Rob Kardashian Is So Fat He Steals Your Camera If You Take A Picture Of Him With His Shirt Off

While Kim Kardashian’s specifically going out of her way to make sure everyone sees how goddamn gigantic she is, her brother Rob is apparently on the other end of that spectrum because he’ll straight rob you if you take a picture of his fat gut. TMZ reports:

The photog — not TMZ — filed a robbery report this afternoon, telling cops Rob snatched part of her camera and took off.
The photo agency says Rob went berserk because he wasn’t wearing a shirt when the photographs were taken … snatching the camera’s memory card so the photos wouldn’t get out. The agency says Rob then took off, promising to pay for the card later.

If you’re wondering what could make a person stupid enough to think you can just steal someone’s property and run off, keep in mind this is a kid who watched his father help a man get away with murder. His dad’s ghost probably already appeared to him and said, “Don’t worry, son. I’ll take care of it,” and is haunting the woman as we speak. “You will drop the charges against my booyyyyyyy… You will also find out if my ex-wife is still a whooooorreee… Ohmygod she iiiiisssss….”

Photos: WENN