Rikki Rockett arrested for rape

March 31st, 2008 // 60 Comments

Rikki Rockett, drummer for Poison, was arrested on rape charges for an incident that occurred in September at the Silver Star Casino in Mississippi. Rikki is out of jail and awaiting a district attorney’s decision to see if the case will go before a grand jury. The AP reports:

“The subject, Rikki Rockett, forcibly had sex with an adult in one of the hotel rooms,” according to a complaint.
Sciple said the woman contacted authorities several days after the alleged attack. He did not discuss details of the case, but said his office believed the woman’s complaint warranted review by the district attorney.

Did Rikki do it? Oh yeah. I mean, look at the guy. Not exactly a pussy magnet. Also he’s the drummer for Poison. He’d have better luck saying he still lives with his parents. It works for me. Okay, not really but, one day it will. As soon as my mom stops making me wear my retainer to the bar. I got a beer can stuck in it the other day for crying out loud. The ladies don’t want to make out with a face full of Beast Ice. No matter how much chapstick you cover it up with. (Read: two tubes.)

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  1. Dang

    Dang, this is some shit.

  2. kevin

    That’s ugly ! Can’t wait to see him make the same face once behind the bars !

  3. Hannah T


  4. Josh

    Dude, Guitar Hero III is awesome.

  5. boo

    God I hate guys like this. He’s got to be in his 40′s and he still dresses and acts like a 18 yr old asshole. He probably thinks women are grateful to have sex with him because he used to be a big “rock star”

  6. toolboy

    Answer: Poison and Nirvana.
    Question: Name the 2 things that killed hair metal.
    Rikki is about to trade in his drums to play the slobbering blues on a meat whistle. Hopefully he’ll ditch the Quacker Factory for aging rockers clothes line he’s currently sporting first.


    those idiots are still alive? i know that one of them has a vh1 show. ahaha “poison” is such a douche-y group. that faggoty album cover when all are in makeup is hilarious. fuck i wish they were all dead.

  8. Fat Tabby

    Someone needs to tell him, Chris Angel and Billy bob Cyrus that flat-ironing your hair and douchebaggingly streaking it and making it all piecey doesn’t make you cool or young :(

  9. tim

    He’s already gesturing that he’s going to have 4 cocks up his ass soon.

  10. Simon

    According to the FBI, at least a quarter of all rape accusations are false or mistaken. That’s reason enough to wait for the little thing called a trial, if one occurs. Does anyone remember the Duke “rape” case?

  11. I’m sure there’s a VH1 show in here for him somewhere.

  12. lipper

    Yeah but… this guy can’t have THAT much money like the other celeb’s who got the rape finger pointed at them. I mean, this guy CAN’T have that much to want to put yourself through all of that for. Who knows! But women have been known to cry rape and do it just for the fame and money. But Rikki? Who’d want the world to know that? Ugh.

  13. Billy Hill

    This sucks dude, Poison was supposed to play at our county fair this summer.

  14. nofuckingnameok?

    yeah like michael jackson the king of pop is a huge target but this no body…… is a rapist. i hope you get your ass ripped apart in your cell. and no they aint giving him a special celeb cell. bitch. you get to share it king kong john and his massive dick. die motherfuckr from anal bleeding. bitch.

  15. Even if he is found innocent – just the accusation will haunt him for years.

    The cost of the trial and the loss in bookings could be insurmountable

    Surely this would not have been the first time – if he is in fact guilty

    Better be careful who you trust… REAL careful!

  16. rainyweather

    @ Simon: Maybe you could cite your source for the statistic of 25% of rape accusations being false or mistaken. Thanks.

  17. lipper

    Here is some rape statistics, scary actually. If you are so interested to check them out.


  18. sidv

    Perhaps he’s just big a fan of alliteration.

  19. MMB

    “Rape of Love” is gonna rule the VH1 lineup this summer, y’all!!!!!!!!!!!

    I for one hope that Daisy bitch from “Rock of Love” shows up for a guest gang-rape/murder.

  20. cofused but not really

    Dammmm she’s as hot as the girls in hanson, I’d fuck her

  21. Sloane

    @10 Simon:

    What the hell does mistaken mean?? According to statistics over 1/2 of rapes go unreported .

  22. grunion

    Every band has it’s rapist…

    just like every night has it’s dawn…

  23. gotmilk?

    how are they going to prove anything if she reported it days later. you can’t exactly do a rape kit 4 days after the fact.

  24. sicasso


  25. Auntie Kryst

    @23 Goddamnit Grunion that was funny. I was trying to think of a Posion lyric, you got it! “He’s in for hard time. How can he desist??” Meh…sucks.

  26. stephanie

    #23… hahahaha!!!! that’s great.

  27. blp

    @22 Sloane. If over 1/2 of rapes go unreported, how do we know 1/2 of rapes go unreported?

  28. Grapevine

    Did you know that Rikki Rocket’s real name is Richard Ream?
    Dick Ream.
    Is it any wonder he’s up on a rape charge?

  29. Harry Ballzack

    I have no doubt Ricky Ream HAD to forcefully get a piece. Who in their right (or truley media desperate) mind would willingly give it up to Ricky Ream ?
    Hmm – Look What the Cat Dragged In !!! Gawd this band was a pile of shit. They’re about as worthless as a dick on the pope !! ” Glam Rock.” That shit sucks as bad as disco music. Give me Cheap Trick or BOC – Ted Nugent – AC\DC, any time. I would buy a David Lee Roth CD before I would even TOUCH a “poison” CD. (that’s NOT sayin I would buy a David Lee Roth CD either)

  30. Grunion

    Auntie you know I do it all for you.

  31. Randal

    Poison sucked back then, Poison still sucks.

    There, I’ve joined the bitter and angry posters of this fine establishment of a website.


  32. jesus

    You guys are missing the main point here. Did anybody read the AP story? His real name is Richard Reams. Dick Reams! I mean… c’mon… Why the hell would anybody change their name to Rikki Rocket when they were named DICK REAMS in the place?!?!?

  33. Miss Thing

    Seriously…WTF with men and chapstick? It creeps me OUT when a dude takes one of those things and runs it over his lips while he’s just standing there. It’s got a very disturbing lipstick vibe.

  34. Missystar

    Get a new look, asshole!

  35. unicornzrawk

    Whoa if Randal says they suck they must really suck.

  36. leaveme4dead

    I would so fuck this guy if I was a chick, then i’d take all his money, then come back on this page and laugh in all your faces………bitches…..

  37. Simon

    “Every year since 1989, in about 25 percent of the
    sexual assault cases referred to the FBI where
    results could be obtained (primarily by State and
    local law enforcement), the primary suspect has
    been excluded by forensic DNA testing.
    Specifically, FBI officials report that out of
    roughly 10,000 sexual assault cases since 1989,
    about 2,000 tests have been inconclusive (usually
    insufficient high molecular weight DNA to do
    testing), about 2,000 tests have excluded the
    primary suspect, and about 6,000 have “matched” or
    included the primary suspect.1 The fact that these
    percentages have remained constant for 7 years, and
    that the National Institute of Justice’s informal
    survey of private laboratories reveals a strikingly
    similar 26-percent exclusion rate, strongly
    suggests that postarrest and postconviction DNA
    exonerations are tied to some strong, underlying
    systemic problems that generate erroneous
    accusations and convictions.”

    Sourcee: Convicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science: Case Studies in the Use of DNA Evidence to Establish Innocence After Trial

    U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs

    The U.S. rape rate dropped by 80 percent from 1073 to 2005.

    Sourcee: National Crime Victimization Survey Violent Crime Trends, 1973-2005


  38. shibuya_jonez

    hmmmm mi ssi ssi ppi…..what midwest skanks wouldnt wanna do ex glam rocker schlong. she prally just got pissed cause he pop rocked too soon and was hoping for some pooper bangin b4 he passed out inna drinken stupor.

  39. poisonfan

    First, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Second, worry not, writer of this article…rikki still does quite well…saw him in vegas and girls were all over him, and Third, I am not judging one way or another, as the truth can only be determined in court, but after having met him several times, I can say that he was super nice and respectful to his female fans and never once did I see him being inappropriate with any of them (even the groupies who were practically throwing themselves at him)…wait for the courts people, dont hang him just yet,.



  41. Howie Hubberman

    Rikki !00% innocent !! Don’t even think Rikki Rockett as a man would resort to what he is accused of !! Not in a million years,,, Haters on this Site,GET A F’IN LIFE…. HOWIE HUBBERMAN

  42. matt 432

    i live in mississippi and i see what these hoes do. the guys automatically innocent.

  43. I can’t wait to see who this chick is. There is no way Rikki would rape someone.. ever! This is total bullshit!

    Ya’ll will see someday when the details come out. We love you Rikki, we know it’s not true!!

  44. David J. Travers

    Stop all these tasteless jokes! You haters are so pathetic that you all have so much time to post hate about someone. I’ve met Rikki and he is a super nice person. If you’ve seen him interviewed, you would have seen that. He has a very loving and beautiful fiancee in Melanie Martel. His band, Poison, he co-founded, is super-successful, and are his best friends… he has so much going for him, and is so nice, why would he throw it all away? Oh yeah, he DIDN’T throw it away! Justice will prove him innocent, and will prove you assholes wrong.

    Yes, “they’re still alive”, and coming to a town near you! Where’s your favorite band these days?

    F’ the haters!!!

  45. Kelien

    Yeah and I guess, White Snake, Def Lepard, and Skid Row all sucked too huh? All you idiots out there saying they sucked, owned every album and just can’t admit it now because its not the “cool” thing to do. Ill admit I liked them. I owned every album. Ill go one step further and say my life was such hell when Look what the cat dragged in came out, that if it hadn’t of been for I won’t forget you and Cry Tough, I would have killed myself. Would I sleep with Ricki? If I wasn’t married with children now, hell ya. Personally, I was fonder of C.C’s Chaotic nature, and Bobby’s dark hair, and quietness. Bret tended to be to pretend to be to full of himself. But, Yeah I would have done any of them.

    I don’t believe for one instant that Ricki is guilty. What is sad is all of you pathatic losers who bash other people simply because you are no talent hacks that only wish you could sound half as good or have half the success. Its no wonder some of you still live at home with Momma. No respectable woman would have you. You could learn some lessons from poision because there isn’t a woman I know that listened to hair bands that wouldn’t have sex with them, willingly and for free. I seriously doubt the guys bashing them can say the same. Knowing the kind of people you seem to be, you couldn’t even pay someone to touch you.

  46. dallas

    How dare you idiots say this kind of shit! Do you HONESTLY think that someone like Richard Allan Ream (aka Rikki Rockett) HAS to RAPE someone? Obviously, you guys have never truly been backstage at a rock show….Poor back woods Mississippi girl wants some money after she got shit housed and acted a fool…hubby at home wondered why she never showed up after the big night at the casino….hmmmmm…we call ‘em “bus girls” down here in Mississippi………get fucked up and fucked in the ass and feel bad about it in the morning……..oh well, fuck off! that’s rock and roll for ya! Callin’ a rock star out for something like that is sheer blaspemous to rock n roll……..that “guy like that” that so many of you guys want to see in jail has made many a person’s dreams come true over many many years…..not the first time some DUMB BITCH wanted to get a piece of the pie…I’M SURE!!! Maybe its the chicks “LIKE THAT” that deserve bottles up their asses for acting like whores? Ever thought of it that way? LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RockWithFire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Adam

    Wow, it looks like someone’s gone and tattled on us to a poisonfanboard (it appears the C.H.U.D were capable of mating, and had there brains further mutated when they became exposed to Brett Michael’s instant tan products/lifeline when he was giving autographs at the local pet store.

    Poison wasn’t rock & roll asshole. They could have had Slash, but instead chose shit eating poser C.C Deville because unlike Slash, C.C was all about the big hair, high heels, fast generic solos that lack creative melody and musical integrity. Poison was a joke band that deserves all the embarassing shit that they’ve become. It looks like we’ve got another reality show on the way.

    Why not make a reality show about Poison playing at a Wal-Mart, and how the only people who attend walk straight past them into the store. Vince Neil could even has a guest appearance as he drives his disguisting looking drunken ass into another inocent life and murders them.

    While certain respectable musicians existed in the hair metal era (Van Halen, Randy Rhoads of Ozzy, and Slash & Izzy of GNR), the rest of these guys were just trend clinging pieces of trash who had to rely on image to sell albums. They are the Good Charlotte of the 80s.

    Screw off you Poison lovers and go back to a time when they had an image if you want to defend them, since they clearly do not have music worthy of a debate.

  48. Adam

    By the way, I could really care less about the drummer and his situation, and for that matter, I really do not think he did it.

    All I am trying to say is that the 80s are over and you can stop pretending to think that the shitty generic hair metal is cool. We will think any less of you than we already do.

  49. You're all Douchebags

    it’s “I couldn’t care less”, idiot.

  50. Whatever

    Isn’t he engaged now? And I actually like hair metal thank you very much. Ok, so this is addressed to all the idiots who posted because they are forty year old slobs who still live with their mothers and sit on the computer all day and say shit because then it makes them “cool” in the internet. GET A FUCKING JOB YOU LAZY PIECES OF SHIT!
    And I really hope the best for Rikki Rockett after his exoneration. Because I’m not stupid and post 700 word flames on how a certain style of music sucks. For you people, get a life.

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