Rihanna’s nipple almost eluded us. Almost…

November 12th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Rihanna attended the 2009 Glamour Women of the Year Awards earlier this week where apparently her nipple was completely visible the whole time. Considering she won that night, I’d like to take this time to thank the editors of Glamour for empowering women to show more nip so I can ogle them from the privacy of my home. But don’t worry, it’s done very tastefully. (Anyone seen my Batman costume?)

Pics link to NSFW versions.

Photos: Getty, Splash News


  2. large cock n ' ballz

    I heard that at the end of the day you place the best thing on top….so you’re trying to tell me this is what was chosen as the best for the day?! oh boy…where’s Josh Duhmel when you need him.

  3. I love sucking on a little Caribbean nipple. So tasty. Tastes just like coconuts.

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  5. pdxfacehole

    I’d bone her tits. High Five.

  6. pdxfacehole

    I’d bone her tits. High Five.

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  8. Wow so sexy . I just love the black lady . Her nipple look is so much arousing and enough to making nasty anybody . Thanks for sharing this hot picture.

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  10. Pop that tit zit.

  11. Honestly poor Rihanna. I am not sure she would have worn this top had she known how much publicity she would get for it. Actually this is probably the reason she did do it.

  12. The important thing is she wins an award, she’s a good singer!

  13. She’s always ready to give some (fore)head.

  14. Phil

    Is that a zit in her pit?

  15. Grand Dragon

    That monkey has sausage patty nips.

  16. Rough by popular demand

    She deserve it! she’s bringing sexy back for black broads….Unlike Lady GaGa, every outfit Ive seen her in totally engorges me…kudos RIRI…

  17. that gown is absolutely horrid

  18. Looks more like a burn or a bite mark to me. Don’t lie Douchie.

  19. sexchill

    Is it really? I never heard of that! Frustrated by being still single and not finding your Mr. Right? I know a hot and interesting place for wealthy people and their admirers named Billionairepal.com where I have met my boyfriend. You may take a look.

  20. That side nip just ruined it.

  21. Guess the Captain wouldn’t let her have play clothes either…nice curtain dress.

  22. DUDE!! Her nails!! She is the female Wolverine. She wil fucking cut you esay!

  23. anonymous

    I can see a tatoo which says Christ (Almaseeh) in arabic

  24. Lo

    she needs some Nippies.

  25. Dee

    Why are all of the people on this site so racist? I don’t understand. This is a pretty girl, whose looks are admired all over the world. Yet, the ugly losers on this site who spend all day jacking off because they can’t get laid are acting like they’re too good for her because she’s black. Let’s have a reality check: You unemployed slobs are never going to get a woman even half as pretty of any race. You’re stupid ugly losers so you’re going to be alone, but you don’t have to racist jerks too.

  26. djfred

    That is an amazing dress and she looks amazing in it. The people on this site who don’t like it are morons. The only people I know that are racist in real life are bitter, washed up have-nots desperate for someone to kick because they’ve never been able to figure out the secret of making it on their own.

  27. Amber

    The last 6 or 7 post of Rihanna has had some private part showing, either her nipples or her crotch, and just the other day she spoke about she wanted to be a role model for women. It doesn’t work that way sweetheart, you cannot be a role model and a slut at the same time.

    You don’t hear Joanna Krupa wanting to be a role model. Britney Spears cannot say she wants to be a good role model and then go out into public without underwear. Same for Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, though those two are role models only to themselves.

    I’m not saying that you have to wear a nuns uniform, but good God, I have seen your nipples more than any other celebrity on her. Invest in a bra, $50.00 at Victoria’s secret.

  28. um

    Am I the only person who thinks she’s really beautiful? I wish she’d stop doing weird shit to her hair though…

    Oh, and people get pimples. Deal with it. Like you’d turn her down… Granted, I don’t get them on the sides of my boobs, but still. Stop being assholes.

  29. i don’t know why – but i don’t really like this girl nor her voice.

  30. S Noman

    Not particularly attrractive tryhard like Beyonce

  31. This one always with the bared breasts…..i guess if you pay good money, you’re gonna wanna show em right??

  32. MoeJoe

    She’s still hot i dont care what you say… And about the Zit or what not hey she Human too LOOL.

    Oh and her Tatoo says **In Christ** thats all i can see of it. i dont know what the beginning of it says cause its not visible.

  33. Oh and her Tatoo says **In Christ** thats all i can see of it. i dont know what the beginning of it says cause its not visible.

  34. Quidam

    I……. wouldn’t hit that… sorry…

    I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all — takes her mom to church, helps the poor and indigent… but, she just doesn’t do it for me… she’s either not skanky enough, or I don’t know what…

    now, I’d take an Eva Marcille, or a Gabrielle Union or even a Janet Jackson over this girl…

  35. Mel

    Bleh! Comment like she’s a try hard like Beyonce! Meh u bitches are just jealous u ain’t got what they have. Just sad how u can all go on judging her, bout her tits, gown and hairline. Fark get a life geeks, and heck she wouldn’t wanna tap any of u fugly mofo’s…..

  36. Thank you. They have learned this gradually by experience. Now is the time to go on practices.

  37. This usually occurs when a person is obese or overweight, low-rise, hip hugging pants or naked belly above that are too small.Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, although both are models of their own.

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