Rob Lowe’s employees: He kept it in his pants

April 16th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Rob Lowe’s employees are backing up the actor’s claims that nothing inappropriate occurred between him and Jessica Gibson, the former nanny who accused of him masturbating in front of her and making sexual comments during her employment. People reports:

Lowe’s estate manager, Carol Andrade, defended the actor in a written declaration provided to Lowe’s legal team and obtained by PEOPLE: “Jessica never told me … that Rob ever said or did anything that she found inappropriate or offensive or that made her feel uncomfortable … or made sexual advances toward her.”
Having worked with the Lowes in other capacities off and on for about 12 years, Andrade explained that Gibson voluntarily quit her nanny position twice over the last few years, but returned to the Lowes “on good terms.”

Jennifer Dynof, the president of Rob’s company Lowe Profile, also backed up her boss and along with Carol is willing to testify in court:

“[In the past four years working for Rob], I have never seen him make any sexual advances toward any other woman or act inappropriately, offensively or disrespectfully toward any woman,” Dynof stated.

While this seems to bolster Rob Lowe’s defense, maybe these two never saw him pull out his West Wing because they’re, I dunno, not that hot. Eh? Maybe? No? You’re right. This is exactly why the cleaning ladies at our office have my picture on their cart with the caption “El diablo de los pantalones.” Which is flattering until I get Mop N’ Glo’d in the eye.

Photo: Getty Images

  1. oahz


  2. Meee!


  3. I see evil in that man’s eyes.

  4. havoc

    Maybe he poked her with that chin.


  5. loeuro

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  6. havoc

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  7. It's Britney Bitches

    I would really hope none of us are that stupid to actually go to the websites these scammers advertise. They are obviously written by ignorant, low paid, minimal English speaking people.

  8. Ted from LA

    Interesting photo. The woman looks like Jodi Foster (after she ate Kim Karcrashian).

  9. Linda

    Mmmmm, it seems he is very interested in dating wealthy young guys. I saw him on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. You can contact him on that site.

  10. Quinn

    Can the span not be deleted????
    BTW I suddenly have a dying urge to get a chin impant.

  11. Zzzzzzz

    She’s got man hands.

  12. Max

    His wife is not at all attractive, she looks very Nordic.

  13. RENEE

    God, I’m sorry, but his wife is a fricken troll (granny lips, man hands, etc, etc, I could go on and on). I would say I can’t see Rob cheating w/ the nanny because she’s fugly as hell, but she’s at least a little better looking than his wife. Strange that Rob is attracted to fugly chicks; maybe he needed someone to counteract against his pretty boy genes. His wife had to have been like HOLY SHIT when she landed this beautiful (and rich!) man.

  14. He looks like he has a detachable chin….. Mr Potato Head mothafucka….

    Now that I think about it, he looks EXACTLY like Ashlee Simpson will in 2025!

  15. What’s wrong with Mrs Rob Lowe’s mouth, did she have a stroke or something?

  16. Oprah's Gorilla Butthole

    DAMN! THAT CHIN!! It’s threatening to explode through my monitor and maim me with it’s chinliness.

    Do you think his ugly ass wife ever says, “Honey, put your dick away, it’s too small, can we do the chin tonight?”

  17. mamadough

    agreed, his wife is “british ugly”. btw, didn’t he fuck an underage kid?

  18. Heather

    #18 – He supposedly had sex with 2 girls at the same time one of which was only 16. The 16 year old he met in a bar. She lied about her age to get in.

  19. mamadough

    ah, thanks #19, so some reason i was thinking like an 8 year old….paraplegic.

  20. hotmen

    Do you think his ugly ass wife ever says, “Honey, put your dick away, it’s too small, can we do the chin tonight?”

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  21. God

    #21, I am God. This a warning to knock off your spamming shit. If you keep it up, I’ll be forced to send you into the deepest darkest pits of hell, the place where all they play are Chevy Chase movies and sketches. Oh, and you’ll die from testicular cancer.

  22. kevin

    who is this hag????
    #9 awesome man !!!

  23. whatever

    If he were an ice cream flavor, he’d be “Pralines & Dick”.

  24. JOE

    she looks like a hungry rabbit !!! with huge paws !!!

  25. Bmurphy72

    I FINALLY HAVE! She looks like the female monkey doctor chic on planet of the apes…….
    Woody woody woo wooo

  26. mamadough

    26, you know who really pulls of that female monkey doctor look? lynn spears.

  27. Vas Deferens

    Why is his chin trying to escape from his face?

  28. Lauren

    Okay, I would like to state for the record that Lowe’s wife is beat-ass. I mean, she has old man hands. How is that hot in bedroom? The Nanny’s lawyer need only have the Nanny stand next to a blown up picture of Mrs. Lowe and state, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Just look for yourselves. Which would you prefer?” The jury would the go deliberate for 5 mins and come back with a guilty verdict.

  29. mamadough

    seeing her in a pointy black or purple velvet witch hat wouldn’t phase me at all…

  30. Bebe

    #18 – There is a difference between “fucking a kid” and banging some 16 yo skanky whore with a fake ID looking to bang a celebrity. Get a clue.

  31. Bah. Another weak-ass attempt at extorting celebrity money. Unless there is some Robby DNA somewhere on this trick, this shit’ll get dismissed and bitch won’t have a job. Congratulations, dumb bitch.

  32. lulu

    I was gonna say his wife has to be wild in the sack cuz she is nasty ugly, but then that wouldn’t explain why he’s banging the hired help – so what’s the attraction? Tara Reid, welcome to your future in 30 years (or less)…..

  33. RamaOtster

    What the HELL happened to their faces? Honestly…

  34. Obamas Bride

    Nothing. Because he still looks so fuckable!

  35. Bmurphy72

    26, Holy crap, your right. Maybe Lynn and her should get together and start the remake of the series. Tom Cruz could play Ceaser and Katie could be the hot chic that doesn’t speak in the first film (like she does in real life).

  36. Dorito Man

    He is one wierd looking dood. WTF is wrong with his face. His face is to chins what Michael Jackson’s face is to noses.

  37. sweets

    sex lies and videotapes

  38. sweets

    sex lies and videotapes

  39. sweets

    sex lies and videotapes

  40. Obamas Bride

    No Dorito. He always had that sexy chin!

  41. MY EYES!

    that chin…IT BURNSSSS!

  42. mamadough

    #31, that was a fucking question dumbass. i wasn’t sure and DIDN’T know, thus the question.

  43. Poonmoon

    Meh I believe the nanny. You think this A-hole is actually happy with that fat frumpy frau, I bet she’s a fucking bitch too. Celebrities always have the most fucked up personal lives. Money and fame makes you fucking insufferable, gives you a god complex, and allows you to believe you can get away with murder because well .. you can, right O.J?
    Plus Lowe had a sordid filthy past and a man never really outgrows that, right Charlie?
    Plus I bet they are the most fucking neglectful richie rich parents, prolly hardly see their kids. I believe this is founded in some fact and that the Lowe’s are evil enough to deserve this shitload of bad P.R. and the hefty legal bills to cover up their stinkin’ shit so do the details really matter? NO.
    Looks like life has served another dish of fucking karma to two more well deserving celebitches. The world is getting better, one celebrity scandal at a time.

    I just really pity the pool boy who Mrs. Lowe exposed herself to, no one wants to see that condemned saggy wasteland.

    (remember all the classy girls are doing it, Mrs. Lowe get the fuck away from me with that)

  44. hate you for no reason

    She looks like Jodi Foster and Anne Heche’s dikey lovechild.

  45. Bob

    Is that Kirsten Dunst in 20 years???

  46. Quinn

    you mean Kirstin Dunst 10 years ago?
    KD is a hagg

  47. Possibly because I’m unacquainted with Mr Chinny’s wife, possibly because I’m thick I just assumed that this was a pic of Mr Lowe with his “estate manager Carol Andrade” standing close in a touching (literally) show of solidarity.

    I thought the scarf was a neat gesture towards hiding ‘her’ manly adam’s apple. But you say this is his wife.

    I’ve always found beards unattractive.

  48. Al

    Dayum that woman is FUGLY. Lowe’s chin is comically huge. What a lovely couple!

  49. Robin

    That chick has man hands!!! LOL (remember Seinfield?)

  50. Robin

    That chick has man hands!!! LOL (remember Seinfield?)

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