If Your Child Doesn’t Recognize Robert Downey Jr., You’ve Failed As A Parent

June 14th, 2013 // 10 Comments

Here’s Robert Downey Jr. taking a break from filming The Judge in Massachusetts to meet 18-month-old Jaxson who was under the impression he was going to meet Iron Man, but instead, got this stranger and appears to have reacted exactly like I would’ve so I hope somebody changed him afterwards. On that note, apparently this was the most popular photo on the Internet yesterday even though I gave you whole galleries of Reese Witherspoon‘s butt crack and Kate Upton‘s breast in a bikini. I don’t even know what gets you off anymore, that’s how distant you are lately. Do you want me to make children cry? Will children crying make you look at me the way you used to? WHY CAN’T YOU LET ME IN?!

Photos: Facebook / Getty, Splash News


  1. I’ll start working on a PowerPoint presentation for my kids immediately. I can’t let this tragedy happen a second time.

  2. swg

    Wait! That’s not Hugh Jackman?
    I’m already mixing up:
    Jeff Bridges/Kurt Russel
    Sam Neil/Denis Quaid
    The guy from Planet of the Apes/That guy who plays Anakin Skywalker

  3. In the olden days, If a child didn’t recognize and respect Robert Downey Jr, that child would be taken out to the deepest part of the woods and left there.

  4. Jeezus…it looks like Robert is going to cry, too! “Don’t worry, little boy, that’s easy to fix with cocaine. Always worked for me at your age.”

  5. His parents named him Jaxon and gave him a fauxhawk. I guess it’s never too early to instill the douche in your child.

  6. This kid is an idiot. RDJ still looks like iron man from the iron man movie.

  7. Jenn

    It’s the lack of goatee. Changes freak little kids out. Especially little kids that are pussies.

  8. anonymous

    The parents are full of shit. The kid probably doesn’t know who Iron Man is unless they pull out one of the kid’s toys; let alone RDJ.

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