Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna: ‘1 Year Down LOL’

In case you’re wondering why the hell I put ‘LOL’ in a headline, it’s because that’s exactly how Rob Kardashian announced on Instagram that he and his limited liability partner have successfully fulfilled one year of their contract. It’s actually a joke that works on two levels, because their relationship has been a transparent sham from the start, and it’s also been hilariously awful to the point where they made a whole new human being after it got boring watch Rob go into a diabetic coma every day. So here’s the montage video celebrating their anniversary that I’m pretty sure is set to a Chris Brown song, because if there’s one thing Kris Jenner loves, it’s rubbing it in our faces how badly she’s fucking with us.

Hey, did anyone happen to see their baby in that video? Because I watched it twice and all I saw was a guy repeatedly going over to the strip club ATM mumbling, “Dude, you don’t understand. She, like, gets me.”

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Photo: Fame/Flynet, Instagram

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