Rob Lowe’s wife sued for sexual harassment

There’s something sweet about a couple that share common interests. In Rob and Sheryl Lowe’s case, it’s getting sued for sexual harassment. Aww, now that’s good marriage-ing. While Rob is facing allegations of his own, Sheryl just got nailed in a lawsuit from another former nanny. Apparently Mrs. Lowe is a bit of an exhibitionist, according to People:

Laura Boyce, who worked for the couple for seven months in 2007, claims Sheryl Lowe created an “extremely sexually offensive and hostile work environment … behaving in a … perverted, disgusting and crude manner.”
Boyce also alleges that Sheryl used the “n” word in reference to Boyce’s boyfriend, who was an NBA player.
Sheryl also allegedly “walked around naked, completely exposing herself” to Boyce, asked about her boyfriend’s private parts and talked about Sheryl’s sex life with Rob.

I don’t know what these people are complaining about. Working for the Lowes sounds AWESOME. In fact, I’d like to offer Rob and Sheryl my services. I’ve got no problem with nudity and, Sheryl, feel free to ask me anytime if my dong is long like Donkey Kong.*

*Editor’s Note: It’s itty and bitty like the Kong’s pal Diddy.

Photo: Getty Images