Rob Lowe’s employees: He kept it in his pants

Rob Lowe’s employees are backing up the actor’s claims that nothing inappropriate occurred between him and Jessica Gibson, the former nanny who accused of him masturbating in front of her and making sexual comments during her employment. People reports:

Lowe’s estate manager, Carol Andrade, defended the actor in a written declaration provided to Lowe’s legal team and obtained by PEOPLE: “Jessica never told me … that Rob ever said or did anything that she found inappropriate or offensive or that made her feel uncomfortable … or made sexual advances toward her.”
Having worked with the Lowes in other capacities off and on for about 12 years, Andrade explained that Gibson voluntarily quit her nanny position twice over the last few years, but returned to the Lowes “on good terms.”

Jennifer Dynof, the president of Rob’s company Lowe Profile, also backed up her boss and along with Carol is willing to testify in court:

“[In the past four years working for Rob], I have never seen him make any sexual advances toward any other woman or act inappropriately, offensively or disrespectfully toward any woman,” Dynof stated.

While this seems to bolster Rob Lowe’s defense, maybe these two never saw him pull out his West Wing because they’re, I dunno, not that hot. Eh? Maybe? No? You’re right. This is exactly why the cleaning ladies at our office have my picture on their cart with the caption “El diablo de los pantalones.” Which is flattering until I get Mop N’ Glo’d in the eye.

Photo: Getty Images
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