Rihanna’s tattoo is spelt wrong. Whoops.

April 14th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Turns out Rihanna’s hip tattoo by artist BangBang (above) is not an accurate writing of Hindu Sanskrit, according to The Sun:

An Aussie expert on an education website says the first part means “forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control” and is from Gita, a holy Hindu Sanskrit scripture, but says it is “incorrectly written”.

Wait. You mean this BangBang fellow isn’t thoroughly versed in ancient texts? Get the fuck out. Now who’s going to help me find the holy grail?


  1. Mat

    She should show more than her hip.

  2. amanda

    half the crap people get tattooed on them dosnt mean what they think it means. if you cant read it dont get it on your body – what makes your tattoo guy an expert, he looked it up on google?
    do your own research, bring your own characters, if its wrong its your own damn fault!

  3. Que

    Que fail.

  4. second. what a skank.

  5. simplicity

    this sorta crap makes me laugh..

  6. Jimmy Jim

    so what was first a stupid tattoo becomes…?

  7. I always wanted to get “fuck off” or something similar tattooed on my in Japanese, when ppl asked I could just say…FUCK OFF

    But then I remembered I don’t want tattoos :)

  8. Dennis

    Sanskrit is an older language to Hindi which is now mostly not spoken in India. A bit like the relationship between Latin and English….

  9. Andy

    it says “my name is david beckham” and its not a transfer

  10. Ginseng

    She’s gonna look like a friggen retard to every Australian expert on education who ever see’s her hip. What a fool.

  11. Andy

    she knows all about suppression and control thanks to chris brown

  12. Lincoln

    Because of the mistakes, it reads as “forty acres and a mule.”

  13. arroyo

    Misspelled in Sanskrit?
    Who cares, her name “Rihanna” isn’t even spelled correctly.

  14. Ein

    I’ll remember that when Chris Brown bits some meat off her.

  15. ChEF

    She could literally have anything written on those fucking legs and ass for all i care. i’d still be all over it.

  16. Venom

    She needs some serious mental help.
    Letting this greasy fat fuck named Bang Bang touch her and deface her beautiful body with those shitty tattoos.

  17. desi

    pretty sure “spelt” is not a word..
    unless it’s a bad joke referring to the tatoo situation..? i can never tell with fish.

  18. desi

    actually, i take it back. spelt is used in context with grains and flour..

  19. Looks like Chris Brown skankified her. More damage than we guessed.

    It says: “Impulsiveness, Shortsightedness, Ignorance and Poor Judgment”.

  20. she looks happy – but a tattoo isn’t going to make chris brown go away.

  21. Star Wars Nerd

    You know, I felt sorry for this bitch for a while, but I just can’t stand tattoos on any woman–as far as I’m concerned, she deserved her ass beating for being a trashy whore.

  22. Autumn

    my friend had a tattoo done in “arab” above her ass crack to have it say ‘slave” but after wards we found out it said “nigger’ in arab..be careful what you wish for

  23. Tattoos are tiny flesh billboards advertising what an idiot you are.

  24. Yeah, that reads completely nothing. Some of the print doesn’t even look like any real sort of a Sanskrit character. This all just keeps getting better and better; or worse and worse, depending on how you look at it.

  25. Steph

    Suppression and control..hmmmm….who was abusing whom i wonder. Aquarius = usually full of crap

  26. Kimberly

    What a stupid bitch! Haha! That’s what she gets for trying to look cool and interesting!

  27. ToeJam

    Only thing dumber than a nigger is a wigger.

  28. I see D-O-U-C-H-E-B-A-G written all over that guy’s face.

  29. Shouldn’t it be “spelled wrong”? I thought “spelt” was a type of wheat.

  30. mikeock

    I often wonder how many of those oh-so-hip Asian character tattoos actually say something like, “I LOVE TO SUCK COCK”

  31. If U seek Amy

    True Story right here folks. I had a friend who had the Chinese characters for “Hope and Faith” tattooed on her neck. 3 years later she actually had it translated by a Chinese man…. and it said FRUIT AND VEGETABLES.


  32. bambi

    Um, you she got this tattoo 2 YEARS ago right? This was when “Umbrella” came out. Note the hair.

    So ummmm. yeah.

  33. Jeezy

    Cryptic tattoos that nobody knows the meaning of are stupid.

  34. Come-Honor-Face

    If anyone is thinking about getting a tatoo, get one on your arm that says, “I’m Stupid”, that way 20yrs down the road, when you ask yourself…”god, why did I get a tatoo”, just look at your arm…….

  35. What?

    I thought it was Chinese for ” kick and shoot load here”.
    Stupid me….

  36. simplicity

    Don’t knock all tattoos..
    Some people get them because they mean something to them…
    religiously, emotionally

    Some people get them because they’re idiots

  37. simplicity

    Don’t knock all tattoos..
    Some people get them because they mean something to them…
    religiously, emotionally

    Some people get them because they’re idiots

  38. Pilatunes

    Grimmer @23…perfect

  39. I can read Sanskrit… that’s her ATM PIN.

  40. Hate er

    Yeah she is a talentless whore for one and has a giant nose like a gorilla for another. I hope Brown bashes her brains in next time.

  41. Nicole

    That girl has been through so much

  42. Char

    LOL- love it

  43. emile

    17 and 29

    Spelt is Britsh

    Spelled is American

    think colour / color

  44. emile

    17 and 29

    Spelt is British

    Spelled is American

    think colour / color

  45. mafme

    You anti-tat people are a bunch of fucking pussies. I hope that you’re proud to be a collective old man. Now go get those kids off your lawn and tell some hippies to get hair cuts.

  46. lol

    #37: “Some” people get tattoos because they’re idiots? No, I would say it’s more like the majority. Like 95% majority. Tattoos only work when they’re personally significant, making all those dragons, skulls and pinup girls utterly pointless.

  47. mcfeely smackup

    ” 33. Jeezy – April 15, 2009 8:00 AM
    Cryptic tattoos that nobody knows the meaning of are stupid.”

    You’ve missed the point of tattoos entirely, cryptic ones are the perfect tat.

    The reason people get tattoos is to show them off to other people, whom they believe will think they are cool for having it. The problem is that that “hey, check out my tat” effect only works for about 5 minutes, then people lose interest. Eventually the douchebag has to get ANOTHER tattoo to recapture that brief moment of notoriety.

    The cryptic tattoos are even better, because it makes other people ASK you what it means…then you get to pontificate about some bullshit about blah, blah blah…and they think it makes them look even cooler.

    Basically, tattoos are emotional cries for attention in personified douchebag form.

  48. lucas

    her arabic tattoo is spelled wrong too.
    its on her side ribs …..

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