Rob Lowe sues blackmailing nanny and others

Rob Lowe is allegedly being blackmailed by a former nanny who is asking for $1.5 million in hush money. Rob claims the woman will spread “a vicious laundry list of false terribles,” according to his pre-emptive strike via open letter on The Huffington Post. Today Rob and his wife Sheryl not only filed suit against the nanny but two other former employees as well. People reports:

In a 26-page complaint against the longtime former nanny, Lowe’s lawyers say the woman claimed to have “a personal and intimate relationship (with Lowe), and, in effect, accusing Rob Lowe of infidelity.” The Lowes also learned that the nanny repeatedly expressed romantic interest in Rob and told people that “she wished he would divorce Sheryl Lowe.”
On at least one occasion, the nanny “bragged” about giving Lowe a massage during a trip with the Lowe family, according to court papers. (The couple claims it never happened.) The woman also allegedly claimed that Lowe sexually harassed her and that Sheryl Lowe was an “overly demanding” and “abusive” employer, who made “inappropriate comments of a sexual and racial nature” to her.

The other parties include another ex-nanny who allegedly spread malicious lies and a former chef who liked to have sex on the couple’s bed:

In the 19-page filing against the former chef, Lowe claims the ex-employee had sex on their bed “with third parties” when the family was out of town, stole prescription drugs from their medicine cabinet that he later distributed to his friends, broke several security cameras and overcharged them for food. According to the suit, he also allegedly made statements to various people that Sheryl was heartless, cold and “unclean.”

“Heartless, cold and unclean?” Really? You can sue someone for saying that? Let’s say someone calls you “Small, tiny and I’d get more pleasure from a Tic-Tac,” how much do you think I’d someone who’s not me could get? Ten-twenty bucks? If they play hardball, what are the odds of walking away with at least a McMuffin? I mean, for my friend, The I Care about Your Feelings Writer.

Photo: Getty Images