Rob Lowe’s former nanny goes public

Jessica Gibson, the former 24-year-old nanny of Rob Lowe, is claiming the actor “exposed himself, touched himself and groped her several times in her lawsuit, filed yesterday in Santa Barbara,” according to TMZ:

The suit also alleges that the actor grabbed her butt without her consent in December 2007, around the time she quit working for the Lowes.

Jessica appeared on The Today Show this morning and you guys can scope out the video above. I find both sides of the story to be suspicious. Rob Lowe with his preemptive strike in the media and Jessica Gibson continuing to return to work for the Lowe’s after quitting and her resignation texts. Though somewhere in the middle is probably the truth which is that Rob Lowe touched himself and invited the nanny to watch – along with the neighbors, some Shriners and his Brothers & Sisters costar Sally Field, who would’ve loved to stopped by, but never knows what to bring to these things. A deli tray or is this more of a light dessert affair?

Video: MSNBC