Rob Lowe’s wife seems really awesome to work for – if you’re in the Klan

July 2nd, 2008 // 102 Comments

The Lowe family seems fantastic to work for. In their ongoing legal battle with former nannies accusing them of everything from unpaid wages to flagrant masturbation, new accusations have arisen. Another ex-nanny, Laura Boyce, is claiming Sheryl Lowe made racially slurred accusations when she called in sick. Sheryl, fancying herself a doctor, issued her own diagnosis revolving around fellatio and minorities. Huh. Missed that episode of House. TMZ reports:

A former Lowe nanny has filed new legal papers, reiterating her most shocking claim — that when she tried to call in sick to work one day, Sheryl Lowe yelled the reason for her illness was “she got strep throat from sucking n****r d**k. I mean black d**k.
“At the time,” Boyce says, “I was dating an African-American man.”

Well, these accusations prove one thing: Sheryl Lowe is a frequent commenter on this site! Ha! I kid. (Maybe.) Anyway, I love how Sheryl tries to smooth things over by saying “I mean black dick” after dropping the N-word. Because that softens the blow of accusing an entire race of carrying disease in their wangs. That’s like lighting someone completely on fire then saying “Shit, my bad. Have a wetnap.”


  1. Miss Kitty

    UK First!!

  2. SoCalSteve


  3. Terror Dan

    Christina Milian can wipe her babies’ asses when her career ends its deatht hroes.

  4. LanceAlot


  5. yodolayheehoo


    are you here? I follow you from post to post….because I love you. Adoration at it’s finest. Please tell me you love me too…

  6. Deacon Jones

    lol! Good one Fish

    That probably really was the reason

    Plus, if she’s a hot chick and she’s dating a black dude, she’s definitely a slut.

    The only girls that date black dudes are 350 pounds with tatts and gray sweatpants

    • Blackbone

      You wouldn’t believe how many hot chicks are fucking brothas…..while their husbands watch. I’m a member of Ohio White Wives into Black Cocks and all I can say is White Dudes are strange..

  7. God Almighty

    Ok, so she is a dried up dead frog that’s been out in the sun for 3 days.

    How is she hot? Well, I guess if she is doing Interracial BJ movies now, she COULD be as popular as Rob doing “Hot Teens I Paid For Sex” movies when he was on HIS streak right?

    These people remind me of why “Stupid” is a category I created specifically for fucking morons………….- God

  8. veggi

    What, so now she’s gonna be sued for telling the truth?

  9. trumper

    I’m not gay, but he makes a much better looking woman than she does.

  10. God Almighty

    If that Emo Cawk-Fest movie “Juno” had been more like Rob’s wife getting Darkie Dick……….

    I actually would have paid to see THAT one.

  11. dert


    Who doesn’t tell nigger jokes in the privacy of their own home?

  12. #5 – I love you to! So glad to have a fan base!

  13. Deacon Jones


    The only WHITE girls that date black dudes are 350 pounds with tatts and gray sweatpants

  14. shar

    Sheryl Lowe is one rough looking mamma. Geeze, it must be difficult when those 2 go out in public, he is very good looking (maybe too much so) and she looks like the hired help thats maybe sucked back a few too many the night before.

  15. yodolayheehoo

    Hm…you didn’t say the first two commenters were douches…you aren’t a TROLL are you??? Because I want the the REAL sportsdvl. He’s delicious.

  16. BaCrock Osama

    I admit it was my diseased n****r d**k

  17. mar.mar

    a agree with #13

    plus wtf is so bad about what she said? people love makeing a big deal out of nothing.

  18. yodolayheehoo that was a very nice post, thank you. My troll expressed his love for you on #12 which I appreciate as well.

  19. To say at least: SHE LOOKS A BIT “STRANGE”!!

  20. CAMCAM

    Nice to know the superficial knows that some of it’s readers are losers.

  21. dan

    maybe she said: “…nigger duck. I mean black duck.”

    she obviously has no respect to afro-american ducks

  22. Rev Al

    Everyone knows Black Dick gives you pnemonia, not strep.

  23. zuzuspetals

    If she really said this- and I have a hard time believing that the nanny would make this up- Sheryl Lowe is a deeply deranged person. Rob must be equally deranged to be married to her.

    To all of you who have made racist comments on this post so far-
    I hope you die tonight.

  24. Jumpin_J

    #16, For once, you couldn’t be more true.

  25. David

    A frequent commenter would say DOUBLE NIGGER

  26. Tina

    Who cares what she says…Freedom of Speech lets her say whatever she wants. And how can they prove she said it anyways??

    And does anyone else think all of these accusations are totally transparent? Who else will jump on this bullshit bandwagon?

  27. thedudeabides

    nigger dick gives you AIDS not strep

  28. thedudeabides

    nigger dick gives you AIDS not strep

  29. notbuyingit

    @23, Defensive are we? You cannot be black and have watched “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

  30. The Real Scooby Doo

    cracker cunt give you herpes. so her point is???

    oh and those trophy white wives that the black nba-ers flaunt around are nowhere near 350 pounds. those are the girls most of these posters wish they even stood a chance at but never will because the only thing they would talk to the girl about is modding their dell pc.

  31. The Real Scooby Doo

    cracker cunt give you herpes. so her point is???

    oh and those trophy white wives that the black nba-ers flaunt around are nowhere near 350 pounds. those are the girls most of these posters wish they even stood a chance at but never will because the only thing they would talk to the girl about is modding their dell pc.

  32. Rut Roh

    She has freedom of speech, but it does not claim to protect her from people ridiculing her racist ass. If she chooses to say words that are offensive, then people can fire right back her.

    By the way, again, it’s so odd that so many card carrying KKK members frequent this site, or perhaps it’s just 1-2 pathetic, lonely people that want a reaction out of everyone else.

    Oh, but please, prove me wrong and leave like 500 racist comments to prove you’re not 1 or 2 people. Sadly, you redneck losers will probably make children.

    All in all, this lady looks like a crackwhore. If said comments were made up by the nanny, then it looks like a lot of nannies are trying to milk a not so famous couple.

  33. Hmmm…the nanny had a case of “Kardashian Syndrome” – The unexplained propensity for dark meat ; the enjoyment of low class non-english speaking americans, with a penchant for verbal and physical abuse. Also know as “white guilt syndrome” or “OJ fingerbanged me as a kid Syndrome”.

    • Blackbone

      Let’s face it, it was going on way before the Kardashians. They just made it fashionable. Research the word “cuckold”

  34. the devil

    God, you still have to pay to get in the movies? What a jerk off

  35. sportsdvi

    yodolayheehoo, it seems that my two trolls are beating me to the posts. but this is the real sportsdvi and i appreciate your comment. and i’m touching myself while i type this with one hand!

  36. Julia_NYC

    I have been undercover here again and I can’t believe my eyes. I knew there were racist people on here but I haven’t been able to eat my lunch after reading some of these. You people need to go to church and read The Word of God and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Then we could all see that we are all related in the spiritual world. I love all of you, black, brown, white, yellow, beige, everybody. Please share my love and stop with the racism that america is so obsessed with. Hear my cry to you please!

  37. Lala Lassha

    #32 I agree with you.

    #33 Get a life.

  38. Biff Christ, J's Half Brother

    @36: Julia, can I Holy Communion all over your ass?

  39. woodhorse

    @36! an image of the baby Jesus appeared underneath the overpass (otherwise known as “the spaghetti bowl”) on I35/Stemmons Frwy and it wants to talk to you.

  40. Angry Beaver

    Wait, you can get strep from sucking black dick? Somebody better tell Spencer Pratt before he loses his voice. Wait, on second thought, don’t tell him.

  41. Fat Ghetto Queen

    Negroes have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? You have nothing except the words of an angry person who is suing their former employers. Could that nanny be lying?

  42. doomhammer

    If nig*ger dick gave women strep, half of the fat ugly pasty white women in America would be inffected. Nig*gers sure love that fat ugly white ass.

  43. @37 lalala laqueishia shaniqua

    Get a job sparkling wiggle.

  44. BooHooCoon

    Do women actually work anymore? Everytime you turn around some whore is trying to get paid for nothing…. the latest boohoo “I need to sue because she called me on being a spook lovin whore, whoa is me” bitch needs to fuck off.

    And who keeps letting all these spearchuckers on the interweb anyway? Cut it the fuck out, cuz of you they’re trying to create the internet2 to escape the sinking spiral of lowered value due to these moolies.

  45. Rut Roh

    At least it didn’t take long for my point to be proven.

  46. @45 rut roh the ho ho

    STFU Bitch. Dont you have a weave to be gettin? or nails to be gettin done? or a cellphone to be OBNOXIOUSLY talking in broken english on louder than an intercom system while youre driving in the left lane too slow while bumping (c)rap music for the 3 kids in the back with different baby daddies? or maybe parking in handicapped at wal mart buying that UGLY ASS pink color for your fake hair?

    • Blackbone

      Mike, your wife says you’re on the computer too much, and she’ll be home when I’m finished with her…lol

  47. Rut Roh

    I’d love to be a black female, perhaps it is my calling.
    I’m actually a male, but it’s okay, I’m sure you don’t have much experience with the human race.

    I’m not sure if you realized this, but arguing on the internet is simply impossible. The only point that gets proven is that you can type rude, racist comments while hiding behind a computer screen. You’re lonely, pathetic, cries are turned into these dramatic plights to make people notice you, even in anger.

    I wonder if you are Spencer Pratt? You seem to have a flair for drama and want to “internet fight” with anyone that will play with you.

    And in all fairness, my English is quite good, but my Japanese and Italian are far better. Then again, you just created a paragraph with no punctuation….hmm….I think I’ll abuse my dots now……..Wait, you win the day Trebek! You are far more eloquent than anyone I have seen. Now let’s kiss and make-up so you can get back to your clan meeting and I can get back to studying for my exams.

  48. Barak Obama

    Ah be orderin’ a IRS audit on deez Whiteys.

  49. doomhammer

    Hey 47, No worries mayne. Just keep on studying and reading and learning and ignore these fools.

    And by the way, about that Pell Grant. YOU’RE WELCOME !

  50. @47 rut roh the hoho

    Well Im glad you feel the need to be the lawyer and standup-ish guy for blacks in America. Im guessing you dont live in the US if your english isnt that good, therefore you are irrelevant in the conversation of race relations in America.

    It is easy to argue on the internet. I put a point, you put a point etc. Same as in conversation. Being fluent in Japanese and Italian would explain your lackluster experience with dialogue resulting in anything but surrender and compliance, as youve been taught in those educational systems (if thats where you were educated).

    Or wait, was that supposed to be impressive that you know italian and japanese? Forgive me, as many of us here also speak several languages and its really not that big a deal…an everyday occurrence to be honest.

    So kid, get your dick out of your hand while looking at Heidi Montags ass and dont be mad at spencer for not being a 20-something grease monkey that can only get girls with armpit hair and slight moustaches. We grow em differently here, so get past it.

    Also, dont fret, one day youll be able to come here and work in a bakery in New Jersey with the rest of your family. Now get back to your socialism 101 class and get informed on how you can save the world…and whales…and owls etc etc etc.

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