Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny goes on PR blitz

Rob Lowe’s former nanny Jessica Gibson (above with high-powered attorney Gloria Allred) has definitely secured herself some good PR representation. Her family has been all over the media the past two days singing her praises and accusing the Lowe’s of overworking Jessica. Apparently Jessica’s half-sister Jamie helped Jessica land the job with the Lowe’s, according to their father who spoke to People this morning:

“I’m sure [Jamie] thinks if only she could go back and change things she would. But, she can’t – there’s no point regretting the past,” says Jim Gibson. “No one in the family wants her to think that way. What’s done is done.
“She was happy to get out of there. She couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing really bad happened like it did with Jessie, but Jamie was overworked and couldn’t stand it,” he says.

I still have my doubts about this whole thing. Especially when Jessica sits there smiling like an idiot on MSNBC and looks like she’s auditioning for American Idol. But there could be some truth to this, who knows? In the meantime though, I’m hearing word that Jessica’s past is about to catch up with her as she’s a bit of a party girl and has a taste for older dudes. And by hearing word I mean I read it on TMZ this morning. Woodward and Bernstein, I just made you look like bitches. WHA-POW!

Photo: Splash News