Rob Lowe’s former nanny goes public

April 15th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Jessica Gibson, the former 24-year-old nanny of Rob Lowe, is claiming the actor “exposed himself, touched himself and groped her several times in her lawsuit, filed yesterday in Santa Barbara,” according to TMZ:

The suit also alleges that the actor grabbed her butt without her consent in December 2007, around the time she quit working for the Lowes.

Jessica appeared on The Today Show this morning and you guys can scope out the video above. I find both sides of the story to be suspicious. Rob Lowe with his preemptive strike in the media and Jessica Gibson continuing to return to work for the Lowe’s after quitting and her resignation texts. Though somewhere in the middle is probably the truth which is that Rob Lowe touched himself and invited the nanny to watch – along with the neighbors, some Shriners and his Brothers & Sisters costar Sally Field, who would’ve loved to stopped by, but never knows what to bring to these things. A deli tray or is this more of a light dessert affair?

Video: MSNBC

  1. yeah that`s all good.
    but i would find it cooler if stars had like a live backstage channel like this one:

    check it out, it`s da bomb !!!

  2. bridget



  3. tanya

    Rob Lowe can expose himself to me any day!

  4. If he’s bringing the sausage I think she should bring condiments. Makes sense.

  5. ihatewhores

    oh give me a fucking break. Has this become like the Clinton scandal all the sudden. Now all these women are coming out of the woodwork to get their spot in the sun and grab some of the loot.

    Fuck off skanks.

  6. Jaffo

    Um…have I missed something here?! When the hell did women get the right to speak in public and not be regarded solely as our sexual playthings?! DAGNABIT!!!

  7. Tom

    She has a crooked smile. I bet her vagina is frumpy too.

    Would not expose myself to.

  8. MMB

    “former 24 year old nanny”??? Don’t you mean “24 year old FORMER nanny”?? Sorry, I’m an editor…

  9. Jenipurrr

    I hate spam. I’m hating that spam is hitting the comments on this damn site. It annoys me more than this chicks frumpy cunt…or Rob Lowes shriveled old schlong. yeah…I wish someone would spam that.

  10. Ted Mosby

    She had nothing to say. Gloria spoke for her on pretty much every topic.

    Nonetheless, I would touch her butt too (eventhough it wasn’t shown on tape)

  11. HER PUSSY TOO, I understand?

  12. holla@meh

    this bitch is so stupid. i HIGHLY DOUBT rob lowe touched her, or even looked at her. and even if he was simply suggestive to her, she should have been happy. that girl is fucking ugly and rob is hot. it just doesnt make any sense. and she had nothing to say, she just made herself look SOOO stupid! on the news! love how her lawyer spoke for her the whole time, trying to make her look like a helpless victim. if she was being “abused” all that time this case would have come out years ago. rob lowe is not as “big and powerful and rich” as this slut’s attourney is trying to make him seem.

  13. m_munroe

    #4! i love it! totally agree! hes fucking sexxyyy!

  14. m_munroe

    haha and p.s. i totally agree with #14!

  15. wonderbra

    That strikes me as a little strange.


  16. Fuck this idiot. The Tila Tequila background is making me want to have tupperware for lunch.


    haha! amazing!

    merideth: you say he sexually harassed you… what did he do to you?

    stupid girl: uhm, i dont know… (lawyer cuts her off) WE’RE NOT GOING TO GET INTO THAT (a.k.a. they dont have their alligations coordinated yet)

  18. Drdanny

    I was once “groped several times in (the) lawsuit” and I’m here to tell ya, it HURTS!

  19. mrs.t

    I’m not buying this Tori Spelling Horseface story. Guessing Rob wouldn’t spring for her new boobs and she wants revenge. And why do we never see old Gloria and Barbara Walters in the same room?

  20. sherry

    he said she said i bet they settle out of court who knows the question is who really cares…

  21. havoc

    Yeah, but the lawyer sitting next to her seems like a nice guy…..


  22. I saw that Jessica Gibson was deceiving, and I also saw a flash of sorryness in her face, in the first few seconds of this video so I guess this means that she is not being honest?!

  23. buttmunch

    Groped her several times in her lawsuit?

    That’s got to hurt.

  24. Oveta

    What a dumb cunt. I’d assume Rob Lowe is more into hookers than a not so hot, golddigging ‘nanny’.

  25. RENEE

    I would’ve loved to have watched Rob Lowe touch himself…about 20 years ago; yuuuummm that man was hot!

  26. becks

    Her lawyer is one frosty be-yatch!

  27. eurotrash

    what a dumb bitch… smirking while being asked about a supposed traumatizing experience.

  28. Sheva

    Rob Lowe caught on film with an underage teen and now this! I mean this is so astounding! How could this ever happen and how can a nice wealthy, frumpy wife allow a hot beautiful brunette be hired to take care of the children so she can go out and drink Chablis and hang out at tanning salons and the mall?

    Rob Lowe is as Rob Lowe does. Can not wait for the deposition on this; it will be rich, pardon the pun.

    Rob Lowe should be freed from jail on account of the nanny’s hotness. Comped for time served for good behavior to force him back into his home to live with his frumpy wife.

    That’s punishment enough.

  29. Tsk tsk

    Well, but isn’t the wife looking a little puffy? And can’t she afford a decent haircut? No wonder her man can’t keep his paws off the help.

  30. jenna

    she is such a fucking liar. she can’t even answer her own fucking questions without looking down or smiling like the whore she is. you can SO tell she’s lying. she blinks really long and looks down when she starts answering. big deal if ur lawyer is there, if u told the truth it wouldn’t be a problem. skanks should just all die

  31. katie

    she’s lieing…….you can tell….she is just trying to cover her ass now that it’s been blown outta the water.

  32. Big deal, my boss grabs my butt all the time.

    Wait, I just read the “without consent” part.


  33. gotmilk?

    this is total bullshit. she’s smiling through the whole interview. i doubt rob lowe would even think about touching her, horsefaced bugeyed frumpy bitch!

  34. Tom

    Mmmm, not her fan. I saw her profile on “” last week. “She is already in relationship with a young billionaire on our site”, according to the officials of that site.You can contact her on that site.

  35. IKE

    Total B.S.!!! She’s looking for a payday. Maybe she’ll say that Rob “misremembers” the whole ordeal.

  36. Joao da Silva

    puta queu pariu!

    yeah, she looks really “harassad” with that fucking smile in her face… damn gold digger, I hope she rots THEN die!

    fucking shit ! (I’m so glad e can swear freely here!)

  37. Dana

    She’s lying. Rob has a great marriage and since he has a past, she thinks she can cash in also. And about comments about his wife.. Would you prefer if he was with a hot slut and was total sex maniac? Maybe not a slut, but a really gorgeous girl too? What would you have then to nag about?
    Rob has the “Pretty Boy Curse” and could have easily let his good looks take over his life and could live by them, could have had a different woman everyday!
    But it looks like he’s a genuine person that wanted a normal life, and a loving wife and he’s got it. That’s something a lot are searching for.

  38. Hiphophooray

    Could she look anymore insincere with that stupid smirk on her face. I’m surprised her lawyer didn’t kick her in the cunt 10 seconds into that interview.

  39. mellie

    Look what i found out about her attorney Gloria Allred;

    “Gloria has been involved in some of the most defining cases of our day, including O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, and Robert Blake, as well as one of the earliest sexual abuse suits against the Catholic Church.”

    I knew i’d seens her before

  40. CJ

    I find this woman’s claim to be shaky at best. You can tell a lot by people’s demeanor. For someone who was supposedly sexually assaulted/objectified/harassed, she seems pretty flippant in her remarks. She spent the entire interview grinning and giggling as if there was some joke that we weren’t in on. Also, for someone who so desperately want their harrowing story of sexual objectification heard, she isn’t saying much. My money is on Rob Lowe. Since she can’t seem to make anything stick.

  41. B.S. Girlie

    It’s very obvious what happened. She threw herself at him, he instantly saw that she was trouble and a homewrecker, and now she wants revenge.

    If they fucked, she would have blackmailed him before going to a lawyer, he would have paid, and that would be that. You would never have heard anything about it. That’s common Hollywood practice. The fact that it has come to the Gloria Allred stage shows that no hanky-panky went down at all.

    What really gives it away is her claim that he exposed himself. There is no way that someone as rich and good-looking as Rob has to expose himself — he can be passive and let women come to him, and they do. Guys who look like Roman Polanski may have to do that, but Rob doesn’t.

  42. sharpeidude

    Gloria Allred = ZERO CREDIBILITY

    Nothing happened.

  43. Clive

    What woman is stupid enough to put a young and pretty nanny in her house?
    Employ a big fat old nanny and your husband will not feel tempted!!

  44. Missystar

    As I posted recently re: the Robin Williams divorce, I live in a resort area that shall go unnamed. What I cannot for the life`of me understand is this: WHY , OH WHY, do these women keep hiring potential rivals for nannies? I have seen so many rich snotty bitches in my area who hire these young, stupid, attractive women to be around the husband all the time, and they can’t figure out that it’s a recipe for adultery. Yes, you should be able to trust your spouse with the help, but why tempt fate? Comments, anyone?

  45. Pepe

    She seems so full of shit. Her behavior is not consistent with harassment.

  46. Lauren D

    that was the most embarrassing interview i’ve ever seen. poor meredith. that girl is full of shit and had her lawyer answer every single questions so she dind’t catch herself in a lie. what a waste of time, and i don’t even like rob lowe!!!

  47. BunnyButt

    Not sure why, but the phrase “sticky buns” just popped into my head as I read this…

  48. Lauren D

    PS- WHY WAS SHE SMILING THE WHOLE TIME?? If you were sexually harrassed you would at least try to look like you’re taking it seriously and not sit there like a creepy mannequin

  49. didntneedtoseethat

    (#49) Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Bunny Butt, that is too rich, which is something Ms. Gibson, and Ms. Alred won’t be after this one. Keep your idiot clients UNDER their dunce caps and with their noses pointed toward the corner, Gloria!

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