Rihanna’s relatives are pissed

March 3rd, 2009 // 84 Comments

Rihanna’s family isn’t too thrilled about her decision to take back Chris Brown just three weeks after he used her face for a punching bag the night before the Grammys. People reports:

“Everyone wants them to take a break, to cool off,” a relative of Rihanna tells PEOPLE after the pair returned to Los Angeles together early Monday morning. “No one wants them back together.”
Family thought that the relationship was over after Brown allegedly battered Rihanna on Feb. 8. The couple went their own ways for awhile – he went home, while she recuperated in Barbados and Mexico – but the separation was short-lived.
“I’m concerned,” continues the relative. “I don’t want her to make a mistake, and I don’t want her to ever go through this again.”

If these two ever get married, it’s going to be one awkward wedding. Mostly because everyone who lost the pool that she’d be dead before the rehearsal dinner are going to feel super embarrassed. Then again, who can honestly fault Grandmama for playing the odds? She’s been to Vegas.

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  1. One More Time

    So, Rihanna… when he beats your ass again, don’t expect to get any sympathy from the general public or from the few fans you’ll have left who can stomach your idiocy and pathetic lack of self esteem or self worth. In fact, next time, don’t waste any more tax money by involving the police… deal with it yourself.

    Yes, I agree that people do make mistakes… but SOME mistakes are bound to be repeated unless resolved within that person. A person who physically abuses others are bound to repeat their offenses unless they get HELP. And by help, I don’t mean going out on a jet ski……..

  2. Danielle

    OK yes, its not the smartest thing to do, but you know this happens almost everyday to people that arent famous, and they get back together. Just because she is famous everyone is freaking out cause shes getting back with him. Dont get me wrong i completely disagree with her decsion, but i mean its her own choice. One day she will realize how much better she can get.

  3. Tom K

    I really wish they would stop reporting on what goes with these two chimps!!!!

    NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jane Goodall

    Pardon me dears, has anyone seen a female ape with a very wide nose, curious green eyes (hybrid), obsenely long cranium, fecal colored skin tone…?

  5. Azz

    People who are poor and can’t help themselves out of a bad situation, or are uneducated with poor self esteem go back to be abused some more. this chick however, is just fucking ridiculous. how can you allow someone to make you so worthless, what the fuck. Where’s Phil!!

  6. Help the economy, buy a Lawn Jockey

    The ape class is incapable of sound judgement, I don’t see how anyone is suprized by either of these two primate’s behavior.

  7. Apes in the White House

    I was watching this hilarious comedy last night, it was called “Mississippi Burning”. wow, that was damn funny. I wish they made more “feel good” comedies like that. How nice it must have been when the negros were kept in line. Desegregation and equal rights have completely destroyed every inner city in America, as they have all been overrun and decemated by the ape man.

  8. lola

    No matter what happened Rihanna obviously loves Cris Brown a lot. If you REALLY love someone then you can understand her situation. If my husband ever hit me I would have to inflict some serious pain back on him, but I probably wouldn’t leave him after 10 years together. It is because we love and confide in each other every day. Rihanna must not be fearing for her life at this point and probably wants us to leave her alone

  9. Massa'

    The white man is far superior to any bipedal overcooked ape. I mean, #57 hds my cock all the way down his throat and still managed to type the clever and pithy comment. No shit, my nuts were hitting his chin like drums liike the big drum in the marching band. And you know why some chimp-manzees are so tall? Because their knee grows. HA! Now ‘scuse me as I dump my “white power” on Apes’ face.

  10. me

    The apes always have an excuse for their behavior and the ape community always backs them up. That’s why ape neighborhoods are the last place you want to live. It’s basically a zoo without cages.

  11. MassaPullsTheCofeeBeansFromHisButtHole

    And eats them while he types.

  12. Great White Hunter

    I say here now. No need to bicker amoungst ourselves like rabble with all the good sport here on the streets! Never been this easy since the days of shooting buffalo although I must say the smell was not as rancid!

  13. renalloe

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  14. Emily

    lola, that is some F-ed up stuff right there.

    “I would have to inflict some serious pain back on him, but I probably wouldn’t leave him after 10 years together. It is because we love and confide in each other every day.”

    Here I thought love was all about not intentionally inflicting serious pain on each other. But I guess having the shit beat out of you and ‘true love’ don’t just exist together in fairytale stories.

  15. me

    Do assholes who post website addresses here think we’re stupid enough to visit them???

  16. Now you just seem a little mentally challenged there Massa. Now people of colour are missing certain brain components. Wow!

  17. Now you just seem a little mentally challenged there Massa. Now people of colour are missing certain brain components. Wow!

  18. Now you just seem a little mentally challenged there Massa. Now people of colour are missing certain brain components. Wow!

  19. Now you just seem a little mentally challenged there Massa. Now people of colour are missing certain brain components. Wow!

  20. Now you just seem a little mentally challenged there Massa. Now people of colour are missing certain brain components. Wow!

  21. Ooops I guess I do have a chunk of brain missing after all.

  22. Ms.Whiplash

    That’s right, Fati, I am so fucking judgemental, and my judgement of this particular situation is that she’s telling him that it’s OK to do what he did. And why? Is it the many long years she’s invested in this relationship? The children that she needs to consider before she kicks his ass out? The fact that she’s worried about making ends meet on her own? The marriage vow she took? Is she alone in the world, without support to help her through the transition? No. She seems like she must be suffering from self-worth issues, guilt or some other fucking thing. And I already told you what would happen to any guy that hurt my daughter like that….so there would not be an issue of her going back to him. That point is moot anyway, as I’m trying my best to raise my kids to respect themselves. Only then can we expect others to respect us as well!

  23. Mike

    Stupid is as stupid does. Obit to follow.

  24. adl

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  25. Mike

    Like an STD? Cause everyone knows their rate of infection is ten times the average US rate.

  26. Hopefully she won’t be staring at me in the checkout aisle for much longer.
    Probably all a misguided publicity stunt.

    She looks like Prince Rogers Nelson and Zac Efron had a baby together.

    @41 – Seemed like the lesser of two evils. What we all need right now is an Emperor. Me.

    @ 34 – one of these ads actually kicks me off the internet.

  27. poptarts

    she needs 2 tight slaps for her to wake up

  28. I’m sure the back together thing is only temporary. Aren’t they part of the same JayZ machine?? I predict that in a few months ( or weeks) there will be a statement issued about how they broke up amicably and remain friends blah,blah,blah… thereby not making Chris Brown a has been overnight due to his beat down of Rhianna. She’s not stupid and knows what side her bread is buttered on. Why bite the hand that feeds?

  29. me

    I’m not made at Chris. It’s not like he beat the crap out of a dog. It was just a yard ape.

  30. Sara

    I just feel bad. I was really hoping she would be able to stand up from this and set an example to all those girls who look up to her. I know that when I was 19 and in an abusive relationship it would have really helped to see someone who I could relate to move on from her attacker. I wish she could have been that someone to the millions of girls around the world who sleep next to someone who has hit them. Maybe she will learn next time. Because there will be a next time. There always is.

  31. majeeda

    she still gets my respect

  32. pleasurep

    She knows better, but u gotta give a boy with some talent a chance, i guess millions on the line. Maybe he will get some good help, not like an average alcoholic or mentally retarded boyfriend from the trailor park. Think this story is funny, I saw some crazy stuff at chrisbrownsupport.com where they have a game to beat up chris brown then kiss him, u should play, lol. Be easy everyone

  33. britney

    response to (me) #79…wtf fuck is a yard ape u stupid bitch!!! go have sex with yo with mom or yo lil sister!!! u ignorant as fuck! and im telling you this and im fucking white!!! so what u got 2 say now??? i hate racist people they sound like a bunch of low lifes with no fucking education.what does being racist get u?(NOTHING!!!) U want to sit there and talk about how much u hate people why the same people are walking around not giving a fucking about you! why would u hate people that u dont even know??? dont that sound dumb?(cause it is dumb you ignorant bitch!!!)

  34. Now he gets what he asked. It was all sympathy and support to date, Here, I think the love was not to inflict pain on another.

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