Rob Lowe shuts up one nanny, one more to go

Remember last year when Rob Lowe’s nanny Jessica Gibson decided to go on a media blitzkrieg and claim he’s a masturbating fool? Well, she’s dismissed her lawsuit which just leaves the other nanny who claims his wife Sheryl is a racist bag of sexual harassment. But, honestly, who isn’t? People reports:

The war between Rob Lowe and one of his former nannies, Jessica Gibson, has ended, with both sides requesting their lawsuits be dismissed, court records show.
It’s unknown if a financial settlement was involved. Lawyers for both sides had no comment.
Lowe, 45, preemptively sued Gibson in Santa Barbara County Superior Court in April 2008, alleging she was trying to blackmail him and his family unless he paid her $1.5 million. Within days, Gibson filed a sexual harassment suit against Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, claiming he groped and exposed himself to her over her seven-year employment with the Lowes.

Here’s what I don’t understand: When did sexual harassment become a crime in this country? I mean, men make more money than woman and therefore deserve a little– Why is our entire legal department running towards me and yelling “Stop!”? Is this because our receptionist now owns the company after I asked her on a date? In my pants? I didn’t feel like driving to Olive Garden. Sue me. — Okay, maybe I should stop saying things like that.

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