Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny goes on PR blitz

April 17th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Rob Lowe’s former nanny Jessica Gibson (above with high-powered attorney Gloria Allred) has definitely secured herself some good PR representation. Her family has been all over the media the past two days singing her praises and accusing the Lowe’s of overworking Jessica. Apparently Jessica’s half-sister Jamie helped Jessica land the job with the Lowe’s, according to their father who spoke to People this morning:

“I’m sure [Jamie] thinks if only she could go back and change things she would. But, she can’t – there’s no point regretting the past,” says Jim Gibson. “No one in the family wants her to think that way. What’s done is done.
“She was happy to get out of there. She couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing really bad happened like it did with Jessie, but Jamie was overworked and couldn’t stand it,” he says.

I still have my doubts about this whole thing. Especially when Jessica sits there smiling like an idiot on MSNBC and looks like she’s auditioning for American Idol. But there could be some truth to this, who knows? In the meantime though, I’m hearing word that Jessica’s past is about to catch up with her as she’s a bit of a party girl and has a taste for older dudes. And by hearing word I mean I read it on TMZ this morning. Woodward and Bernstein, I just made you look like bitches. WHA-POW!

Photo: Splash News

  1. Dave


  2. Captain Walleye

    That lawyer looks mean.

  3. noneyobeezwax

    i thought fondling the nanny was just one of the perks of having a nanny. hmm, go figure

  4. riotboy

    I’d hit it.

    /then sue

  5. ph7

    C’mon. She loved getting hit on bya famous actor, until he stopped. Now, she wants money, because she was hit on by a famous actor.

    Vultures are everywhere.

  6. ph7

    #4 makes a great point.

    Men should sue women who have sex with them, after they have sex with them. Make up some bullshit how they really did not want to have sex with the naked woman.

  7. One of these days, one of those ambulances this idiot Gloria Allred chases will do the honorable and patriotic thing when they see they in hot pursuit: hit the brakes, shift in reverse, and flatten that stupid bitch.

  8. havoc

    Damn, that guy on her right is scary….

    Between this chick and his wife, I’m starting to question Rob’s taste in women….


  9. Rubbers are usually a good way to avoid venerial deseases

  10. She is Tori Spelling’s missing twin.

  11. tight ilpped smiler

    Meanwhile back to the debate.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    Making Woodward and Bernstein your bitches, good one Fish!! Do you think TMZ’s Deep Throat is Rob’s manly looking wife?

  13. Prof

    Well, she’s kinda cute, and he’s well famous sooo he probably just jerked off in front of her a few times and BAM she gets all freaky…women go figure.

  14. gotmilk?

    this chick just wants her 15 minutes. she’s gone and done a photo shoot with People. what the fuck? Try to keep some dignity if you want people to take you seriously.

  15. havoc

    I see her photo at WealthyMenWithSmallPenis. com. I no sure. He seem good man. Like sucky sucky.


  16. FromOutOfNoWhere

    oh crap, another gold digging bitch looking for easy money. Wait that’s all gold digging bitches ever look for.

  17. Spamming Vietnamese Law Student

    Gloria not my fav…but she is fleecing famous client on It is said she if fond of retainers and big settlements on interweb. Lot’s of lawyers play there. Media whore…I object! I go check for her hot pix and her opening statements?

  18. hendero

    Hopefully Rob videotaped the whole thing, so we’ll be able to tell for sure.

    She has the vacant whore look down pat.

  19. Gotta tell ya… it’s not often you see someone who’s head tapers to a perfect point at the top. I think if you slipped one of those dunce caps on her head it would fit like a glove. Just saying.

  20. kathy

    she is only out for a quick buck. i do not understand why women feel the need to do this. aren’t we supposed to be smarter than that? she is giving all women a bad name. go out and get a job, you lazy whore. support yourself. no one (man or woman) needs another person to lean on. we should all be able to support ourselves. i am so glad that when i wake up in the morning that my dignity is intact.

  21. combustion8



    How I wish you would die of cancer!


    Glori, Gloriaaaaaaa!!!

  22. Why is it that the NANNY’S are never GOOFY and Shabby sweet old LADIES?

  23. gigi

    hold up….. is that jowl-ridden blonde the wife??? well no wonder! these hired help types are so dumb… why couldn’t she just watch their brats & mess around with Rob every now & then without getting greedy??? must say tho, her head is rather cone like, and in that pic wha’ts up w/ her eyes? she’s looking like a picasso….

  24. monkeyfightclub

    I’d like to smack that smirk off her face.

  25. Jammy

    …she reminds me of the Jefferson Airplane album, “Bless It’s Pointed Little Head”

  26. joho777

    So the Lowes expected her to do her job when she came to their house. No wonder she’s complaining that she was “overworked.” Why didn’t she just leave if she felt she was overworked??

    Instead she hires a famous and expensive lawyer, and calls a press conferance.

    This is really bogus.

  27. Miserable Bastard

    Whether the allegations are true or not, she still has that crazy “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” look about her. Rob was lucky he didn’t wake up one morning with a bloody stump where “Little Robbie” used to be.

  28. sameshitdifferentyear

    Vampira and Vampirella.

    Nice preview, when is this horror movie out in theaters?

  29. Harry Ballzack

    @6 – that’s a great point also …. BUT –
    How do you rape a man ? They’ll fuck a buffalo (or anything else that will let them – unless they’re “Nancy Pants”) No woman on earth can MAKE a man get hard

  30. BuckPStone

    True story. I’m at the Oakland airport and had just gotten to the front of the secuity line. Some bitch walks up and cuts right in front of me, doesn’t say a word and never even looks at me. There was no security escorting her or anything. I was about to say something when I realized it was Gloria Allred.

    I decided I didn’t want to be disemboweled just before my flight but I still don’t know how her surgically implanted talons didn’t set off the metal detectors.

    Gloria is such a whore for the most vocal and current feminist cause whether there’s any merit to the case or not. Fuck her.

  31. Kel

    That chick is flakey as HELL.

  32. LL

    As usual, there’s not really a good side to take here. Doesn’t everyone know that most rich people treat their nannies like slaves, working them 24/7 and making them do all sorts of shit that isn’t really a nanny’s job? That’s not news. It’s repugnant, but it’s not news. Mrs. Rob Lowe needs the nanny to do a lot of shit, because she’s got her hands full keeping Rob’s hands off every female who comes within a 5-foot radius of him.

    Then again, when you retain Gloria Allred as your counsel and go on all the talk shows to discuss at length your painful, painful experiences, that doesn’t look so good, either. The producers may as well just super “Ka-ching!” under her name in every appearance.

    They’re all a waste of space and oxygen.

  33. The Chef

    Lowe has filed separate lawsuits against 3 FORMER employees accusing them of breach of contract, (they quit) defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. (why not file the suits when shit happened instead of now ?) 3 people … all whom have wronged “The Poor Lowes” ? They take absolutely NO responsibility whatsoever ? Fucking unbelievable
    *Lowe accuses an ex-nanny of engaging in a scheme to hurt the couple by spreading “malicious lies”.
    * Another ex-nanny is accused of falsely claiming to have a personal and intimate relationship with Lowe,
    *A former chef is accused of engaging in sex on their bed with third parties when the family was out of town and stealing prescription drugs from them, broke several security cameras and overcharged them for food. He also allegedly made statements to various people that Sheryl was heartless, cold and unclean. More than likely that’s what spawned the law suits to begin with. Lowes wifes dirty smelly ass. Chef just could’nt distinguish between cooking cabbage and Sheryls smelly ass.

    * Lowe was involved in a sex scandal over a videotape of him having sex with two females, one of whom was only sixteen. He later entered a rehabilitation clinic for alcohol and sex addiction

    Coincidence ? – I Think Not

  34. BunnyButt

    If she wanted to be famous, she just should’ve leaked a sex tape of someone peeing on her rather than trying to take someone down in the process. The end result would be better, no one else harmed.

  35. WTB

    My goodness, doesn’t she have a long head!

    Who’s got a long head?? Is it YOU, Nanny? Is it?? Awww, here, have a bacon treat.

  36. poonmoon

    #33. Thank you LL. I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Rob Lowe is a sleazy sex addict, his fat old wife is a bitch, and they are horrible, pampered, and lazy losers who can’t take care of their own fucking kids (who aren’t toddlers anymore) or cook their own meals and they often treat their staff like shit.

    The nanny has gone through something and Lowe, the sex addict, likely took advantage of her (she was underage when she started working for them), but the bitch’s attention whoring suggests she is not just an innocent victim, she’s likely a victim of some shit, but also an attention whore who wants something out of this besides justice ( i.e. fame, money, revenge).

    I love reading the comments to this story on all the sites because 99% of people are fucking idiots and think only in extremes , like “Kim Kardashian isn’t fat at least she’s not Nicole Richie”.

    Life is all about the grey and the middle ground, things are not black and white, everyone has a side. You can be fit and healthy instead of being anorexic or a lardass. You don’t have to Jump to the defence of nasty celebrities or believe this attention whore, instead you can be a realist and believe in the truth which is that they are all shitheads who are all guilty of something. There you go I’ve taught you more than you ever learnt in school.

    FUCK, how some of you manage to operate a computer and actually post a comment is beyond me.

  37. UrDaddy

    Look at how many times she blinks. For fuck sake…I don’t understand what the reason her being on the show was for. She didn’t answer any questions..not really…fucking lying piece of shit…

  38. Jaffo

    This bitch and Heather Mills should fight to the death and then the winner should be deep fried and fed to Kim Kardashian…

  39. Skip

    Is there no end to money grubbing whoredom? I mean really you worthless bitches… get jobs and pay for shit yourselves… or actually, just die already.

  40. dan

    Gloria Allred is like the white female Jesse Jackson. whatever cause she’s jumping on i instantly approach with cautious skepticism.

  41. Jaffo

    Aren’t we all missing the larger issue here?! HOW THE FUCK can Rob Lowe afford all of these people?! Just how much exactly does the fucking West Wing pay these assholes? Funny how they seem to make more than the real fucking President does!

  42. della

    First of all,

    I’d let Rob Lowe ‘sexually abuse’ me any day of the week. The man is sexy.


    WHy the fuck is this on the today show? What has the world come to?

  43. Ted Mosby

    Any nudes for this chick?

  44. della

    First of all,

    I’d let Rob Lowe ‘sexually abuse’ me any day of the week. The man is sexy.


    WHy the fuck is this on the today show? What has the world come to?

  45. poonmoon

    #42. Exactly Jaffo. It’s fucking sick how much these worthless turds make. In America the average salary for a firefighter is $40,000, the people who put their lives at risk day in and day out running into burning buildings to save people they’ve never met while everyone else is running out, never expecting attention, golden statues or a fucking star on a sidewalk. Then some A-hole celebrity douchebag plays make-believe in a movie and pretends to be a firefighter and makes up to $20 MILLION. WTF?????

    Why is everyone defending this dick, especially on a celebrity trashing site? Seems all you need is to call a chubby celeb girl fat or have a gold digger story and the fucking “I heart celebrity” douchetards come a running.
    Yes the nanny is an attention HO, obviously, but Rob Lowe who can’t cook a fucking meal for his family or take care of his own fucking kids, Mr. Sex Addict whose married to some fat old frau is some kind of saintly victim? Fuck some of you are so fucking gullible.

    Once again they are ALL scum and they are all guilty of something. JEBUS!

  46. why?

    ph7, you’re such a cocksucker

  47. KillMONTAG

    Honestly as much as I HATE celebs and Rob Lowe is a slimeshitbag, this chicks case against Lowe seems wafer thin.

  48. grr

    I want to be his nanny. :P~

  49. robblow

    I hate those gold digging vultures. She is looking for the easy way out!!!
    She is in the same category as that one legged ex-beetle BIATCH!!!
    She didn’t even have an answer about the e-mail she wrote…”I love working with the Lowes but my butt is too sore to sit on my A$$ and watch your stuff cuzz Rob was slapping it around like some dirty Ham!!!”

  50. Bob Hanks

    Did anyone else notice that this grinning simpleton is hilariously grammatically-challenged?

    Reporter: blah blah…why did you stay in the house for 7 years if you were being wanked over?

    Mentally-challenged softhead: You know, I loved the children…I needed the job…um, I always thought it’d get better, and I was scary.

    Yes my dear, you ARE scary.

    I love the way the indignant German Shepherd (seemingly with a piece of bitter lemon in her mouth) then tries to cover up by barking…”Yes! And a lot of people in that position are scared…”. She also seems to have her hand wedged firmly between the softhead’s legs….

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