Rob Lowe sues blackmailing nanny and others

April 8th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Rob Lowe is allegedly being blackmailed by a former nanny who is asking for $1.5 million in hush money. Rob claims the woman will spread “a vicious laundry list of false terribles,” according to his pre-emptive strike via open letter on The Huffington Post. Today Rob and his wife Sheryl not only filed suit against the nanny but two other former employees as well. People reports:

In a 26-page complaint against the longtime former nanny, Lowe’s lawyers say the woman claimed to have “a personal and intimate relationship (with Lowe), and, in effect, accusing Rob Lowe of infidelity.” The Lowes also learned that the nanny repeatedly expressed romantic interest in Rob and told people that “she wished he would divorce Sheryl Lowe.”
On at least one occasion, the nanny “bragged” about giving Lowe a massage during a trip with the Lowe family, according to court papers. (The couple claims it never happened.) The woman also allegedly claimed that Lowe sexually harassed her and that Sheryl Lowe was an “overly demanding” and “abusive” employer, who made “inappropriate comments of a sexual and racial nature” to her.

The other parties include another ex-nanny who allegedly spread malicious lies and a former chef who liked to have sex on the couple’s bed:

In the 19-page filing against the former chef, Lowe claims the ex-employee had sex on their bed “with third parties” when the family was out of town, stole prescription drugs from their medicine cabinet that he later distributed to his friends, broke several security cameras and overcharged them for food. According to the suit, he also allegedly made statements to various people that Sheryl was heartless, cold and “unclean.”

“Heartless, cold and unclean?” Really? You can sue someone for saying that? Let’s say someone calls you “Small, tiny and I’d get more pleasure from a Tic-Tac,” how much do you think I’d someone who’s not me could get? Ten-twenty bucks? If they play hardball, what are the odds of walking away with at least a McMuffin? I mean, for my friend, The I Care about Your Feelings Writer.

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  1. Anthony


  2. Mo

    Hey, at least they’re striking back together and not letting it tear their marriage apart. Somewhere else I read that Rob Lowe released messages from the nanny saying how great he and his wife are so she wouldn’t have stood a chance anyway.

    Good for him.

  3. Hill

    Rob Lowe is uncharacteristically short. That is all.

  4. raven

    how old is that bitch anyway?

  5. raven

    how old is that bitch anyway?

  6. TJ

    …This is so lame…

  7. woodhorse

    He used the expression “false terribles” – that proves he’s gay.

  8. deacon jones

    Yuck, his wife looks like Kirsten Dunst+alcoholism+20 years

    What the fuck was he thinking, he was famous when he was young, he should have a piece of ass trophy wife by now who swallows.

    He must love getting handjobs from those beauts!

  9. I don’t see any problem with any of this.. What is the big deal??

  10. Auntie Kryst

    “Unclean”? Is this suit based on Talmudic law? I guess she refused to spend a week in the desert once a month like she is supposed to.

    On another note, anyone catch this phrase during the KU game last night: “They said it was impossible for four #1 seeds to make it to the final four just like it was impossible for Coke Zero to taste like regular Coke.”?? I heard an entire bar simulaneously yell “What the fuck?” after that sickfuck product placement. Seriously, everyone should throw their TVs out the window.

  11. Bmurphy72

    Is she “unclean” or did she have a stroke? What kind of smile is that, or did she just take a load from Rob in the limo (circa 1993 in Atlanta) and doesn’t know if he’llget mad if she spits???

  12. momo

    man hands

  13. nipolian

    #10 – Talmudic Law?!? I thought that was the law that prevented Jews from owning sheep ( I guess there could be an “Unclean” reference involved there somewhere ). But then again WTF do I know? Great game last night, too bad the wrong two #1 seeds were playing.

  14. yukadoozer

    Was rootin’ fer Kansas after they tossed Car-o-li-nuh..that Coke thing was too lame for repeats.

  15. hioelwh

    she is sweet.I chatted with her last week. I contacted her first on a celeb site called ‘S earchingM illionaire.c o m’! I also got several of her pix.she is more attractive on webcam.

  16. Smash Yo Face

    Seriously look at her man hands. She looks like a dude in a Buffalo Bill suit.

  17. huh

    I like Rob Lowe…he still poses for pictures with his grandmother.

  18. LL

    Rob claims the woman will spread “a vicious laundry list of false terribles,” according to his pre-emptive strike via open letter on The Huffington Post…

    Has Rob Lowe turned into Charles Dickens? Or did Aaron Sorkin rub off on him (in a bad way)? You’re not on “West Wing” anymore, Rob. Talk/write like a normal person.

  19. Jo Smo

    WTF is up w/ the chin……… how bazaar

  20. deacon jones

    Swollen hands are usually a side effect of antidepressants. She’s probably pounds those fuckers

  21. jocksniffer

    Memphis needed shirts with much wider necks.

  22. Tim

    Sounds like they hired Chef from South Park.

  23. jesse

    If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines.. and dick.

  24. Veroonica

    WTF is up with that chick in the pic. I hope TO GOD that isn’t his wife, because the skank looks exactly like the Cheryl that was the toughest chick in my high school. Type of girl that spent all her time in the bar, chain smoking and picking fights. I swear Cheryl beat up just about every girl (including me) that wasn’t in her “crew”. She didn’t “cat fight” either. That bitch PUNCHED YOU IN THE FACE!

    Rob has good taste. Nice to know all the fame didn’t affect his white trash taste. Would HATE to see what his daughters look like.

  25. Rachel

    When (if?) his wife gives him a blowjob, it must truly look like a chicken’s head bobbing up and down.

  26. jesse

    Sweet lord look at those kielbasa sausage man hands!!

  27. havoc

    This from a guy who videotaped himself fucking two under aged girls in an Atlanta hotel room.



  28. Ted from LA

    Finally, a reality show I want to tune in to…

    I can’t wait for the part where the butler nails the maid in the Lowe’s bed followed by him wiping his weiner in Mrs. Lowe’s curtains. Instant TV classic. You heard it from Ted from LA first.

  29. “This from a guy who videotaped himself fucking two under aged girls in an Atlanta hotel room.”

    And they say there are no more role models…

  30. Ted from LA

    As far as I can tell from this photo, Jodie Foster ate your friend Cheryl and this is what’s left.

  31. crazypants

    he met those two underage girls at a club at like 3am. walk into a 21 and over club and meet two girls who are drinking at the club – it should be safe to assume that they’re of legal age. if they’re not – then you should get a walk.

  32. Samhain

    And I thought he had crappy taste when he was dating Melissa Gilbert!

    Gack! THAT’S what he MARRIED? She must have blackmailed him! Nobody blackmails a blackmailer, right? (How many more times can I use that word?)

    What is with her freakish part? Why is it sticking out on her forehead? FUGLY!

    Based on his enormous lack of taste in women, I believe the disgruntled employees 100%.

  33. BunnyButt

    Looks like a tranny. Up to you to decide which one I’m talking about…

  34. insecthero

    What the hell is that hanging from his jaw? Silly putty?

  35. Ugh. He looks terrible. What did he do to his face? What did SHE do with HER face? What has the world come to??!?!

  36. Trover

    Sheryl has the worst case of man hands in that photo I have ever seen. If Rob hadn’t been busted for plugging some underage chicks, I’d say his wife was a tranny and he ate that stuff up.

  37. man handler

    Sorry overpaid greedy celebrities, but this is called KARMA for having servants you useless egomaniacs. How about, now this is gonna sound crazy, but how about since single parents do it and people with far less money, luxury and time, peope with medical problems and parents with children with special needs manage to do it how about you FUCKING COOK YOUR OWN MEALS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN KIDS, YOU LAZY PAMPERED PIECES OF SHIT.

    So people too advantage of you? Wwecome to life when your an idiot. What celebrity in their right mind would trust anyone? Clean your own fucking toilets and then no one can tell the world how much your shit stinks, cause newsflash it fucking stinks like hell.

    Rob Lowe was like Charlie Sheenback in the day, he had sex scandals and tons of women and his old lady is well… old, so fuck if the story of his infedility and his wife being a bitch doesn’t sound a little bit possible. Rich pampered people with servants are usually bitches and men with money and fame don’t unsually like fucking the same woman for 20 years so call me a cynic, but I think they are guilty as sin. The sin in this case being a fucking champagne and caviar filthy rich little shit who thought they were calling the shots.

  38. man handler


    *and the other shit I mispelled

  39. wilford brimley

    he could chop wood with that chin

  40. mrs.t

    So, I grew up in a little town called Dayton, Ohio. Hometown of Guided By Voices, The Breeders, and Rob motherfucking Lowe. Two outta three…. He is a few years older than myself, but he was always known for sluttiness, particularly when her came back to visit after his Big Break. There were many claims of obnoxious sexual advances, and a few tales of him forcing himself on young women. And was he the one who kept a hooker in a hotel room for three days and burned her with a crack pipe? Or was that Rick James? Clarence Thomas?

    These facts combined with the meaty hands of his wife means all the claims are true.

  41. Missystar

    I just saw on “Chelsea Lately” that some cretin in Ohio was arrested for humping a picnic table.

  42. alienwoman

    Rob is HOT

  43. Calliann


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