Rob Lowe’s wife sued for sexual harassment

May 1st, 2008 // 48 Comments

There’s something sweet about a couple that share common interests. In Rob and Sheryl Lowe’s case, it’s getting sued for sexual harassment. Aww, now that’s good marriage-ing. While Rob is facing allegations of his own, Sheryl just got nailed in a lawsuit from another former nanny. Apparently Mrs. Lowe is a bit of an exhibitionist, according to People:

Laura Boyce, who worked for the couple for seven months in 2007, claims Sheryl Lowe created an “extremely sexually offensive and hostile work environment … behaving in a … perverted, disgusting and crude manner.”
Boyce also alleges that Sheryl used the “n” word in reference to Boyce’s boyfriend, who was an NBA player.
Sheryl also allegedly “walked around naked, completely exposing herself” to Boyce, asked about her boyfriend’s private parts and talked about Sheryl’s sex life with Rob.

I don’t know what these people are complaining about. Working for the Lowes sounds AWESOME. In fact, I’d like to offer Rob and Sheryl my services. I’ve got no problem with nudity and, Sheryl, feel free to ask me anytime if my dong is long like Donkey Kong.*

*Editor’s Note: It’s itty and bitty like the Kong’s pal Diddy.

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  1. hahaha

    sounds like a full-on nanny attack.

  2. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Rob Lowes wife has man hands. He certainly got the looks in that family.

  3. Onyx Blackman

    Sheryl Lowe is fugly. Only hot chicks should sexually harass others.

  4. Mo

    I’m sorry, but the ED’s NOTE made me laugh, even though the penis jokes on here are usually rather lame.

    That was actually funny. WTG.

  5. jrz

    Is that his mom?

  6. tired

    Check out her Man-hands.

  7. English Bob

    Give it a break Nancy, you muppet!

    I only have the following words of advice for Laura Boyce and thats;

    ‘I can see a new horizon
    Underneath the blazin’ sky
    I’ll be where the eagle’s
    Flyin’ higher and higher
    Gonna be your man in motion
    All I need is a pair of wheels
    Take me where my future’s lyin’
    St. Elmo’s Fire

    Yeh, i never said it was good advice….

  8. ph7

    She looks like a freak. Not gorgeous, but she’ll try harder.

  9. JM

    Photogs: “Mr Lowe, Mr Lowe! Can we get a shot of you hugging that homeless chick with Down Syndrome? Oh what’s that? Oh my god, I am so sorry. Mr. Lowe, can we get a shot of you and your wife! … No? … But I corrected myself… come on – look at her, are you going to tell me you don’t wake up in the morning and wonder how the fuck you ended up with a chick who is uglier than a bag of mashed up vaginas? See, I knew you’d see it my way… smile!”

  10. They White Urkle

    The “Nanny” had a boyfriend who was in the NBA and the best she could do was be a nanny? Something smells as fishy as a Philippino cat house!

  11. lmfao.. and here i thought i would be the only one to notice the man-hands.. holy christ those are some seriously grizzled looking things. her face is a close 2nd though!!!

  12. Expert on Everything (except spelling)

    sounds like typical run of the mill goings on in EVERY single celeb. house. I live in Santa Monica and hear constant crazy yet typical stories like this. ie. the nanny for jack nicholsons grand kids is a semi-good friend -she has a boat load of shit on jacks loser (sorry) daughter and her neglect/abuse of her children. add millions of dollars to the story and you’ve got hot steaming gossip! yawn.

  13. MassGrrl

    I’m with Superfish. I would love to work for a couple like that!

  14. Auntie Kryst

    @7 Good St. Elmo’s reference. Now looking at that picture it sort of looks like Billy did wind up marrying Wendy..

  15. plook the mammalians

    research on Sheryl shows a few things:
    a) in other photos she tries to hid them mits which you vicious SOBs have spotted.
    b) she has taken some decent photos
    c) she has tremendous funbags, hence the initial interest from Robbie.

  16. jeff

    rob lowe can’t find a hotter chick than that? i’ll scour google for some boob pics, because this is kind of hard to believe…

  17. English Bob

    Yes No.12….go on…….

  18. nipolian

    I really thought Billy would end up doing better than settling for Howie’s sloppy seconds.

  19. Deva

    Blonde hair, blue eyes? I refuse to believe she used the N word in todays day and age.

  20. Slushy

    Yeap not the hottest chick, but i wouldn’t be complaining about having to work for them. Thats why house keepers should be male, like they will complain about the wives walking around nude.

  21. fygu

    I think there has to be some truth to this. Sheryl’s probably one of those people who talks about personal shit with anyone (I had a friend like that and she offended people constantly–including me.)

  22. Harry Ballzack


    This story is as worthless without pictures as Sheryl Lowe fish !!
    WTF ??

  23. Bigheadmike

    How about An apprentice show to work for the Lowe Family. Sign me up!!!!

  24. mamadough

    you remember the movie “robin hood: men in tights” where tracey ullman played that ugly as hell witch that got all over the sheriff of rottingham. yeah, it’s based off of that nasty bitch up there.

  25. mamadough

    why am i have the easiest time picturing her gumming some applesauce to death?

  26. Kate

    I want to hear more about Jack Nicholson’s loser daughter.

  27. yikes

    Do the Math…..
    Rob Lowe has had and can have more hot women then this entire group of posters and yet he marries a ugly chick with big strong fingers-
    Who is even a little surprised she is Hypersexual??????
    Perhaps her hands are not her only manly part……….. now that is grounds for a complaint.

  28. shalala

    anyone else think she looks like an overgrown nellie olsen?

  29. Village

    If you are going to bother to cover up your chicken neck, you need to do the same for your hands.

    She is not aging well. She looks 10 years older than she is.

  30. absolute

    She looks beautiful. She is my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  31. Sara

    What the fuck?! Rob Lowe is a sexy man, he could have any prostitute in the world and he went with the broad with the nasty man-hands? Crack open some lobsters with those behemoths…

  32. natalia

    She totally has man hands! I thought I was the only one who noticed. It makes me wonder if that scarf isn’t strategically placed to hide something else….

  33. Bwhaha

    OMG she has Man Hands!!!!

  34. gigi

    that’s so hot…. old hag nudity, interracial boning, n-word, scandal… if only they had locked one of the sisters downstairs in their soundproof cellar & made them have Rob’s extra secret children, this would make a genius movie!

  35. sla

    Every time I see this picture of them where she has that fugly scarf on I wonder if she is into erotic asphyxiation.

  36. mrs.t

    Again with the giant hands. Nothing else to add, just WOW. Ugliest hands award to Mrs. Lowe.

  37. blu

    WHERE can I sign up to work for them?

  38. MW

    Since when did walking around naked in your own house become a crime?!

  39. meg

    know ppl that know these ppl and she is supposed to be a real bitch. used to come into my work all the time and wouldnt doubt she was a royal obnoxious pain in the ass to work for. BLAH

  40. beyonce knocked up higher than a kite

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed his mom’s big ugly hands. Yeesh.

  41. nita

    her smile makes her look toothless. Mom Lowe is fugs!!!!!! He is way to hot for her…….

  42. Kat

    Am I the only one who thinks they look like they could be brother and sister??? They don’t have the same coloring at all, but the lips, the noses, the smiles, they eyes…I’m tellin’ ya, they look alike.

  43. bootlips

    Why do famous men settle on ugly chicks?

  44. jc

    Does anyone else think this was a 3-some gone bad. It seems that rob would be into really kinky stuff and secret sex clubs stuff.

  45. joe

    Dear GOD this woman looks devilish !!!!
    she is the evil personnified !
    hide the children she eats them too !

  46. jennifer

    She must be a transexual ! she has got a mannly feature !!!!
    i’m sure down there something is hangging !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Aidan

    it’s not that some people are perverted. it’s that some people are too goddamn sensitive.

  48. Ally

    He is so hot and she is sooooooo fugly. Why did he settle (i mean marry) that ?

    GO THE MAN HANDS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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