Rihanna’s tattoo is spelt wrong. Whoops.

April 14th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Turns out Rihanna’s hip tattoo by artist BangBang (above) is not an accurate writing of Hindu Sanskrit, according to The Sun:

An Aussie expert on an education website says the first part means “forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control” and is from Gita, a holy Hindu Sanskrit scripture, but says it is “incorrectly written”.

Wait. You mean this BangBang fellow isn’t thoroughly versed in ancient texts? Get the fuck out. Now who’s going to help me find the holy grail?


  1. justifiable

    #17, 29, 49 etc.

    Jesus, people, “spelt” is perfectly correct, it’s the past participle of “spell” . Do you say “who DEALED the cards” or “who dealt them?” Who knelt down in church last week? Whose sister got felt – not feeled – up?

  2. justifiable

    As for the tattoo, no sense in crying over spilt milk.

  3. Jim Lahey

    I would feast on her ass like a stoned 400LB guy attacks food at an all you can eat buffet.

  4. Fas(c)hionista

    @45. mafme

    Yeah, you’re right, all those deep, meaningful tramp stamps and tribals and barbed wire armbands and “Shhh” on the index fingers and stars behind the ear or leading down skanky chicks’ abdomens are really beautiful, especially after ten years or so when the coloured ink fades to that ugly green and it looks like a two year old attacked them with a Sharpie in their sleep.
    Nothing is funnier that saggy old flesh all inked up, male or female.

    Now go get a haircut, hippie.

  5. @ 32 – So she’s actually been skankified for a while now, huh?

    @ 45 – You pro-tat people are a bunch of fucking dummies. I hope you’re proud to be a collective eyesore. Now go get tested for hep.

  6. bmose

    Everytime I see a tatoo on a hot chick, all I can think about is Pam Anderson’s Hep C. They are God’s way of identifing retarted people.

  7. Lyn

    Don’t blame the tattoo guy. Obviously the dum hoodrat Rihana gave him the wrong spelling of what to write on her.

    Why is there a White guy so close to her in that photo that makes me sick.

  8. Law OFF the Tatts Rihanna

    You need Tatts..like you need another Beating!

    Stop hurting..defacing the beautiful body that God gave you.

  9. You know, it’s really sad the way some of you are talking about her. She has been damaged mentally and physically and none of you seem to look at that. Everyone has the right to choose what they want on their own body. You may not like it but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be called trashy. For you people to say she deserves a beating for her tattoos, are just horrible. How would you feel if someone said that about your mother, sister, girlfriend or anyone in your family? She’s not choosing the best kind of help right now, but she’s fighting her own demons and she’ll get the right help when SHE is ready.

  10. sofia

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaters, u guys make her what she is today, yall probably be siting there humming her songs, idiots, let her be, u guys have no room to judge her, if u are without any sin then u can judge her, as along as the tat says what its suppose to say, who cares how its written, it looks hot. I must agree that the body is not to be marked on or pierced, so for the anti tat people, u better not have any piercings cause ur going to hell, lol

  11. a tattooed girl


    can i just say what boring fucks you sound.

    life ISN’T permenant. people should take advantage of every oppertunity, carpe diem and all that jazz.

    i have a tattoo, and let me tell you, when i’m old and wrinkly i will look down on it and smile thinking – at least i wasn’t a boring fuck.

    even if it shrivels and loses all colour i wont have any regrets cos it’s something i can look back on when im old and grey and see how i lived my life.

    IT’S A CELEBRATION. of art, of memories, of people……

    at least i can tick it off my list of things to do before i die. unlike you boring hermits.

  12. T0 read anything thoroughly. Some print is not even resemble any real person Sanskrit. All this is getting better and better, or worse, depending on how you look.

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