Robert Downey Jr. Has Everyone’s Backs

While Robert Downey Jr. might be one of the most badass people in Hollywood at the moment, there still comes a price for being arrested in a hotel room with nothing but a pile of cocaine and a Wonder Woman costume. And that price is constantly being badgered about troubled celebrities whenever you’re on the red carpet which was the case last night at the LA premiere of Due Date. Hollyscoop reports:

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Robert told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY about Mel’s image and reports of him getting fired while promoting his own movie Due Date at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Thursday night.
“The great thing about Mel is that you know someone for 25 years, whenever someone asks you a question about him in the media it doesn’t mean anything,” Robert told Hollyscoop adding, “I just talk to the guy and we have a friendship.”

If talking about Mel Gibson wasn’t enough, E! News then hit Robert up for his thoughts on Charlie Sheen:

The weird thing is that someone who’s been through it is expected to talk about it. I’d rather just talk to them.”
In fact, he wouldn’t hesitate if his old pal decided to call him and wanted to chat about things.
“I’d like to talk to Charlie, he said. “I’ve known him for ages.”

Even though Iron Man 2 was a flaming shit-bucket of Marvel shoe-horning in its upcoming franchises, Robert Downey Jr. did his damndest to hold that thing together and still deserves to stop being equated with your Charlie Sheens and Mel Gibsons. While those guys have a history of violence against women, Robert simply couldn’t stop doing drugs because his addict dad started feeding him the shit at eight-years-old. Except I just realized that makes him sound comparable to Lindsay Lohan, so maybe he should’ve been a little rough on the ladies.

Anyone finding it difficult to argue with that? Yeah, me too. Moving on…

Photos: Splash News