Don’t Ask Robert Downey Jr. About ‘Dark Periods’ (Light Flows? Maybe)

If you somehow haven’t seen this by now, here’s Robert Downey Jr. walking out of an interview on Channel 4 News that was supposed to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron but became awkward as hell when Krishnan Guru-Murthy started asking him about the “dark periods” in his life, and why he told David Carr in 2008 that you don’t come out of a jail a liberal. Via Gawker:

Downey clearly didn’t want to analyze some “half-assed” thing he said last decade, and begged off by saying “I couldn’t even really tell you what a liberal is,” but Guru-Murthy haltingly tried to push the issue.
The last straw came when Guru-Murthy asked a tangled question about whether Downey thinks he’s free of drugs and alcohol, and maybe his father or something?

On the one hand, I completely understand that Robert Downey Jr. walked into this interview fully expecting to hit some softballs and promote Avengers: Age of Ultron because that’s what he’s getting paid assloads of money to do, and more importantly, it’s what Disney expects to happen here. Not to mention, he has talked open and honestly about his past in other interviews, but again, I’m pretty sure the people paying him fucking millions to be Robot Man would prefer he downplay that shit to keep things “family friendly.” On the other hand, I could see how it’s hard to feel sympathy for a man who makes more than any of us will make in a lifetime because he had to hear some questions he didn’t like for five minutes. That said, who doesn’t enjoy a well-timed “fuck you” exit where you tell someone, “This got a little too Diane Sawyer,” before getting into a golden helicopter and peacing out like a boss? It’s the American dream. Or am I thinking of sniping brown people from an F-150 with Jesus at the wheel? It’s one of those.

And here’s Quentin Tarantino’s interview where he tells Krishnan Guru-Murthy he’s “shutting your butt down” after being asked about the violence in his movies:

Photo: YouTube