Rob Lowe’s having a good week. Or a pricey one.

Rob Lowe is apparently cleaning up this week because he also ended the legal feud with his other former nanny, Laura Boyce, who claimed Sheryl Lowe told her she’s always sick because she gives blowjobs to “n-ggers.” You just read that. People reports:

Lowe, 45, had sued Boyce in April 2008 for defamation and violating her confidentiality agreement, while Boyce alleged sexual harassment by his wife, Sheryl, accusing the actor’s wife of using racial and sexual epithets during her seven-month employment with the Lowes.
Sheryl Lowe denied any wrongdoing, and multiple witnesses provided sworn statements that it was Boyce who frequently used the “n” word in conversation.

In both cases, neither side would disclose if a settlement took place, but let’s assume the Lowes will stick to taking care of their children the old-fashioned way: Paying illegal immigrants under the table.

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