except that when I was 26 and my girlfriend cheated on my, there WASN’T a parade of pussy waiting for me.

  5. Alison

    The next two weeks of this guys life are going to involve booze and about 250 girls.

    Good for him.

  6. Reality

    I don’t believe this shit. This is a huge publicity stunt to end a fake relationship, hollywood thinks were idiots and gonna believe this shit lol.
    And for the people saying this is real because that rupert dude is married and how can he put his wife and kids through this. Let me tell you this is HOLLYWOOD, there are no morals and everyone sells out. Publicity stunts like this have been happening since the beginning of hollywood.
    Those pictures could not be more staged.
    What a huge a bunch of bs

  7. cc

    I’d have seen to it that she left…courtesy of a giant catapult.

  8. DeucePickle

    If he’s smart he’ll give Leonardo Dicaprio a call.

  9. fucking cheat!….

  10. Ari

    I don’t understand why so many people think this is a scam. An actress sleeping with her director isn’t far fetched, I’m sure it happens in hollywood more than we know.

    Is this is a scam, consider this: Why choose a married director who has real life children? What would his wife & children win out of this scandal? Public humiliation?

    Also, if this was a scam, why wouldn’t they drop this scandal before the Snow White movie premiered? Wouldn’t it have helped out the box office?

    Some people are way to skeptical.

    • lobo

      i am sure Scarlett Jo slept w/ someone for her Avengers role part.

      Also, too*

    • Jill

      I think people think its a scam because she got caught AND admitted to it so quickly. This chick has been insanely private about her personal life and suddenly decides she needs a nooner in broad daylight? I’m not saying it’s out of the realm of possibilty that she’s just 22 and bored with a 3 year relationship, but the publicity of it all seems avoidable. And, she could have issued a denial or excuse. There are enough twi-crazies that would have believed just about any denial she came up with, it’s not like it would have been difficult.

      • Reality

        She was told beforehand, which means she could have paid the magazine off and moved on with her life. Plus, her apology letter to Rob LOL so fake ” I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry” lmao straight out of a shitty soap opera.
        This is all scam.
        Most people never believed her relationship with Rob so of course they’re not gonna believe this.
        Actually, this scandal just proves how fake her relationship with Rob was.
        I’m more surprised people actually believe this is real. Because its not.

    • No

      You’re being naive. It’s not the cheating that’s implausible, it’s that the photos are clearly staged. She knew she was being papped. Compare this bullshit to LeAnne Rimes and that guy getting caught at a restaurant, that was something that was clearly real.

    • Speculating

      Have you seen the pics? All of them??? There are 50 or so…they scream FAKE! Not fake as in photoshopped, but fake as in staged. Both her and Rupert stare into the cameras more than once–in broad daylight. And…they smile into the cameras! She went 4 years without getting caught with Rob, yet within her first fling…she gets caught outdoors, in public??? Screams fishy to me…but no one really knows but them two.

      • If it screams “fishy,” you’re sitting too close to her crotch.

      • nope

        They are not looking at the camera. They are looking around and just so happen to glance in the general vicinity of the person with the camera. Obviously, they didn’t see anything suspicious. Considering how far away the person with the camera was (zoom lens, obviously) and the fact that they were a bit, um, BUSY that isn’t very surprising.

      • pfk

        nope is right. I’ve only seen the pictures that were published in US magazine but there is such a thing as a telescopic/telephoto lens. It’s been around for quite a while now. In fact, I believe there is a law (in California at least) that makes it illegal to take pics with one of these lenses if the subject is on his or her own property. That’s because paps were snapping photos of celebs doing private things in their own backyards completely ignorant of the fact that an asshole was taking pictures of them from 100 miles away. From what I’ve read (on the internet), Stewart had just left the gym and was almost to her (and I guess Pattinson’s) shared domicile when one of the paps permanently staked out in front of it saw her take up her cell, stop and then turn around. The pics of them in that parking lot were not taken up against the window of that car. They saw a deserted parking lot and it most probably remained a deserted parking lot through all of their fumblings.

  11. FruitLoop

    Ah man Pattinson! Ya dope, you ALWAYS go for that one last break-up fuck!

    That’s where you get that “I’m so sorry, I’ll never cheat again, let me show you how much I still love you.” fuck. This is where you get the few freak nasty things she never did for you before, any position, anal, blast on her face, whatever you can think of. Then you still break up anyway, ah well.

    I agree this is just all too fake somehow, it’s all bullshit.

  12. Veronika Larsson

    What about the other people hurt by this? The world doesn’t revolve around Pattinson and Stewart. The director’s wife and two children are hurt, too.

    Kristen Stewart is sorry, and the director of her movie is sorry, because they got CAUGHT. I doubt either would have ever confessed if US Weekly hadn’t exposed their affair.

  13. Photo Boy cheated on Fish by writing for Perez Hilton.

  14. RacistPete

    I think the real victim here is my penis. If that damn papparazo had hidden better, he probably could’ve got video of her being cornholed in the back of the car.

    No professionalism.

  15. Smapdi

    Can a person be overwhelmed with indifference? Because that’s pretty much my reaction.

  16. thespiral

    Ok so let me get this straight…this “couple” has been so famously secretive and private over the years that they’ve never even confirmed their relationship. And now they’re being photographed cheating in broad daylight by paparazzi, giving tell-all press releases that sound like a goddamn diary entry, and broadcasting their personal business to every tabloid from here to Mars. And none of this 100% true, factual, not fake drama has ANYTHING to do with the upcoming release of their piece-of-shit movie?

    Hold on, I need more booze.

    • You seem confused.

    • Archie Leach

      Well if you take that thorazine that your doctor ordered you to, things might become less murky for you.

    • nope

      The only one who has been “private” about the relationship is him. And considering his continued silence, he seems to be maintaining that position. On the other hand, she has been letting things “slip out” in interviews for a while. Obviously, HE is the one who wanted to keep silent about it, and he doesn’t seem to be the sort to change his mind about things very easily.

  17. VAnne

    She’s been such a skank for such a long time, it was only a matter of time before HE was the victim I don’t know why her fans have turned their heads on that if it’s always been known. Nobody who steals boyfriends from their best friends (nikki reed was with rob when he hooked up with kristen, and they were bffs), and anyone who leaves longtime boyfriends to be with that colleague, and then fucks another taken colleague, a married one this time, in A CAR in broad daylight is to be trusted. Ever. red flags everywhere.

    She has no respect for anything. Not for the man she shared a home with, not for the people that she works with, not for the families of people she gets involved with. Obviously she doesn’t care about her work either. She shits on the franchise that employed her and made her rich, despite being incredibly underwhelming in every sense. She shits on fans, she thinks she’s too good for those movies, and when she finally gets to go to Cannes she has the same sour puss face and flips of photographers on the red carpet.

    WHAT does she want? Just fuck off.

    • hornygirl

      You’re getting way too emotional over nothing.

      I think you need to get laid.

      If you were getting fucked good in a car, you wouldn’t give a shit either.

    • Cock Dr

      Evidence suggests she wants an older straight man to eat her box until she screams.

      • VAnne

        sorry, but I ‘m not thirsty to fuck in cars like some homeless whore, and I don’t need some married, middle aged starving dick to feel like I’m desired. That’s what old men tell themselves when they pick up younger, messed up girls.
        If that’s your logic it’s flawed, because i don’t think like her. If i were, I’d be supporting her and defending her. alas, nobody si sticking up to her at this point.

      • Maurice St Claire

        I would volunteer to stick it up her ass at this point

      • RacistPete

        And I would just like to say: DIBS!

        Seriously though, I’ve got $500. Let’s spend $100 on a camera, $400 on haircuts, convince her we’re edgy, art-house directors and spend the weekend taking turns cornholing her under the pretense that it’s an exploration piece on the nature of power.

        The irony being that it actually would be.

      • Archie Leach

        Look just go to youtube and post your hissyfit like all the other twitrash droolers.

      • Yeah, why aren’t more 22-year-old women hungry for sex with 41-year-old men?

        – TomFrank, 41

      • Jill

        Tom Frank, the good news for you is that, while all 22 year olds may not be into 41 year olds, the ones that do probably have some daddy issues. Find one and enjoy!

    • Billy Barty, Jr

      Geez, take a vallium or two and cool out , maybe some oxy and a glass of vodka.
      It’s not the end of the world if these two twi – fakes breal up.Both of them can sow some wild oats . This Twi – thing isn’t even remotely real . Cunnilingus in a car apparently is …..

    • Lala

      Lol! I love this: “sorry, but I‘m not thirsty to fuck in cars like some homeless whore, and I don’t need some married, middle aged starving dick to feel like I’m desired.” I totally agree.

      To be honest, I actually liked Kristen and some of the movies she’s been in, Twilight excluded. But I have no respect for someone who cheats with a married man with a family. The dude is an even bigger pile of shit. And I can’t stand people who say shit like, oh she’s young and naive and is just enjoying life. FUCK THAT. I’m 23 and I know better. You don’t touch married men. How can you fuck up someone’s family like that? Do you have no dignity or self-respect? UGH.

    • fuckityfuck

      stfu and go back under your bridge

    • pfk

      VAnne – yeah, this 41 year-old married father business is a terrible reflection on her, especially since his wife was also in the movie and was apparently good to her. But this ‘cheated on her first boyfriend/Nikki Reed crap’ is nonsense. If there was an overlap with Michael – oh well. That’s the way a lot of first relationships go when one is learning about oneself and the opposite sex, especially when boyfriend is a few thousand miles away and you are spending 24/7 of your time with a guy you chose as your costar against all the twattard objections to his looks (ewww, he’s a gargoyle!) because you saw something in him no twattard would ever see. I don’t have anything against Reed but I can tell she’s the type of needy boy-crazy girl who will be pushy getting the guy she wants while trying to keep another female , one that he obviously likes, away from him. If that means instilling a sense of loyalty by becoming bff then she will do it. She was never going to be able to keep Pattinson regardless. As for KS shitting on her fans… I mean, come on. Just look at what she has to deal with regarding her (entitled, often hateful) ‘fans’. They think they OWN her and HER life. Well guess what? You don’t.

  18. Maurice St Claire

    Pattinson’s gonna need astro glide and a pacing technique for the next 9 months. He may be able to equal Mick Jagger’s record of 4000 women in much less time.
    His war cry could be “Twats for TwiHard!”

    • Al Swearengen

      “Twats for TwiHard ” sounds funny , but you know 100,000 panties and g – strings moistened perceptively when the boy moved out .
      I would give odds that he’s gonna need more than just astroglide, but a complex scheduler with allowances for airplane delays and publicity meet N greets to pack in all of that desperate pussy

  19. T1

    anyone know the last of the twilight movies was already filmed? seems like it’d be a big kink if not.

    • Veronika Larsson

      It’s in post-production according to IMDB.

      I think Kristen Stewart has a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality. This rupture in her life may help her if she uses as an opportunity for growth, but what she’s done and what her married lover have done is very hurtful to a lot of people.

  20. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s it, kick that cum dumpster to the curb.

  21. Bringbackbabalu

    Why is waterworld so awesome?

  22. The Royal Penis

    He should have guilted her into sex one last time so he could secretly film him doing her anally while degrading her verbally.

    THEN you leave and post it on the internets.

    That’s how you “move on”.

    • Veronika Larsson

      Maybe Robert is not a dickhead?

    • pfk

      I’m sure it would be so much fun for the blowup doll that is stupid enough to be your girlfriend to sue and take everything you have if you ever did that, and since it sounds like you are the sort of guy where “everything you have” is what you use to make up for your – ahem – “shortcomings” elsewhere, it would be like she’s suing the dick off of you! But hey, do the responsible thing and neuter your pets I always say.

  23. Archie Leach

    This is the opportunity for rob to get together with those penises that he’s really been wanting but the beard contract forbid.

  24. tint installer

    Two words…Tinted windows ……

  25. Morgan

    I was gonna feel sorry for him, but then I realized that he’d be knee-deep in pussy wherever he’d go so…

    I’m sure he’ll get over it. Just bang some models bro, you’ll feel positively renewed.

  26. bee

    he should have kicked her to the curb seeing as how he supposedly owns the house. she can go live being the hollywood sign and hook up with other guys there

  27. woah

    Here are all the pics
    if anyone wants to see.
    Its funny how people are saying he’s going down on her or their having anal. The truth is they are just kissing, nothing else is going on and in most of them they are just staring at the camera. It seems they don’t even care someone is watching them.
    I don’t see any oral sex or anal but people choose to see whatever they want to see.

    • yodaddy

      Funny how she looks so much happier with Rupert.

    • Even if he’s just kissing her in the photos, that doesn’t mean that more than kissing didn’t happen behind closed doors. They worked on a movie for awhile and you seriously don’t think some hooking up and emo sex happened during those times?

  28. dontkillthemessenger

    I can’t help but think this wouldn’t have happened if he showered once in a while.

  29. Veronika Larsson

    People do this all the time. They want out of a relationship because they’re bored or have just fallen out of love, but they don’t have the guts to end it cleanly and honestly.

    So they have an affair where they’re sure to get caught or do some other unforgivable thing that ensures the relationship is ended.

    Robert should realize that no matter what Kristen says, she wants OUT of this relationship. Actions speak louder than words.

  30. gigi

    why are these miscreants taking up our lives? I thought the dude like weiner anyway…. wtf

  31. #SqurtingOutFartsAndMakingShitStains,Sup?

    K-Stew deserves better. Someone like me. I’ll be her boyfriend now! She looks like she gives good head! YEAHHHHHHHH! Swallow my sperm Kristen Stewart!

  32. I heard that he was too despondent to wash his hair, shave, act well, or even look at women sexually!

  33. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    Commented on this photo:

    So sad why do people feel the need to hurt others and ruin relationships!! I so dislike her now! Rob you will fine another to love who will love you and only you!!

  34. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve always disliked Kristen Stewart and now I fuckin hate her. Cheating is unforgiveable….and he looks freaking miserable :( Incidentally, I make this exact same face when I’m inflicted with Kristen’s acting.

  35. o0

    I’d would have kicked that medicore looking bitch in her teeth.

  36. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    Commented on this photo:

    all these photos look like Rob already knew

  37. El Jefe

    Well at least he and…I will just throw any random actor’s name out there…Jeremy Renner for instance, can now be happy.

  38. Jimbatsu

    Maybe he likes it, cuckold style.

  39. Veronica

    This is more interesting than the actual Twilight Saga. I wonder if his kids will have to call her ‘Mommy’ now.

  40. LOL

    Every time a celebrity cries and angel get their wings. Fuck these fake fucks.

  41. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    toss bags
    Commented on this photo:

    all these fkn actors do the same facial stare. .. i am smoking love me, need me!! oohhh meeee

  42. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG you are tooooooo funny – love your site!

  43. Robert Pattinson Moved Out Comic-Con
    Commented on this photo:

    yeah, they just took these photos out of context though. The media shows you what they want you to see. There’s plenty of him smiling and being his usual giggly self in the rest of the photos not shown

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