Rob Lowe’s wife seems really awesome to work for – if you’re in the Klan

The Lowe family seems fantastic to work for. In their ongoing legal battle with former nannies accusing them of everything from unpaid wages to flagrant masturbation, new accusations have arisen. Another ex-nanny, Laura Boyce, is claiming Sheryl Lowe made racially slurred accusations when she called in sick. Sheryl, fancying herself a doctor, issued her own diagnosis revolving around fellatio and minorities. Huh. Missed that episode of House. TMZ reports:

A former Lowe nanny has filed new legal papers, reiterating her most shocking claim — that when she tried to call in sick to work one day, Sheryl Lowe yelled the reason for her illness was “she got strep throat from sucking n****r d**k. I mean black d**k.
“At the time,” Boyce says, “I was dating an African-American man.”

Well, these accusations prove one thing: Sheryl Lowe is a frequent commenter on this site! Ha! I kid. (Maybe.) Anyway, I love how Sheryl tries to smooth things over by saying “I mean black dick” after dropping the N-word. Because that softens the blow of accusing an entire race of carrying disease in their wangs. That’s like lighting someone completely on fire then saying “Shit, my bad. Have a wetnap.”